The Blue of the Night with Eamonn Lenihan

The Blue of the Night with Eamonn Lenihan

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The Blue of the Night with Eamonn Lenihan Sunday 10 August 2014

The Blue of the Night with Eamonn Lenihan

The award-winning Sofia Vokalensemble recorded an album of Nordic a capella choral music earlier this year. Hear selections from "Forvarskvall" each night this week on Blue.

Music Played on the Show


Title: Rochade

Composer: Bach, J.S.

Performer(s): Jens Schowing (Piano)

Album: Invention / Blacklisted Records / CD 67085-6

Duration: 3:54


Title: Album Leaf

Composer: Glazunov, Alexander

Performer(s): Timofei Dokschitzer (Trumpet), Orchestra Of The Bolshoi Theater Moscow

Album: Trumpet Rhapsody / BMG Classics / 74321-32045-2

Duration: 4:21


Title: Saxophone Concerto In E Flat (3rd Movement) Allegro

Composer: Glazunov, Alexander

Performer(s): John Harle (Saxophone), Academy Of St. Martin In The Fields

Album: Saxophone Concertos - Debussy / Villa-Lobos / Ibert / Glazunov / EMI Classics / 724357210928

Duration: 4:36


Title: Sunday At Home

Composer: Schwab, Claudia

Performer(s): Cathy Jordan (Vocals):

Album: Amber Sands / 060195516125

Duration: 4:19


Title: Aguirre I Lacrime Di Rei

Performer(s): Popol Vuh

Album: Late Night Tales: Röyksopp / Spv / SPV08570142

Duration: 7:18


Title: Legends For Harmonica And Orchestra (4th Movement) Voss Wedding Dance

Complete Work Name: Legends For Harmonica And Orchestra

Composer: Groven, Sigmund

Performer(s): Sigmund Groven (Harmonica)

Album: Philharmonica - Sigmund Groven, Norwegian Radio Orchestra, Christian Eggen: Conductor / Grappa Musikkforlag / PPC9050

Duration: 3:31


Title: Trilo

Composer: Traditional

Performer(s): Karin Bokvist (Alto), Sofia Vokalensemble

Album: Forvarskvall - One Early Spring Evening / Convivium Records / CR017

Duration: 5:21


Title: I Won't Last A Day Without You

Composer: Nichols / Williams

Performer(s): Martin Taylor (Guitar)

Album: The Colonel & the Governor / Mesa / Blue Moon / 2307

Duration: 5:12


Title: It'll Happen

Composer: Punch Brothers

Performer(s): Chris Thile (Mandolin, Vocals), Punch Brothers (Band)

Album: Punch / Nonesuch / 7559-79982-8

Duration: 3:06


Title: Johan's Vals

Composer: Marin, Mikael

Performer(s): Vasen

Album: Vasen: Mindset / Northside / NSD6097

Duration: 4:24


Title: Time To Fall In Love Again

Composer: Shelby, Marcus

Performer(s): Matt Clark (Piano), Jaz Sawyer (Drums)

Album: The Sophisticate / Noir Records / NR0008

Duration: 7:15


Title: Zodiacs

Composer: Tavener, John

Performer(s): Thalia Myers (Piano)

Album: Spectrum -Thalia Myers / NMC / NMC D057

Duration: 2:26


Title: Protecting Veil

Composer: Tavener, John

Performer(s): Steven Isserlis (Cello), London Symphony Orchestra

Album: Tavener: The Protecting Veil / Virgin / Vc7914742

Duration: 8:42


Title: Moonlight Sonata

Composer: Beethoven, Ludwig van

Performer(s): Juan Martín (Guitar), The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Album: Serenade - Juan Martin / Flamenco Vision / FV11

Duration: 4:37


Title: Solitary Moon

Composer: Mandel / Bergman / Bergman

Performer(s): Shirley Horn (Vocal, Piano)

Album: The Michael Parkinson Collection / Universal / 2CD 9811787

Duration: 5:06


Title: On The Tale Of Bliss

Composer: Viljamaa, Milla

Performer(s): Milla Viljamaa (Keyboards), Kukka Lento, Tommi Asplund (Violins), Esko Jarvela (Viola), Vesa Norilo (Cello, Flute), Roope Aarnio (Guitar)

Album: Minne / / MVCD001

Duration: 4:43


Title: Havanaise

Composer: Viardot

Performer(s): Cecilia Bartoli (Mezzo-Soprano), Myung-Whun Chung (Piano)

Album: Chant d'Amour / Decca / 452667-2

Duration: 4:43


Title: Music For A While

Composer: Purcell, Henry

Performer(s): Garth Knox (Viola D'Amore), Agnes Vesterman (Cello)

Album: Saltarello - Garth Knox / ECM / ECM New Series 2157 476 4501

Duration: 3:29


Title: My Old Flame

Composer: Johnston / Coslow

Performer(s): Charlie Haden (Bass)

Album: Last Dance / ECM Records / ECM 2399 378 0524

Duration: 10:18


Title: Vera

Composer: McKeown

Performer(s): Erin Mckeown (Vocal)

Album: Grand / Nettwerk / 7243 5 91297 23

Duration: 5:05


Title: Wiosna

Composer: Matinier, Jean-Louis

Performer(s): Marco Ambrosini (Nyckelharpa)

Album: Inventio / ECM Records / ECM 2348 375 9429

Duration: 4:46


Title: Impro 10 - Amb El Pedro I Els Canaris

Composer: Savall / Estevan

Performer(s): Pedro Estevan (Percussion)

Album: Impro / Alia Vox / AVSA9906

Duration: 3:39


Title: Symphony No.3 (4th Movement) Larghetto - Quasi Senza Metrum

Composer: Sumera, Lepo

Performer(s): Malmo Symphony Orchestra

Album: Lepo Sumera - Symphonies No.1, No.2 & No.3 / BIS / BIS-CD-660

Duration: 9:19


Title: The Egg Man / The Fight Of The Taruru

Composer: Parfitt-Murray, Hal / Busk, Nikolaj

Performer(s): Hal Parfitt-Murray (Violin, Viola), Nikolaj Busk (Piano, Glockenspiel)

Album: Music From the Edge of the World / Go Folk / GO0312

Duration: 3:58


Title: The Cloud Factory

Composer: Caddick, Bill

Performer(s): June Tabor (Vocal)

Album: The Essential Guide To Folk - CD2 (Recordno: ESGCD3 13-2) / Union Square / ESGCD3 13-2

Duration: 6:22


Title: Blue Fandango

Composer: Molvaer, Nils Petter

Performer(s): Nils Petter Molvaer (Trumpet), Stian Westerhus (Guitar), Erland Dahlen (Percussion)

Album: Baboon Moon / Sony Music / 88697959962

Duration: 3:05


Title: Time Stands Still

Composer: Dowland, John

Performer(s): Joel Frederiksen (Bass, Lute), Ensemble Phoenix Munich

Album: Requiem for a Pink Moon / Harmonia Mundi / HMC 90211

Duration: 4:43


Title: Pynt

Composer: Hukkelberg

Performer(s): Lars Horntveth (Bass Clarinet); Kare Chr. Vestrheim (Celeste, Glock); Lena Nymark (Flute)

Album: Rykestrasse 68 / Nettwerk / 5 037703 069602

Duration: 5:47


Title: The Half-Finished Heaven

Composer: Sandstrom, Sven-David

Performer(s): Sofia Vokalensemble

Album: Forvarskvall - One Early Spring Evening / Convivium Records / CR017

Duration: 5:19


Title: Same Girl

Composer: Newman, Randy

Performer(s): Youn Sun Nah (Vocals), Ulf Wakenius (Guitars), Lars Danielsson (Bass, Cello), Xavier Desandre-Navarre (Percussion)

Album: Same Girl / Act Music / ACT 9024-2

Duration: 4:14


Title: I Remember Bill

Composer: Williams, Jessica

Performer(s): Jessica Williams (Piano)

Album: Jessica Williams At Maybeck / Concord Jazz / CCD-4525

Duration: 4:45



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