The Lyric Concert with Paul Herriott

The Lyric Concert with Paul Herriott

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The Lyric Concert with Paul Herriott Monday 19 August 2013

Join Liz Nolan and Marty Whelan on Friday 24th June at 8pm as they present RTÉ lyric fm Top Orchestral Hits, as selected by RTÉ lyric fm presenters with the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Gavin Moloney.

From Bach’s ethereal Air to Bernstein’s exuberant Candide Overture, from Mozart’s heavenly clarinet Adagio to Ennio Morricone’s hypnotic Gabriel’s Oboe, a magical cornucopia of musical masterpieces spanning four centuries is programmed. Mahler’s sublime Adagietto (Symphony No. 5), Elgar’s ‘Nimrod’, Barber’s heart-stopping Adagio for Strings and Copland’s thrilling Fanfare for the Common Man add power and passion of their own. Overtures by Verdi (The Force of Destiny) and Mozart (The Marriage of Figaro) serve up thrilling orchestral majesty complemented by Fauré’s shimmering Pavane and Massenet’s bewitching ‘Meditation’ (Thaïs). 

Top Orchestral Hits Programme:
Bernstein: Overture To Candide
Bach: Air From Orchestral Suite No.3
Copland: ‘Hoe-Down’ From Rodeo
Elgar: ‘Nimrod’ From Enigma Variations
Mozart: Clarinet Concerto In A Adagio
Barber: Adagio For Strings
Verdi: The Force Of Destiny Overture
Copland: Fanfare For The Common Man
Fauré: Pavane
Mozart: Overture To The Marriage Of Figaro
Massenet: Meditation From Thais
Mahler: Adagietto From Symphony No.5
Morricone: Gabriel's Oboe
Márquez: Danzón No. 2

The Lyric Concert with Paul Herriott

A concert from the Royal Juillet Musical de Saint-Hubert festival in Luxembourg with music by C.P.E Bch, Mozart and Haydn.

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Presenter: Paul Herriott

Producer: Gail Henry

Production Co-ordinator: Ian McGlynn


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