The Purple Vespertine with Ellen Cranitch

The Purple Vespertine with Ellen Cranitch

Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 10pm-1am

The Purple Vespertine with Ellen Cranitch Sunday 16 July 2017

This week on Vespertine

This week it's All About The Bass....the quiet ones at the back, but on whom it all depends. Loads of variety, from Dan Berglund, Charles Mingus, Carol Kaye, Renaud Garcia Fons, a new CD from Lindsey Horner, and loads more. It's always the quiet ones....

The Purple Vespertine with Ellen Cranitch

Let Ellen Cranitch be your guide on a night-time voyage, crossing time and space to share a selection of classical, jazz, roots and contemporary music.

Vespertine live at New Music Dublin

On Friday, March 3rd, Bernard Clarke presented a special late-night concert featuring Crash Ensemble live from the New Music Dublin Festival Club. The cincert featured the world premiere of Streets Become Liars by Christopher Mayo, as well as Meredith Monk's Stringsongs and Preamble by Qasim Naqvi. You can listen back here:

Crash Ensemble, New Music Dublin

Music Played on the Show


Title: Canto De Ossanha

Composer: Baden Powell

Performer(s): Baden Powell

Album: Os Afro Samba / Harmonia Mundi / HM48

Duration: 4:15


Title: The Boy With A Moon & Star On His Head

Composer: Stevens, Cat

Performer(s): Cat Stevens (Vocal, Guitar), Gerry Conway; Alun Davies; Jean Roussel;

Album: Catch Bull at Four / Island / Universal / IMCD271 546886-2

Duration: 5:57


Title: Silk Moon

Composer: Garcia-Fons, Renaud

Performer(s): Renaud Garcia-Fons

Album: Silk Moon / Cezame

Duration: 3:35


Title: Curse You, Mocking Moon

Composer: Hyland, Laura

Performer(s): Clang Sayne

Album: The Round Soul of the World / Clang Sayne / CS02

Duration: 5:19


Title: Solea De Churri

Composer: Amador , Diego

Performer(s): Miguel Vargas (Bass), Luis Amador (Percussion ), Joaquín Grilo (Palmas)

Album: Piano Jondo / World Village / 468071

Duration: 7:45


Title: On The Wings Of A Skorrie

Composer: Ferrie, Michael

Performer(s): Alasdair Fraser (Fiddle) And Natalie Haas (Cello)

Album: Abundance / Culburnie Records / CUL124

Duration: 3:07


Title: Laebrack

Composer: Chris Stout/CatrionaMcKay

Performer(s): Catriona Mckay (Harp)

Album: Laebrack / Greentrax / CDTRAX278

Duration: 4:04


Title: Romance De Abril

Composer: Piro

Performer(s): Osvaldo Piro (Bandoneon), N/K

Album: The Rough Guide to the Music of Argentina / World Music Network / RGNET1119CD

Duration: 5:18


Title: Susana Baca Live At Nch, Highlights Part 2

Performer(s): Susana Baca (Vocals), Hugo Bravo (Percussion), Ernesto Hermoza (Guitar, Charango), Oscar Huaranga (Bass), Marias Helena Pacheco (Violin)

Album: Recorded live at NCH for Vespertine June 2017 / RTE

Duration: 21:07


Title: Taim Cortha O Bheith Im'aonar I Mo Lui

Composer: Trad arr Ni Uallachain

Performer(s): Gille Le Bigot (Guitar); Conor O'Donnell (Oboe)

Album: Bilingua / Gael Linn CEFCD206 2014 / Gael Linn CEFCD206

Duration: 6:16


Title: Bright Song

Composer: Buckley, Hugh

Performer(s): Hugh Buckley (Guitar), Tony Oscar (Voice/Percussion); Guy Barker (Trumpet); Justin Carroll (Organ); Dave Redmond (Bass)

Album: Sketches of Now / Hugh Buckley / HUBUCD03

Duration: 6:28


Title: Romance For Violin And Piano No.1 In D Flat Major Andante Molto

Composer: Schumann, Clara

Performer(s): Lisa Batiashvili (Violin), Alice Sarah Ott (Piano)

Album: Lisa Batiashvili : Johannes Brahms, Clara Schumann / Deutsche Grammophon / 002894790086

Duration: 2:46


Title: Praeludien G Major Bwv 902

Composer: Bach, Johann Sebastian

Performer(s): Rinaldo Allessandrini (Harpsichord)

Album: Bach Praeludien & Fugen. Rinaldo Alessandrini / Naive / Naive OP 30564

Duration: 6:43


Title: Ein Sael Kyss ( Ae Fond Kiss)

Composer: Moldestad, Sigrid/Burns, Robert

Performer(s): Sigrid Moldestad

Album: Sa ta Mitt Hjerte / Heilo / HCD 7300

Duration: 4:47


Title: Underwater

Composer: Szabo, Daniel

Performer(s): Daniel Szabo (Piano), Matyas Szandai (Bass), Andras Mohay (Drums), Nikoletta Szolke (Voice)

Album: Frictions / Warner Jazz / 5144-21322-2

Duration: 5:31


Title: Concerto For Bassoon, Strings And Continuo In G Minor: (Ii) Largo

Composer: Vivaldi, Antonio

Performer(s): Peter Whelan (Bassoon)

Album: Vivaldi: The Four Seasons / Virgin Veritas / 724356198029

Duration: 3:10


Title: Kyrie

Composer: Liszt, Franz

Performer(s): Thomas Trotter (Organ )

Album: Liszt - Missa Choralis / Hyperion / CDA67199

Duration: 6:24


Title: Premiere Recreation De Musique In Dmajor - Chaconne

Composer: Leclair, Jean-Marie 'L'aine'

Performer(s): Tatty Theo (Cello), Marianna Szucs /Katalin Kertesz (Violin) Hannah Mclaughlin (Oboe & Recorder) Carolyn Gibley (Harpsichord & Organ, The Brook Street Band

Album: The Brook Street Band / Handel 'Oxford' Water Music / AVIE / AV0028

Duration: 6:07


Title: Nokturn H-Dur Op 62

Composer: Chopin arr Masecki

Performer(s): Marcin Masecki

Album: Nokturny / Lado ABC

Duration: 8:49


Title: Confitebor Tibi Domine (5)

Composer: Monteverdi, Claudio

Performer(s): Emma Kirkby (Soprano), Ian Partridge (Tenor, The Parley Of Instruments

Album: Monteverdi Sacred Vocal Music (Recordno: CDH55345) / Hyperion / CDH55345

Duration: 8:14


Title: Apal

Performer(s): Timo Alakotila (Piano), Anders Bitustoyl (Bass)

Album: Audire / Kulturradet / LMP 115

Duration: 5:13


Title: Liebestraum No.2 In E Flat Major

Composer: Liszt, Franz

Performer(s): Sophie Cashell (Piano)

Album: Sophie Cashell: Debut / Universal Music Classics and Jazz / 476 6459

Duration: 4:23


Title: Adar Rhiannon

Composer: Rhydderch, Llio

Performer(s): Llio Rhydderch (Harp)

Album: Enlli / Fflach / Fflach:trad CD250S

Duration: 2:38


Title: Ten Years

Composer: Miller, Dominic

Performer(s): Miuke Lindup (Vocals)

Album: First Touch / Rious / QRM104-2

Duration: 3:47


Title: Rio De Majo

Composer: Lins, Ivan

Performer(s): Fabrizio Bosso

Album: Blue Note Plays Bossa Nova / Blue Note / 50999-215999-2-7

Duration: 4:27


Title: Banks And Braes

Composer: Trad Arr MacManus

Performer(s): Tony Macmanus (Guitar)

Album: Ceol More / Greentrax / CDTRAX226

Duration: 2:29



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