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In the past two years, the growth of video on demand has increased at a rapid pace.

From recent B&A research carried out, we see a 35% increase in Video On Demand (VoD) usage in the past 2 years. RTÉ Player has gained 300,000 users in the last six months. This has been fast tracked with RTÉ Player being launched on several platforms, the most recent being xBox, giving users multiple options of when and where they can watch.

We are leading increasingly busy lives and are choosing to watch our favourite shows on catch up TV in our own time on our selected device.

What is being watched on the RTE player? See below a snap shot of the top 5 programs in 2013.

Top 20 RTÉ Player Programs 2013 Genre Total Streams
home and away Drama


fair city Drama


eastenders Drama


nine news News and Sport


love/hate Drama


We also know from our B&A research the RTÉ Player audience is young, affluent and urban. With the growth of the audience on the player advertising opportunities have evolved too. Advertisers can now use interactive video formats to promote their brands. We know users expect more from a video ad online now because they are in an online space. So using sight, sound, motion and interactivity advertisers can now deliver a more engaging video ad to your target audience.

Visit the RTÉ Digital Sales Website to check out some of the interactive VOD examples we have delivered on RTÉ Player:

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