RTÉ Player



Ireland’s leading TV catch-up service. RTÉ programmes are available up to 21 days after the broadcast date. The Player is available on multiple platforms including mobile, tablet, desktop, cable TVs and games consoles. A selection of RTÉ Player content is available internationally for overseas audiences.


  • Gender balanced, 47% users are 15 – 34yrs old
  • Engaged and young audience with nearly 1 million users 15+

Key Stats

  • RTÉ Player is Ireland’s leading VOD service, outperforming every other Player on the Irish market.
    (Source B&A Research January 2014)
  • RTÉ Player’s audience grew by over 300,000 in the last 6 months according to B&A Research.
    (Source B&A Research Q2 2013)
  • 8 out of 10 VOD users confirmed they have used RTÉ Player according to the latest B&A Research on RTÉ Player
  • In 2012, we launched a new look RTÉ Player, Ireland’s leading catch-up and on-demand service, with seamless cross platform viewing, superb design quality, allowing audiences to enjoy an even better Player experience
  • RTÉ Player continues to see strong growth with 46.1 million streams requested in 2013
  • The RTÉ Player App has 1 Million downloads with 24% of these overseas
  • RTÉ Player is now available on iOS devices, Gaming Devices, Laptops, Desktops, Samsung Connected TV’s, and on UPC
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