Room To Improve

RTÉ One, Sunday 13th October, 9.30pm, 6 x 60"


Featuring a diverse mix of renovations, refurbishments and brand new builds, the series includes the challange of turning bungalow blitz into bungalow bliss in rural Tipperary, the salvation of a falling-down cottage in Old Finglas, rebuilds in Mullingar and Brittas, Co. Dublin, a software engineer's paradise in Cork and the redemption of a former slice of flatland in Dublin's Donnybrook.

This year, with budgets tighter and clients' expectations even higher, Dermot will be obliged to expand his role as perfectionist designer to include mediation, builder-wrangling and some extremely delicate diplomacy. In this series, he'll be dealing with six clients who know exactly what they want. Or so they think.

Quantity surveyor Patricia Power returns as the budget-conscious Jiminy Cricket to Dermot's design Pinnochio: keeping an eye on his more elaborate designs, negotiating the best deals and somehow making the impossible feasible.

Bringing Dermot's designs to life are six larger-than-life contractors and their crews. As always, there'll be last minute design changes, construction dilemmas, designers gone AWOL, unpredictable weather, wars of will, clashes, compromise and colour galore as the weeks pass, budgets expand, schedules slip and tempers fray.

Six very different projects – one architect as headstrong and self assured as ever. Still – there's always Room To Improve.

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