It's An Irish Thing

RTÉ One, Friday 7th September, 8.30pm, 8 x "30


Over eight half hours this series takes a satirical look at key areas of our culture. Social commentators, comedians and politicians tell anecdotes and personal testimony as they re –evaluate the pillar points that make up Irish culture.

Celebrities like Brendan Courtney, Ardal O Hanlon and Brenda Fricker celebrate motherhood and the unique characteristics of the Irish Mammy. Ardal remembers how his "aunt" used to warm the children's underwear on the range before the children put them on.

Narrated by Sean Moncrieff, this is a quirky satirical look at mothers and how we all love our mammy. Other contributors include, Will Hanafin, Bill O'Herlihy Tracey Pigott, Micheal Ó Muircheartaigh and Liam Neeson.

Each show is themed and with the use of archive both national and international commentators deconstruct Irish culture in a humorous yet vaguely intellectual manner. dismantling the nuances of our customs and society that make us uniquely Irish. In the series we embrace our culture's quirkiness and our nation's habits.

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