The Benefits For My Brand

There are many benefits to advertising on RTÉ Television, including the following:

  • Television provides the ability to communicate sight, sound, motion and emotion
  • RTÉ Television offers something for everyone through the diversity of our programme output
  • TV can help to build brands and brand values and can help to change customer perceptions
  • Television creates news and is seen as a source of influence
  • TV ads can be as popular as the programmes
  • Television is a fully accountable advertising medium. TV research provides viewing figures for all television programmes and commercials on a minute-by-minute basis
  • Advertisers only pay for the audience delivered... this accountability ensures advertisers get value for money
  • TV allows advertisers to reach mass audiences quickly and efficiently
    Relative to other markets and other media, television represents very good value in reaching any target audience
  • In 2010, Adults watched RTÉ Television for 1 hour and 10 minutes daily on average, 44 minutes more than our nearest competitor*
  • From January – December 2010, RTÉ Television achieved a 57% share of viewing for Adults based on the ROI commercial channels, making it the No.1 broadcaster in Ireland*
  • RTÉ Television is the best way for advertisers to reach large audiences quickly. Over the twelve months of 2010, RTÉ screened 687 programmes with an average audience of half a million viewers or more (minimum programme duration: 10 minutes)*
  • 18 of the top 20 programmes watched by Adults in 2010 were on RTÉ Television and 16 of those were home-produced*

Source: TAM Ireland Ltd / Nielsen TAM / *Based on Live Data