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    May 30. Eamonn presents part of Michael Nyman's Symphony No.11 (Hillsborough Memorial); Joe Albany's reading of "As Time Goes By" (Albany played piano for Charlie Parker in the 1940s); a selection from "The Murphy Beds", a duet recording by Eamon O'Leary and Jefferson Hamer; music for solo piano by Australian composer Kate Moore; Estonian jazz courtesy of Mart Soo; Ben and his dad Tom Paley (pictured) from "Paley & Son" (Tom played with Woody Guthrie and mentored Bob Dylan and Ry Cooder, amongst others); Samuel Barber's Op.38, performed by Keith Jarrett; also on Saturday's BLUE, more from Eleni Duni's "Dallendyshe" (see BLUE TUNES, below); and Courtney Pine, from his new duet CD with pianist Zoe Rahman. 10pm start...

    The Blue of the Night with Eamonn Lenihan Sunday 20 July 2014


    The Blue of the Night with Eamonn Lenihan

    Julian Bream fell in love with the guitar aged nine on hearing Django Reinhardt; he's 81 this week - we honour him on Blue with selections from his varied catalogue.

    Blue Tunes Recommended -


    Elina Duni: May 25th - 31st

    “One of the fascinating things about music of the Balkans… is the idea that the pain has to be sung”. On her new album, “Dallendyshe” (“The Swallow”), Tirana-born, Swiss-raised, Elina Duni interprets songs of love and exile backed by her piano trio. Hear nightly selections, from Monday to Sunday.…  


    Music Played on the Show

    • 22:04
      Title: Samba Pa Ti
      Composer: Santana, Carlos
      Performer(s): Carlos Santana (Guitar)
      Performer(s): Carlos Santana (Guitar)
      Album: Very Best Of Santana, Columbia, CDX32386
      Duration: 4:27
    • 22:08
      Title: Histoire De Molly
      Composer: Segal, Vincent
      Performer(s): Ballake Sissoko (Kora), Vincent Segal (Cello)
      Performer(s): Ballake Sissoko (Kora), Vincent Segal (Cello)
      Album: Ballake Sissoko/ Vincent Segal: Chamber Music, No Format, NOF 14 5321442
      Duration: 5:30
    • 22:14
      Title: Eclecto
      Composer: Caffrey, Greg
      Performer(s): Craig Ogden (Guitar)
      Performer(s): Craig Ogden (Guitar)
      Album: Ogden/Caffrey: First Construction in Nylon, Cactus Records, RD12:09CD2
      Duration: 1:35
    • 22:30
      Title: After The Rain
      Composer: Pearson
      Performer(s): Duke Pearson (Piano)
      Performer(s): Duke Pearson (Piano)
      Album: Midnight Blue The (Be)Witching Hour, Blue Note, 50999-215999-2-7
      Duration: 4:44
    • 22:35
      Title: After The Rain
      Composer: Kern, Kevin
      Performer(s): Kevin Kern
      Performer(s): Kevin Kern
      Album: In the Enchanted Garden, Real Music, RM3455
      Duration: 4:09
    • 22:39
      Title: Day In Spring - Ii: Evening
      Composer: Dupont, Gabriel
      Performer(s): Marie-Catherine Girod (Piano)
      Performer(s): Prazak Quartet
      Album: Gabriel Dupont - Poeme, Les Heures Dolentes, Journée De Printemps, Mirare, MIR 238
      Duration: 5:10
    • 22:44
      Title: Tombeau Sur La Mort De M.Comte De Logy
      Composer: Weiss, Silvius Leopold
      Performer(s): Julian Bream (Guitar)
      Performer(s): Julian Bream (Guitar)
      Album: Baroque Guitar Julian Bream ~~ PD OB, RCA VIctor Red Seal, 60494-2-RV
      Duration: 6:10
    • 22:53
      Title: M.W.M.
      Composer: Mehler, Elan
      Performer(s): Elan Mehler (Piano)
      Performer(s): Elan Mehler (Piano)
      Album: Early Sunday Morning, Challenge Records, CR73387
      Duration: 3:25
    • 22:56
      Title: Impro 2 - Placa Del Sol
      Composer: Savall, Ferran
      Performer(s): Ferran Savall (Vocal, Guitar)
      Performer(s): Ferran Savall (Vocal, Guitar)
      Album: Impro, Alia Vox, AVSA9906
      Duration: 4:36
    • 23:02
      Title: That Kind Of Lonely
      Composer: Griffin, Patty
      Performer(s): Patti Griffin (Vocals, Guitar)
      Performer(s): Craig Ross (Guitar)
      Album: American Kid, New West Records, 60739662782
      Duration: 4:22
    • 23:06
      Title: The Weather Man Says
      Composer: Bedford, Brian
      Performer(s): Jacey Bedford, Hilary Spencer, Brian Bedford (Vocals)
      Performer(s): Jacey Bedford, Hilary Spencer, Brian Bedford (Vocals)
      Album: Random Play - Artisan (Recordno: BOING 1018), bedspring Music, BOING 1018
      Duration: 2:53
    • 23:09
      Title: Raining In My Heart
      Composer: Bryant / Bryant
      Performer(s): Robert Wyatt (Piano)
      Performer(s): Robert Wyatt (Piano)
      Album: Cuckooland, Hannibal Records, HNCD 1468
      Duration: 2:42
    • 23:12
      Title: Valse Triste
      Composer: Nedbal, Oskar
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): Rte Concert Orchestra
      Album: RTE Concert Orchestra conducted by Robert Houlihan, RTE Lyric FM
      Duration: 5:18
    • 23:18
      Title: In The Mist (1st Movement) Andante
      Composer: Janacek, Leos
      Performer(s): Andras Schiff (Piano)
      Performer(s): Andras Schiff (Piano)
      Album: Leos Janacek: A Recollection - Andras Schiff, ECM New Series, 461 660-2
      Duration: 3:16
    • 23:21
      Title: We'll Meet Under The Stars
      Composer: Jones, Sean
      Performer(s): Sean Jones (Trumpet)
      Performer(s): Orrin Evans (Piano), Luques Curtis (Bass), Obed Calvaire (Drums)
      Album: - Never Before Seen, Mac Avenue, MAC 1080
      Duration: 7:08
    • 23:30
      Title: Big Steamers
      Composer: Kipling, Rudyard/Bellamy, Peter
      Performer(s): The Unthanks
      Performer(s): The Unthanks
      Album: Songs from the Shipyards - Diversions, Vol. 3, Rabble Rouser Music, RRM011
      Duration: 5:19
    • 23:36
      Title: Promenades - Giverny
      Composer: Hille, Sid
      Performer(s): Kristina Kuusisto (Bandoneon)
      Performer(s): Kristina Kuusisto (Bandoneon), Mari Mantyla (Decacorde)
      Album: Speira - Duo Dryades, Alba Records, ABCD 229
      Duration: 3:41
    • 23:39
      Title: Little Bird
      Composer: Marling, Laura
      Performer(s): Laura Marling (Vocal)
      Performer(s): Laura Marling (Vocal)
      Album: Once I Was An Eagle, Virgin Records, 006023738618
      Duration: 5:40
    • 23:45
      Title: First Elegy For Violin And Piano (Andante)
      Composer: Liszt, Franz
      Performer(s): Emmanuelle Bertrand (Cello)
      Performer(s): Pascal Amoyel (Piano)
      Album: Alkan Sonata for cello and piano; Liszt Works for cello and piano, Harmonia Mundi, HMA 1951758
      Duration: 6:48
    • 23:52
      Title: The Half-Finished Heaven
      Composer: Sandstrom, Sven-David
      Performer(s): Sofia Vokalensemble
      Performer(s): Sofia Vokalensemble
      Album: Forvarskvall - One Early Spring Evening, Convivium Records, CR017
      Duration: 5:19
    • 23:59
      Title: Autumn In New York
      Complete Work Name: Autumn In New York
      Composer: Duke, Vernon
      Performer(s): Louis Armstong (Vocal, Trumpet)
      Performer(s): Louis Armstrong (Vocal, Trumpet), Ella Fitzgerald (Vocal), Oscar Peterson Quartet
      Album: Ella and Louis Again, Verve, 529 017-2
      Duration: 6:03
    • 00:04
      Title: Bora Bora
      Composer: Salvador / Bernard
      Performer(s): Caterina Zapponi (Vocals)
      Performer(s): Yotam Silberstein (Guitar), John Lee (Electric Bass)
      Album: Romantica, Motema, 233851
      Duration: 3:08
    • 00:09
      Title: Moonbeam Passage
      Composer: Tweed
      Performer(s): Karen Tweed (Accordion)
      Performer(s): Karen Tweed (Accordion), Timo Alakotila (P), Emma Reid (Vln) Roger Tallroth(Gtr)
      Album: Midnight, may Monday Adventures, MMA6327001
      Duration: 6:16
    • 00:16
      Title: Lento
      Composer: Skempton, Howard
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): Bbc Symphony Orchestra
      Album: Lento (CD Single), NMC, NMC D005
      Duration: 12:56
    • 00:29
      Title: Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered --
      Composer: Rodgers / Hart
      Performer(s): Art Pepper (Alto Saxophone)
      Performer(s): Art Pepper (Alto Saxophone), Russ Freeman (Piano), Ben Tucker (Bass), Chuck Flores (Drums)
      Album: The Art Pepper Collection, HMV Jazz, 7243 5 27435 2 0
      Duration: 4:28
    • 00:33
      Title: One Day
      Composer: Taylor, Martin
      Performer(s): Tommy Emmanuel (Guitar)
      Performer(s): Martin Taylor (Guitar)
      Album: The Colonel & The Governor, Mesa / Blue Moon, 2307
      Duration: 3:55
    • 00:37
      Title: I Drink
      Composer: Gauthier, Mary
      Performer(s): Mary Gauthier (Vocals), Ian Mclagen (Hammond)
      Performer(s): Mary Gauthier (Vocals), Ian Mclagen (Hammond), Gurf Morlix (Bs, Gtr, Lap Steel), Rick Richards (Drums), Rich Brotherton (Gtr), Brian Standefer (Cello)
      Album: Mercy Now, Lost Highway, B0003570-02
      Duration: 4:31
    • 00:43
      Title: Folk Melodies- Master Michael
      Composer: Lutoslavski,Witold
      Performer(s): Julian Bream (Guitar)
      Performer(s): Julian Bream (Guitar)
      Album: Nocturnal, EMI, 0777 7 549 01 2 1
      Duration: 2:09
    • 00:45
      Title: Among Angels
      Composer: Bush, Kate
      Performer(s): Kate Bush (Vocals)
      Performer(s): Kate Bush (Vocals)
      Album: 50 Words for Snow, Fish People, FPCD007
      Duration: 6:48
    • 00:52
      Title: Ogne Pena Cciu Spietata
      Composer: Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista
      Performer(s): Maria Pia De Vito (Voice), Francois Couturier (Piano)
      Performer(s): Maria Pia De Vito (Voice), Francois Couturier (Piano), Anja Lechner (Cello), Michele Rabbia (Percussion, Electronics)
      Album: Il Pergolese (Recordno: ECM 2340 4180427), ECM Records, ECM 2340 4180427
      Duration: 5:57

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