Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to advertise on RTÉ?
RTÉ trades off a published fixed Cost Per Thousand (CPT) viewer. We trade 15 different audiences and a CPT is set for each audience. Our direct sales team will discuss the campaign objectives and target market to determine the correct audience to buy against and prepare a quote for you.

Do prices vary by month?
Yes the CPT changes each month with some months having more demand than others.

What programmes will be on my campaign?
Campaigns are broken down by day-part with different campaigns targeting different time periods. Campaigns get a mix of programmes that best fit the audience they buy against.

How many spots will I get?
Audience size is guaranteed but spot numbers can vary as some spots will deliver more audience than others.

Who makes my ad?
We have a commercial production studio here or an advertiser may use an outside studio.

Does my ad need to be approved?
Yes, all ads on RTÉ most be approved by our in-house clearance committee.
To view our copy clearance guidelines, click here (link to Copy Clearance section on our site)

Please contact a member of our Business Development team for more information on any of the above.

Please note Terms & Conditions apply.