TX: RTÉ One, Sunday 11th November, 9.30pm
Home-Produced Drama


This is the reign of King Nidge (Tom Vaughan - Lawlor). Having carried out his ruthless coup to remove the erratic and paranoid John Boy, he is determined not to make the same mistakes as his predecessor. He runs his criminal enterprises – mainly drug dealing and prostitution - sensibly, quietly making money and staying under the police radar.

But Nidge finds himself dissatisfied with his new power, frustrated with his life with Trish (Aoibhinn McGinnity), annoyed that he is going bald – the threat of a mid-life crisis blinds him to the cracks already showing in the gang. Darren (Robbie Sheehan) – who has lost his brother, his love and his soul - is back at Nidge's side but his loyalty is yet to be tested. Fran (Peter Coonan) is out of prison and Nidge brings him back into the fold, but he too has his own agendas and grudges. And Tommy's (Killian Scott) family life with Siobhan (Charlie Murphy) and Leighton is jeopardised by his on-off relationship with Debbie (Susan Loughnane).

When one of the gang is mistakenly shot by members of a dangerous rival organisation, Nidge steps in to play the diplomat. But discord and violence are inevitable in gangland. Nidge starts to lose control of the situation, and he and his crew find themselves on the brink of war. As tensions old and new begin to spill over the gang threatens to fragment… and Nidge will need all of his cunning and ruthlessness to survive.

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