AB Discounts 2014

Early AB Discount - 8%

Terms & Conditions

  • Available to campaigns booked by published Early AB deadlines

  • Any date movements or any changes will result in loss of all discount from budgets affected

  • All campaigns in receipt of this discount will be subject to 100% cancellation charge

  • AB Discount - 5%

    Terms & Conditions

  • Available to campaigns booked by published AB deadlines

  • Any campaign date movements may result in loss of discount from campaigns affected

  • Changes to second lengths may be allowed if budget or campaign dates are unaffected and trading conditions permit

  • Any proposed changes to campaigns must be put in writing

  • RTÉ Television published Cancellation policy will apply from receipt of Caria booking or discount deadline, if later

  • Cancellation Policy 2014

    Up to 1 week after Discount Deadline: 10%
    Up to 2 weeks after Discount Deadline: 20%
    Up to 3 weeks after Discount Deadline: 40%
    Up to 4 weeks after Discount Deadline: 50%
    4 weeks+ after Discount Deadline: 100%

    Any change in campaign details including short term buying strategy changes, late/additional monies, short-term commercial length, audience or date changes must be put in writing. Such changes may incur cost penalties should RTÉ deem that market conditions dictate.

    Budget increases will be treated as late approvals and late booking penalties will apply. Budget decreases will be treated as cancellations, should they occur after written confirmation of details.

    New Advertiser Discount

    If you are a New Advertiser, you must still apply for the New Advertiser discount by filling out the below form. Please sign and post to any of the contacts listed below. Alternatively, you can scan and email.

  • Debbie Kennedy, Head of Negotiations
    Email: debbie.kennedy@rte.ie
  • Dennis Ellis, Negotiations Executive
    Email: dennis.ellis@rte.ie
  • Brian Kinder, Head of Sales, Belfast & London
    Email: Brian.Kinder@rte.ie
  • Postal Address:
    RTÉ Media Sales, Ground Floor, Stage 7, Donnybrook, Dublin 4

    Belfast & London Address:
    Floor 8, Centrepoint, 24 Ormeau Avenue, Belfast BT2 8HS

    Application for New Advertiser Discount

    Click here to download (PDF 63Kb)