Why Sponsorship?

Sponsorship enjoys high acceptance with viewers and can help differentiate your brand from the competition by associating it with the programme your audience want to watch.

The right on-air sponsorship can enable a brand to build its personality through its association with the brand values of a particular programme. It can deliver powerful results for an advertiser's brand as it encourages consumers to engage with the brand through its association with the programme they have actively chosen to watch.

Research studies have indicated that viewers distinguish sponsorships from adverts and position them on the programming side of the line. Associating with the programme rather than with the commercial break not only enables the sponsor to link itself to the values and themes of the programme, it also means its message is viewed by an audience that is both attentive and receptive to what is on-screen.

In a recent qualitative study conducted by Behaviour & Attitudes on behalf of RTÉ Television Sales, focus group participants readily volunteered the 'fact' that TV sponsorship stings were noticeable and memorable by virtue of the following:

  • Clear advantage of guaranteed viewer attention into and out of the show as the sting appears as an intrinsic element of the TV programme. Naturally positive disposition towards sting, due to association with favoured programme that they have consciously selected to watch.
  • Positive connection with sponsor more likely due to likely 'fit' with programme. Respondents (often spontaneously) acknowledged that the positive qualities accruing to the show in question will by definition attach in their minds to the product or brand sponsoring that programme
  • Television Sponsorship makes the audience think about the relationship between the brand and the programme and it provides long-term brand associations, even after the length of the sponsorship. Sponsorship also provides the sponsor with a base from which a number of off-air promotional opportunities can enhance and shape a multi-media campaign.

Why Sponsorship on RTÉ Television?

RTÉ Television is Ireland's leading television broadcaster offering viewers a wide range of shows, both acquired and home-produced that is second-to-none in the Irish market. An association with an RTÉ Television programme will ensure that you benefit from the unique strength of RTÉ's schedule, our Irish values and our dynamic look and feel. RTÉ Television reaches a higher proportion of light viewers than any other channel. These viewers make an appointment to view and therefore have a commitment and passion for the programmes they are watching - a captive and alert audience for sponsorship.

RTÉ has two channels, both of which have their own unique look and feel, however they share the common traits of Irishness, a stylish look and feel and a clutter free environment without excessive promotions, trailers and idents in favour of on-air campaigns that really work, thus creating an environment in which sponsorship can really succeed.

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