Daybreak with Evonne Ferguson

    Saturday, 7 - 10am

    Trish Taylor's Daybreak Saturday 26 July 2014


    Trish Taylor's Daybreak

    Trish Taylor will be up with the early birds to ease you into the weekend with music from across the centuries, plus regular intervals for news, weather and traffic updates.

    Music Played on the Show

    • 07:04
      Title: Aisling
      Composer: Mcglynn, Michael
      Performer(s): Mathew Manning (Oboe)
      Performer(s): Mathew Manning (Oboe), Michael Mcglynn, Noel Eccles, Alan Smale, Andreja Malir, Therese Timony, Ben Harte, Clodagh Vedres, Keneth Rice
      Album: Michael McGlynn: Silver River - Mathew Manning, Silver Records, SR 001
      Duration: 3:12
    • 07:07
      Title: Shining Water
      Composer: Mcglynn, Michael
      Performer(s): Fionnuala Gill
      Performer(s): Fionnuala Gill
      Album: Whispers of Love ~~ A365108, Fionnuala Gill, FGCD0701
      Duration: 3:54
    • 07:12
      Title: Allegro Commodo
      Composer: Faure, Gabriel
      Performer(s): Alban Gerhardt (Cello)
      Performer(s): Alban Gerhardt (Cello), Cecile Licad (Piano)
      Album: Faure Cello Sonatas, Hyoerion, CDA67872
      Duration: 5:54
    • 07:20
      Title: The Water Mill
      Composer: Vaughan Williams, Ralph
      Performer(s): Robert Tear (Tenor)
      Performer(s): Robert Tear (Tenor), Philip Ledger (Piano)
      Album: Not Available (Recordno: 430368-2), Decca, 430368-2
      Duration: 3:25
    • 07:23
      Title: Four Pieces - Pastoral
      Composer: Langford, Alan
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): Royal Ballet Sinfonia
      Album: English String Miniatures 'Summer Stream', ASV Ltd, WHL2121
      Duration: 5:50
    • 07:34
      Title: Dix-Huiteme Ordre - Le Tic-Toc-Choc Ou Les Maillotins
      Composer: Couperin, Francois
      Performer(s): Angela Hewitt (Piano)
      Performer(s): Angela Hewitt (Piano)
      Album: Couperin: Keyboard Music 1 - Angela Hewitt, Hyperion, CDD03847
      Duration: 2:08
    • 07:36
      Title: Vois Sur Ton Chemin
      Complete Work Name: The Chorus Original Soundtrack
      Composer: Barratier/Coulais
      Performer(s): Jean-Batiste Maunier (Boy Sop)
      Performer(s): Jean-Batiste Maunier (Boy Sop), Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra
      Album: The Chorus OST, Marc Music, 5046769162
      Duration: 2:19
    • 07:39
      Title: Sleep On
      Composer: Mealor/ Graham
      Performer(s): Haley Westenra
      Performer(s): Haley Westenra, Caitrin Finch(Harp), Eimear Mcgeown(Flute)
      Album: Hushabye, Decca, 4810351
      Duration: 2:29
    • 07:43
      Title: Summerland, From Three Visions For Piano
      Composer: Still, William Grant
      Performer(s): Alexa Still (Flute)
      Performer(s): Alexa Still (Flute), Susan Dewitt Smith (Piano)
      Album: Summerland - William Grant Still (Recordno: 3-7192-2 H1), Koch, 3-7192-2 H1
      Duration: 3:30
    • 07:46
      Title: Lamento Di Federico
      Composer: Cilea, Francesco
      Performer(s): Joseph Calleja (Tenor)
      Performer(s): Joseph Calleja (Tenor)
      Album: The number One Opera Album 2004 CD 2, Universal Classics and Jazz, 4762004
      Duration: 4:22
    • 07:54
      Title: An Orkney Wedding, With Sunrise
      Composer: Maxwell Davies
      Performer(s): George Macilwham (Bagpipes)
      Performer(s): George Macilwham (Bagpipes), Bbc Philharmonic
      Album: Mavis in Las Vegas ~~ H632105, Collins, 15242
      Duration: 12:59
    • 08:08
      Title: That's Him
      Composer: Weill/Nash
      Performer(s): Dawn Upshaw (Soprano)
      Performer(s): Dawn Upshaw (Soprano)
      Album: I Wish It So (Recordno: 7559-79352-2) ~~ A181604, Elektra Nonesuch, 7559-79352-2
      Duration: 3:51
    • 08:17
      Title: Ave Maria -- Not Available
      Composer: Caccini, Giulio
      Performer(s): Steve Geraghty (Boy Soprano)
      Performer(s): Steve Geraghty (Boy Soprano), Libera
      Album: Libera: Luminosa, Warner Classics, 0927 40117-2
      Duration: 4:24
    • 08:23
      Title: Irish Dance ('Go To The Devil')
      Composer: Field, John
      Performer(s): Miceal O'Rourke (Piano)
      Performer(s): Miceal O'Rourke (Piano)
      Album: John Field (Recordno: Chan9315c.1797), Chandos, Chan9315c.1797
      Duration: 4:30
    • 08:28
      Title: Theatre Suite - The Triumphing Dance
      Composer: Purcell, Henry
      Performer(s): David Miller -Theorbo & Guitar
      Performer(s): David Miller -Theorbo & Guitar, The Flautadors Recorder Quartet
      Album: Henry Purcell Phantasies, Ayres & Chaconys, Deux-Elles, DXL1123
      Duration: 2:10
    • 08:31
      Title: Keyboard Concerto No.3 In D Bwv 1054 (2nd Movement) Adagio E Piano
      Composer: Bach, Johann Sebastian
      Performer(s): Angela Hewitt (Piano)
      Performer(s): Angela Hewitt (Piano), Australian Chamber Orchestra
      Album: Bach Keyboard Concertos No. 3 5 6 7, Hyperion, Cda67308
      Duration: 7:16
    • 08:44
      Title: Meine Lippen Die Kussen So Heiss
      Composer: Lehar
      Performer(s): Barbara Bonney (Soprano)
      Performer(s): Barbara Bonney (Soprano), Ronald Schneider (Piano)
      Album: Im Chambre Separee ~~ A299717, Decca, 473437-2
      Duration: 4:08
    • 08:48
      Title: Wedding Cake
      Composer: Saint-Saens, Camille
      Performer(s): Jorge Federico Osorio (Piano)
      Performer(s): Jorge Federico Osorio (Piano), Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
      Album: The Sorcerer's Apprentice, ASV, CDQS6026
      Duration: 6:10
    • 08:59
      Title: July - Murmuration
      Composer: Talbot, Joby
      Performer(s): Joby Talbot (Piano)
      Performer(s): Joby Talbot (Piano), Everton Nelson (Violin), Chris Worsey (Cello), Rob Farrer (Percussion), Manon Morris (Harp)
      Album: Joby Talbot: Once Around The Sun, Sony BMG, 82876 695252
      Duration: 3:13
    • 09:02
      Title: Yesterday -- Not Available
      Composer: Lennon / Mccartney
      Performer(s): Robin Hill (Guitar)
      Performer(s): Robin Hill (Guitar)
      Album: Virtuoso - Robin Hill, Hill House, Not Available
      Duration: 2:39
    • 09:07
      Title: Cucurrucucú (Dicen Que Por Las Noches)
      Composer: Sosa, Tomas Mendez
      Performer(s): Rolando Villazon (Tenor)
      Performer(s): Rolando Villazon (Tenor), Bolivar Soloists
      Album: Mexico - Rolando Villazon / Bolivar Soloists, Deutsche Grammophon , 477 9234
      Duration: 5:09
    • 09:12
      Title: Concerto For Guitar And Orchestra - For Two Christophers (3rd Movement) Celebration
      Composer: Bernstein, Elmer
      Performer(s): Christopher Parkening (Guitar)
      Performer(s): Christopher Parkening (Guitar), London Symphony Orchestra
      Album: Concerto for Guitar - Christopher Parkening, Elmer Berstein: London Symphony Orchestra, Angel, 7243 5 56859 2 6
      Duration: 4:12
    • 09:19
      Title: Makin' Whoopee
      Composer: Donaldson, Walter / Kahn, Gus
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): London Sinfonietta \ Harvey And The Wallbangers
      Album: Simon Rattle - Americana, EMI Classics, 724355769121
      Duration: 3:40
    • 09:25
      Title: A Mis Viejos
      Composer: Berlingieri
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): Osvaldo Berlingieri Y Orquesta
      Album: Cafe de los Maestros (Recordno: Wrass226), Wrasse, Wrass226
      Duration: 3:52
    • 09:33
      Title: 12 Spanish Dances (5th Movement) Andaluza
      Composer: Granados, Enrique
      Performer(s): Angela Hewitt (Piano)
      Performer(s): Angela Hewitt (Piano)
      Album: Granados Danzas Espanolas - Angela Hewitt, CBC Records, Mvcd1074
      Duration: 3:51
    • 09:39
      Title: Vissi D'Arte
      Complete Work Name: Tosca
      Composer: Puccini, Giacomo
      Performer(s): Maria Callas (Soprano)
      Performer(s): Maria Callas (Soprano), Orchestra De La Société Des Concerts Du Conservatoire
      Album: Maria Callas: La Voix Du Siècle, EMI, 7495022
      Duration: 3:05
    • 09:42
      Title: Galop From Ballet Suite No.3 (6th Movement)
      Composer: Shostakovich, Dmitri
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): Moscow Chamber Orchestra
      Album: Shostakovich Waltzes (Recordno: DE3257) ~~ CDG03561, Delos, DE3257
      Duration: 3:12
    • 09:49
      Title: July (1995)
      Composer: Torke, Michael
      Performer(s): Esquire Saxofoonkwartet
      Performer(s): Esquire Saxofoonkwartet, Esquire Saxofoonkwartet, Ivo Ronkes (Sax), Esther Nijhuis (Sax), Nina Van Helvert (Sax), Twan Stekelenburg (Sax)
      Album: Esquire Saxofoonkwartet - Dusting for Prints, De Sonte KOE Records, BKR014
      Duration: 7:42
    • 09:57
      Title: Dream A Little Dream --
      Composer: Kahn/ Andre/ Schwandt
      Performer(s): Hayley Westenra
      Performer(s): Hayley Westenra
      Album: Hushabye, Decca, 4810351
      Duration: 3:22

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