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Sponsorship on RTÉ Television – Did you know?

Results from the RTÉ Television Sponsorship Tracker highlights the effectiveness of sponsorship on Television.

1. Respondents who are aware of a brand's sponsorship of a TV programme are more likely to consider using or buying the product / service
2. Respondents who are aware are more likely to actually purchase / use the product or service
3. Respondents aware of sponsorships are more positively disposed to the particular brands measured
4. TV sponsorship has a positive effect on actual consumer behaviour and it can help to drive actual purchase
5. Two thirds of people said that Sponsorship of a TV programme can enhance a sponsor's brand image
6. Considerably more people agreed (60%) that they would feel more positive towards a brand that was sponsoring a programme that they liked.
7. TV sponsorship is more memorable than event or sports team sponsorship

Source: Red C

If you sponsor the RTÉ blueprint for an effective sting should consider the following:

1. A natural fit between programme genre and category type
2. Short, sharp and sweet
3. Direct link between programme content and sting content
4. Suitable link between product sponsor and programme scheduling
5. Clear and memorable auditory cue
6. Visually engaging / eye-catching / vivid
7. Direct link between mood and tone of sting and programme
8. Many suggest element of humour (tailored accordingly)
9. Consistency in brand favoured

Source: Behaviour and Attitudes


How to get the best from your TV Sponsorship Campaign:

RTÉ Television Sales commissioned a qualitative research study on TV Sponsorship with Behaviour & Attitudes, which was conducted via a series of focus group discussions. The focus group methodology included the use of a variety of video clips as prompt material. A wide range of programmes and their associated sponsorship stings were shown to the participants.

Two of the main objectives of the study were to identify the degree to which a sponsor / brand was perceived as likely to inherit the positive aspects of the programmes sponsored and to investigate the specific elements of a sponsorship creative which might constitute a more versus a less effective sting.

Why does Television Sponsorship work?

When the focus group participants were asked why they thought Television Sponsorship worked well for brands, all six groups volunteered the following information:

(i) They mentioned that there was a clear advantage of guaranteed viewer attention into and out-of the show as the sponsorship sting appeared as an intrinsic element of the TV programme.

(ii) They said they would naturally feel a positive disposition towards a sponsorship sting due to its association with the favoured programme that they had consciously selected to watch.

(iii) They believed that a positive connection with a sponsor was more likely due to the likely 'fit' with the programme being sponsored. Respondents (often spontaneously) acknowledged that the positive qualities accruing to the programme in question would, by definition, attach in their minds to the product or brand sponsoring that programme.

What makes a good sponsorship sting?

There was a near-unanimous agreement as to what the components of an ideal / most effective sponsorship sting were. Please see below for a sample of elements mentioned by the focus-group participants:

  • A simple and straight-forward execution.
  • A clear 'practical' link between the sponsorship sting and the programme content.
  • An auditory cue was often mentioned.
  • A single brand throughout
  • A thematic connection between the sponsor and the programme.
  • A specific example referred to here was the emotive connection which clearly exists between the social responsibility of Fair City and the need for every good citizen to have up-to-date and comprehensive house or car insurance (FBD)


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