Introduction to Advertising on RTÉ Television


Launching Your Brand on TV for the first time?

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How To Get Started

Thinking of advertising on television for the first time? Let us make your marketing ambitions a reality. RTÉ Television's dedicated Business Development Team can guide you through the whole process, from assessing your marketing needs to developing your advertising strategy; from campaign booking and monitoring to performing post-campaign analysis.


The Brief

We want to offer you the highest level of service and tailor precise marketing solutions to best meet your advertising needs. In order to do this effectively, we would like to find out about your company, the products or services that you wish to advertise, the audiences and markets that you want to connect with, the time of year that you need to be active and what you want your advertising to achieve.


Campaign Planning

From individual spot buying to year-long media plans; from seasonal sales to brand-building exercises; from event promotion to direct-response campaigns, let us harness the power of television advertising for your business.


Campaign Booking and Monitoring

Our team of experts will ensure that your advert is seen in the right programmes for your audience. With minute-by-minute audience updates every day, you will only pay for the viewers that we deliver.


Post Campaign Reporting

With our state of the art post-campaign analysis, we can chart the brand-building results of your advertising with us. Not only can we show you how many people saw each of your spots, but we can also chart your overall campaign reach and frequency of viewing