RTÉ One, Tuesday 30th October, 10.15pm, 3 x 40"


In his new three part series for RTÉ Education, Clinical Psychologist David Coleman explores the issue of teenage bullying in Ireland. At the core of the series, David offers his therapeutic support to a number of teens and pre-teens, and their families, who have been affected by bullying – either as a target or as a bully.

As well as counselling, David gives them practical tips they can use to protect themselves in an attempt to help these youngsters gain perspective on their bullying experiences and show them ways to rebuild their self-esteem. David's aim is to help them try to move beyond this negative period in their lives because the scars of bullying often last long into adulthood if they are not tackled and confronted.

One of the aims of this series is to highlight how traumatic and far-reaching the impact of bullying can be but just as importantly, it is essential that people understand that bullying does not have to be tolerated in silence. There are alternative approaches that can successfully change attitudes and behaviours and David hopes viewers come away from the series with the determination to stand up to every incidence of bullying that they may witness.

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