The Lyric Concert with Paul Herriott

The Lyric Concert with Paul Herriott

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Wednesday 7th September

Composing the Island Interval - from 2RN to RTE NSO

From 2RN to RTE NSO In tonight's interval, Bernard Clarke traces the development of the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra, from its first 1926 broadcast as 2RN.

Friday 8th July

Friday Concert interval - Faure chamber music

Michael Lee explores the role of chamber music in the art of Gabriel Fauré.

Wednesday 6th July

Lyric Concert interval - Schubert song cycles

Michael Lee explores some of the 'other' song cycles of Franz Schubert.

Monday 4th July

Lyric Concert interval - Death and the Maiden

Michael Lee delves into the history and associations behind Schubert's song 'Death and the Maiden'.

Friday 24th June

Friday Concert Interval - What Makes a Hit?

In tonight's Friday Concert interval, Sandy Burnett wonders what makes a classical music 'hit' and looks at examples through the years.

Friday 17th June

Friday Concert Interval - The Strauss family

Michael Lee examines the life and music of Johann Strauss II, including the personal and professional relationship with his father, Johann Strauss I

Friday 27th May

Friday Concert Interval - György Kurtág

During tonight's interval Sandy Burnett takes a look at the life and work of the Hungarian composer György Kurtág.

Friday 20th May

Friday Concert Interval - Erik Satie

In tonight's interval, Michael Lee takes a look at the career of Erik Satie, born 150 years ago this year.

Friday 6th May

Friday Concert Interval - Milton Babbitt

The composer Milton Babbitt was born one hundred years ago this year. A pioneering figure of the American avant-garde, he blazed a trail for electronic music, and ruffled feathers with his view that composers didn’t need to be beholden to their audiences. During tonight's interval, Sandy Burnett takes us through Babbitt’s life and times.

Friday 22nd April

Friday Concert Interval - Yehudi Menuhin

During our interval tonight Sandy Burnett reflects on the life and achievements of one of the greats of twentieth century classical music, and one whose anniversary falls this year, Yehudi Menuhin.

Friday 15th April

Friday Concert Interval - Steve Reich

In tonight's interval, Sandy Burnett takes a look at the life and work of composer Steve Reich, who celebrates his 80th birthday this year.

Friday 8th April

Friday Concert Interval - Henri Dutilleux

Michael Lee looks at the intriguing work and career of French composer Henri Dutilleux, born 100 years ago this year.

Friday 18th March

Download Friday Concert Interval: Hamilton Harty

Sandy Burnett looks at the work and musical legacy of Irish composer and conductor Hamilton Harty.

Friday 11th March

Friday Concert Interval: Richard Rodney Bennett anniversary

In tonight's interval, Sandy Burnett looks at the career of composer Richard Rodney Bennett, including his film-scores and jazz recordings.

Friday 26th February

Friday Concert Interval: Ginastera Anniversary

Tonight Sandy Burnett takes a look at the life and music of Argentine composer Alberto Ginastera, born in 1916.

Friday 19th February

The Friday Concert Interval: Busoni Anniversary

Sandy Burnett takes a look at the life of Ferruccio Busoni who was born in 1866, 150 years ago this year.

Friday 12th February

The Friday Concert Interval: Delibes Anniversary

Sandy Burnett takes a look at the life of composer Leo Delibes whose 180th anniversary of his birth it is this month.

Friday 5th February

The Friday Concert Interval: Stravinsky

Sandy Burnett takes a look at some of the remarkable creative figures that surrounded Stravinsky at the start of the twentieth century.

Friday 29th January

The Friday Concert Interval: Carl Nielsen - An Overview

Sandy Burnett takes an in-depth look at the influential Danish composer Carl Nielsen.

Friday 22nd January

The Friday Concert Interval: Raymond Deane

Bernard Clarke speaks with Raymond Deane about his Opera The Alma Fetish.

Friday 15th January

The Friday Concert Interval: V is for Viola

Sandy Burnett reflects on what you might call the Cinderella of instruments, the viola.

Friday 8th January

The Friday Concert Interval: Soviet Composers During The Second World War

Sandy Burnett reflects on what wartime life was like for the Soviet Union's leading composers during the Second World War.

Friday 1st January

New Year's Day Concert Interval

Michael Lee looks at the tradition of the Viennese New Year's Day Concert.

Friday 27th November

The Friday Concert Interval: The 20th Century Symphony

Sandy Burnett explores the 20th century symphony.

Friday 6th November

The Friday Concert Interval: Music In Time Of War

Sandy Burnett looks at the different approaches that composers have taken over the years to represent conflict in music in time of war.

Friday 30th October

The Friday Concert Interval: Rachmaninoff and Prokofiev

Sandy Burnett delves into the lives of Rachmaninoff and Prokofiev, both of whom fled their Russian homeland back in 1917 and looks at how they fared in exile.

Friday 23rd October

The Friday Interval: Mozart & The Piano

Sandy Burnett considers some of the great music that Mozart wrote for the piano, particularly in the early part of his career.

Friday 9th October

The Friday Concert Interval: Arrangements

Sandy Burnett takes a look at the whole business of making suites and arrangements from pre-existing works.

Friday 2nd October

Friday Concert Interval: Sibelius

A chance to take a closer look at this fascinating and multi-faceted composer, as Sandy Burnett discusses the impact of Sibelius – more than just a national composer…

Friday 25th September

Friday Concert Interval: Anton Bruckner

Sandy Burnett explorest the curious case of Anton Bruckner, a late Romantic composer with the mindset of a musician from the Renaissance. Was he a composer born out of his time?

Friday 18th September

Friday Concert Interval - Dvorak's America

In tonight's interval Sandy Burnett examines the two and a half year spell that Dvorak spent in the United States, starting with the chain of correspondence that impelled Dvorak to set out on his American Adventure.

Friday 11th September

Friday Concert interval - Mahler the Symphonist

Mahler’s symphonies are such a feature of our musical life that it’s hard to imagine a symphonic season without one. It took several decades before Mahler’s music got proper recognition and tonight Sandy Burnett maps out the long road towards acceptance – his point of departure being a famous encounter between Mahler and another great symphonist.

Monday 7th September

Lyric Concert Interval

Michael Lee profiles the great Russian pianist Nikolai Lugansky, the soloist at tonight's live Proms concert.

Friday 4th September

Friday Concert Interval - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

In tonight's interval Sandy Burnett examines the musical legacy of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

Friday 27th February

Intermezzo - Mexican Wave

A ill-fated attempt to have the foyer of the NCH participate in a Mexican wave starts interval stalwarts, Tomás Clancy and Raymond Blake on a journey through the backroads of memory, to Olympics gone by, and on to Stravinsky's relationship to Charlie Parker and the overall desirability of the marimba.

Friday 20th February

Intermezzo - Musical Peaks

Memories of formats gone by this evening, as Tomas Clancy and Raymond Blake reminisce about album covers and prog rock titles, identify all too firmly with Beethoven’s attitude to deadlines and fill their nostrils with Alpine breeze, as our two foyer frequenters meet once more for an interval snifter.

Friday 13th February

Intermezzo - Rollercoaster

In the NCH lobby, safe from the weather outside, glasses of wine in hand, our intrepid interval experts Tomas Clancy and Raymond Blake take us on a journey through a potted history of the London Symphony Orchestra, Elgar's twitter stream and even James Galway's solid gold flute.

Friday 6th February

Intermezzo - Heavenly Length

The concert hall equivalent of the finest of fine wines, is how our interval interlopers, Tomás Clancy and Raymond Blake assess the delights on offer this time in the National Concert Hall, as they meet once again for an interval drink and begin picking over the power of antibiotics, the rise of film music and the best casting for Sherlock Holmes.

Friday 30th January

Intermezzo - Gallic Charms

It’s all about nice, clean fingernails and good, meaty Rioja, when interval chums, Raymond Blake and Tomás Clancy meet once again in the lobby of the National Concert Hall to pick hungrily over their concert hall experiences.

Friday 23rd January

Intermezzo - Nordic Giants

Out front in the foyer tonight, interlude wags, Tomás Clancy and Raymond Blake are shaken not stirred as they explore a Nordic cocktail of Sibelius, Nielsen and Greig. Not to mention, remembrances of Eric, Ernie, Andre and a definitive Martini recipe. Kippis!

Friday 16th January

Intermezzo - Clown & Philosopher

Will it ever be finally decided whether Richard Strauss was a 'profound genius or gifted entertainer'? Perhaps it will, but that would put an end to the ongoing battle between our foyer chums, Raymond Blake and Tomás Clancy, who reconvene for a reviving debate on Strauss, Till Eulenspiegel and other perplexing subjects.

Friday 9th January

Intermezzo - Agnew, Elgar & Mozart

Whiskers and the rightful place of Siegfried Sassoon in Irish hearts are among the topics covered when interval artists Raymond Blake and Tomás Clancy take their usual seats in the NCH foyer for a cheering drop.

Friday 5th December

Intermezzo - Russian Roulette

Deception and Russian soul, as well as the influence of the NME on Western ideas of Shostakovich, are the some of the items occupying the minds of foyer doyennes, Tomás Clancy and Raymond Blake as they take a seat once more for a pair of interval drinks.

Friday 28th November

Intermezzo - Love in a Time of War

Raymond Blake and Tomás Clancy meet once more for intervals drinks, when the conversation turns to the credibility a photo op with Yoko Ono might bring, the vitriol of YouTube commentators and the desirability of HIP, not to mention a new edition in the Blake household.

Friday 21st November

Intermezzo - Master Magician

Tomás Clancy and Raymond Blake meet once more in the foyer to pick over the first half action at the concert hall, assess the legacy of the Ottoman Empire, and weigh the merits of compelling one's serfs to play in the orchestra.

Friday 7th November

Intermezzo - A German Requiem

More half time team talking from Raymond Blake and Tomás Clancy, as the musical hurlers on the dyke peruse tonight's concert program, recalling Beethoven's chaotic premiers, and the religious fault lines revealed by A German Requiem.

Friday 17th October

Intermezzo - Out of Italy

Tomás Clancy and Raymond Blake adjourn once more to the NCH foyer for an interval glass, where the conversation turns to the possibility of a secret cabal of oboists and the practicalities of composing to order.

Friday 10th October

Intermezzo - Swashbuckling Strauss!

Tomás Clancy and Raymond Blake meet up once again for a glass and a gas, with the topics under discussion ranging from Dvorák’s real feeling about cellos to the inevitable shadow of the Nazi Party in Richard Strauss' life and work.

Friday 3rd October

Intermezzo - Music as Witness

Interval artists Raymond Blake and Tomás Clancy take their usual seats in the NCH foyer, to discuss the best approach to Beethoven's much tinkered with operatic work, the pain that Joseph Joachim might have provided to Antonín Dvorák, and assess the degree of sincere remorse that Shostakovich ever felt in response to criticism, just and otherwise.

Friday 26th September

Intermezzo - Liszt, Schumann and Bartok

Returning for the new season at the National Concert Hall are our regular foyer fanfaronaders, Raymond Blake and Tomàs Clancy, who this week engage in a search for Liszt's smoking gun and some possible explanations for Schuman's damaged hands, as well as lauding the living art of reed cutting.

Friday 19th September

Friday Concert Interval - 'Even So?'

To celebrate the World Premier of Linda Buckley's Beloved On The Earth, featuring the late poetry of Raymond Carver, Luke Clancy talks to Carver's widow, Tess Gallagher, about the writer's final days and the remarkable poetry that sprang from them.

Friday 12th September

Friday Concert interval

In tonight's interval, Sandy Burnett presents a composer profile of Richard Strauss.

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