Back to School: John Lonergan's School Principles

RTÉ One, Tuesday 4th September, 9.35pm, 1 x 45"


In this documentary John Lonergan brings us on a journey around Ireland looking at the way we educate our children while exploring why the 'One Size Fits All' approach to the way we teach does not work for everyone.

Each year thousands of teenagers complete their secondary education but there is always a small percentage who don't get that far and along the way fall out of the schooling system. Through talking to school principals, teachers, students, parents and experts John explores why education doesn't actually work for all of our children and attempts to find out what happens when they leave the system and what is be being done to keep them in it.

Lonergan's unique philosophy on giving second chances and treating people with respect, as well as his message about the importance of creating a just, inclusive and cohesive society is shared throughout his journey. Best known as the former governor of Mountjoy Jail, Lonergan is a realist and understands that this is a complex and challenging area to explore but feels it's a very important one to discuss as it has a huge impact on the lives of thousand's of children, families and on society in general.

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