Rachel Allen's Cake Diaries

RTÉ One, Wednesday 5th September, 7.30pm, 13 x 25"


Rachel Allen's Cake Diaries is a brand new series in which Rachel takes a personal look at how cakes can and do play a part in a life full of family and friends. Rachel reveals that cake is about so much more than the traditional celebrations we all recognise. Her "Diaries" reveal a myriad of life events – from the big family occasions through to coffee with friends – that can all be made so much more pleasurable with cake.

Wherever you are, or whatever you're doing, Rachel reveals that there is a cake to suit the mood or the moment. It might be muffins, cupcakes, brownies or blondies, a show-stopping triple layer cake or a fool proof sponge. With tips on icing and decorating, as well as baking and serving, this is a series packed with great advice and absolutely stunning cakes that everyone will want in their own kitchen diary.

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