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RTÉ’s online streams for World Cup grow 250% since World Cup 2010

Engagement via online and mobile was at an all-time high throughout the World Cup, with 2.5m streams in total across RTÉ Player and RTÉ.ie, compared to 700,000 for the World Cup in 2010, and 950,000 for Euro 2012.  With three and a half times as many streams during WC 2014, more than one in three of these streams were on a mobile or tablet device.

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During the World Cup, the tournament accounted for more than half of all views on RTÉ Player.  The majority of streams were watched live with over 93% of us enjoying the game as it happened on our Digital device.  Unsurprisingly the top streamed games were the finals, with an average daily stream of nearly 100,000, and the Germany v Argentina game peaking at nearly 166,000 streams.  Top goal clips watched online during the tournament were Argentina 2- 0 Bosnia Herzegovina, followed by Australia v Netherlands (Australian goal).

With nearly 5 million page impressions on the RTÉ Sport – FIFA World Cup site (website and RTÉ News Now App), over half of these page impressions came from a mobile or tablet device.

A small survey conducted post the World Cup around RTÉ Player looked specifically at where users were watching, the results are intriguing:

  • Half (49%) watched a match on RTÉ Player/ online at the same time as a different match on TV (second screen)
  • Over half (53%) watched on RTÉ Player/ online with another person
  • 36% watched on RTÉ Player/ online because their main TV was being used by someone else
  • 31% watched on a mobile or tablet
  • Most watched at home in the main living room
  • 40% watched on RTÉ Player/ online while in bed
  • 12% in the kitchen
  • 8% in the garden
  • 1 person in the bath!
  • 14% watched while cooking/ preparing meals
  • 9% while doing household chores
  • 8% while working
  • 4% while studying
  • 30% while social networking


“Where people are watching is particularly interesting for us”, said Aoife Byrne, Channel Controller, RTÉ Digital, “It really demonstrates the flexibility of the online platform and how it is  meeting audience needs in terms of its ability for your viewing to travel with you no matter where you are or what you’re doing”.

*RTÉ online survey, 15+ adults

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