Solus Breaks

Solus Breaks on RTÉ Television… bigger audience, better recall & a unique stand-out opportunity for your ad

In RTÉ Television we aim to make our ads work harder than on any other channel.

Our award-winning research on advertising clutter conducted by Behaviour & Attitudes proved that advertising spots within shorter breaks achieve, on average, 2.7 times better recall compared to spots in longer breaks. Click here for more details on our research study

To help you maximise recall of your ad, we recently introduced solus breaks into Revenge.

On both the 8th and 15th January when we ran these 30" solus breaks, they were the highest-rating centre breaks within the programme by quite a margin, which proved that viewers were less inclined to switch channels during the break because of their short duration.

On the 8th January, the average consolidated break rating for Women ABC1 for the 2 solus breaks was 16.5, which was over 50% higher than the other centre breaks in the programme.


For further information on Solus Breaks please contact:

Emer O'Connell on (01) 208 2326 or email