Vespertine with Ellen Cranitch

Vespertine with Ellen Cranitch

Friday, 9.30pm-1am Saturday & Sunday, 10pm-1am

The Purple Vespertine with Ellen Cranitch Friday 16 February 2018

Vespertine with Ellen Cranitch

Let Ellen Cranitch be your guide on a night-time voyage, crossing time and space to share a selection of classical, jazz, roots and contemporary music.

Music Played on the Show


Title: Yeti Sleeps

Composer: Lynn, Dana

Performer(s): Jonathan Goldberger (Guitars), Clara Kennedy ( Cello) , Mike Mcginnis (Clarinet, Bass Calrinet) , Vinnie Sperrazza (Drums)

Album: Aqualude / Ropeadope

Duration: 9:47


Title: Cara Speme, Questo Core Tu Cominci (Sesto)

Composer: Handel, George Frideric

Performer(s): Magdalena Kozena (Mezzo-Soprano), Venice Baroque Orchestra

Album: Ah! Mio Cor; Handel Arias / Deutsche Grammophon / 477 6547

Duration: 6:01


Title: Isn't This A Lovely Day

Composer: Irving Berlin

Performer(s): Jim Doherty (Piano) Dave Fleming (Bass) Richie Buckley( Sax); Tom Dunne (Perc); Dave White(G); Christiane O'Mahoney(Harp)

Album: Skylark / Universal Music

Duration: 3:08


Title: Celeste

Composer: Towner, Ralph

Performer(s): Izumi Kimura (Piano), Tommy Halferty (Guitar)

Album: Maelstrom: Tommy Halferty: Izumi Kimura / Izumi Kimura 2016

Duration: 7:55


Title: John Barlow

Composer: Trad Arr Horner

Performer(s): Andy Irvine (Voice, Bouzouki), Allison Miller (Drums), Lindsey Horner (Bass, Tanpura), Jeff Berman (Dulcimer)

Album: Undiscovered Country / ASO105

Duration: 6:01


Title: Oriental Bass

Composer: Garcia Fons, Renaud

Performer(s): Renaud Garcia Fons (Bass), See Notes In Memo

Album: Oriental Bass / Enja / ENJ-9334 2

Duration: 6:38


Title: Raglan Road/Fainne Gael An Lae

Composer: Trad/Keohane & Kai

Performer(s): Li Kai (Gu Zheng), Xi'an Si Ensemble

Album: The Xi'An Si Sessions / Xi'An Si / XIAN001CD

Duration: 3:14


Title: Que Reste-T-Il De Nos Amours

Composer: Trenet, Charles

Performer(s): Jan Lundgren (Piano), Paolo Fresu (Trumpet/Flugelhorn), Richard Galliano (Accord/Bandoneon)

Album: Mare Nostrum / Act Music 2007 / ACR 9466-2

Duration: 4:35


Title: Malija

Composer: Hoiby, Jasper

Performer(s): Mark Lockheart (Sax/Clar), Jasper Hoiby (Bass), Liam Noble (Piano)

Album: Malija: The Day I Had Everything / Edition Records 2015 / Edition EDN1064

Duration: 5:40


Title: Apples In Winter/Gillians Apples (Jigs)

Composer: Trad arr Talty/Bird

Performer(s): Jack Talty (Concertina), Áine Bird (Fiddle)

Album: Tunes in the Church / Tunes in the Church / TC001

Duration: 3:31


Title: You Will Wake Up

Composer: Mayock, Breda

Performer(s): Sam Jackson (Piano, Keys), Ken Rice (Violin ), Dave Mooney (Double Bass), Robbie Harris (Percussion)

Album: Learning Place / Ger REcords / GR004

Duration: 4:29


Title: Snow On A Flower

Composer: Le, Nguyen

Performer(s): Nguyen Le (Guitar), Art Lande (Piano), Paul Mccandless (Soprano Sax, French Horn), Jamie Haddad (Drums)

Album: The Nguyen Le Signature Edition (2-CD) / ACT / ACT 6004-2

Duration: 5:34


Title: Tanja

Composer: Tallroth, Roger

Performer(s): Vasen

Album: Brewed / NSD7100

Duration: 4:20


Title: Snow

Composer: Stephan Micus

Performer(s): Stephan Micus

Album: Snow / ECM / 06025 270 1743

Duration: 4:53


Title: An Apple In The Country Hill

Composer: Wang, Ellen Andrea

Performer(s): Ellen Andrea Wang (Vocals, Double Bass), Pixel

Album: Reminder / Polydor / 9848785

Duration: 4:16


Title: The Snow Is Dancing: Moderement Anime

Composer: Debussy, Claude

Performer(s): Simon Trpceski (Piano)

Album: Debussy: Images, Children's Corner / EMI Classics / 50999 5 00272 2 4

Duration: 2:46


Title: The Seasons Op.37b - Iv April: Snowdrop

Composer: Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich

Performer(s): Olli Mustonen (Piano)

Album: Rachmaninov: Piano Sonata No 1 - Tchaikovsky: The Seasons - Olli Mustonen / Ondine / ODE 1082-5

Duration: 2:31


Title: La Manfredina

Composer: anon

Performer(s): Knut Rossler (Sax), Johanees Vogt (Lute), Gunter Lenz (Bass), Werner Goos (Perc)

Album: Octagon / ACT / ACT 9496-2

Duration: 4:16



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Producer: Olga Buckley


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