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    Apr 13. This Sunday night's line-up includes Debussy's "Reverie" and part of Satie's "Gnossiennes"; 2 singer-songwriters covering material by John Martyn (as well as the man himself); a piece for guitar by Agustin Barrios Mangoré; new music by Colin Vallon and Bugge Wesseltoft; Richard Thompson and Scott Walker; a tune by Mose Allison (pictured); 2 compositions by J.S. Bach; sax-player Zoot Sims; Norwegian jazz pianist/composer Jon Balke; the slow movement of a Mendelssohn string quartet; and the last of the week's recordings by T-Bone Walker (see BLUE TUNES, below). 10pm...

    The Blue of the Night with Eamonn Lenihan Sunday 15 December 2013


    The Blue of the Night with Eamonn Lenihan

    Waterson:Carthy - the first family of English folk are under the spotlight collectively and individually plus some of their seasonal tunes

    Eamonn talks to Laurence Hobgood

    Dave Brubeck described Grammy-winner Laurence Hobgood as "one of the most incredible pianists". Best-known for his 20 years as Kurt Elling's pianist/arranger, Laurence has also enjoyed a solo career. And he's just released a Christmas album. All of the above were mentioned when Laurence popped into our Limerick studios during his most recent visit to these shores.

    Blue Tunes Recommended -

    T-Bone Walker: April 7th - 13th

    Blues guitarist T-Bone Walker is one of the most influential musicians to rise up from the fertile Texas blues scene. The first man to go electric, his impact on blues guitar worldwide was huge. This week, Blue features T-Bone from his days with Capitol Records in the 40’s through to his Grammy Winner in 70’s and - especially - recordings made for Imperial Records during the 1950s.

    Music Played on the Show

    • 10:00 p.m.
      Title: Rock Bottom
      Performer(s): Phillips / Josea
      Duration: 0:02:49
    • 10:03 p.m.
      Title: Partita No.3 In E Major
      Performer(s): Bach, Johann Sebastian
      Duration: 0:04:22
    • 10:07 p.m.
      Title: Mazurka In F Sharp Min Op59
      Performer(s): Chopin, Frederic
      Duration: 0:03:55
    • 10:11 p.m.
      Title: A Beautiful Friendship
      Performer(s): S.Styme / D.Kahn
      Duration: 0:02:51
    • 10:14 p.m.
      Title: It Came Upon The Midnight Clear
      Performer(s): Traditional
      Duration: 0:06:56
    • 10:21 p.m.
      Title: Stranger Than Paradise (6Th Movement) Improvisation 2
      Performer(s): Lurie, John
      Duration: 0:03:20
    • 10:24 p.m.
      Title: Lullaby Dream
      Performer(s): Balanescu, Alexander
      Duration: 0:08:03
    • 10:33 p.m.
      Title: The Captains And The Kings
      Performer(s): Behan, Brendan
      Duration: 0:04:04
    • 10:41 p.m.
      Title: Blues For Alex
      Performer(s): Raknes, Steinar
      Duration: 0:03:45
    • 10:47 p.m.
      Title: Xx
      Performer(s): Jarrett, Keith
      Duration: 0:03:45
    • 10:51 p.m.
      Title: Track 02
      Performer(s): Dvorak, Antonin
      Duration: 0:03:45
    • 11:03 p.m.
      Title: New Year Carol- Residue
      Performer(s): Trad Arr Carthy, E/Carthy M/ Van Eyken, T
      Duration: 0:03:18
    • 11:06 p.m.
      Title: John Barleycorn
      Performer(s): Trad Arr Weller/Carthy
      Duration: 0:05:57
    • 11:12 p.m.
      Title: Hello It'S Me
      Performer(s): Reed/Cale
      Duration: 0:03:18
    • 11:15 p.m.
      Title: Protecting Veil
      Performer(s): Tavener, John
      Duration: 0:08:57
    • 11:25 p.m.
      Title: Kuus, Kuus Kallike
      Performer(s): Part, Arvo
      Duration: 0:04:28
    • 11:30 p.m.
      Title: Mandela
      Performer(s): Wakenius, Ulf
      Duration: 0:05:06
    • 11:38 p.m.
      Title: Sofa No. 1
      Performer(s): Zappa, Frank
      Duration: 0:03:09
    • 11:42 p.m.
      Title: Fruit Tree
      Performer(s): Drake, Nick
      Duration: 0:05:04
    • 11:47 p.m.
      Title: On The Sea
      Performer(s): Eriksen, Espen
      Duration: 0:03:45
    • 11:51 p.m.
      Title: Mashena
      Performer(s): Not Stated
      Duration: 0:04:39
    • 11:56 p.m.
      Title: Ii. Andante Moderato
      Performer(s): Antheil, George
      Duration: 0:03:45
    • 11:59 p.m.
      Title: Sir Henry Umptons Funerall
      Performer(s): Dowland, John
      Duration: 0:03:45
    • 12:07 a.m.
      Title: What Sweeter music
      Performer(s): Rutter, John
      Duration: 0:05:12
    • 12:11 a.m.
      Title: Lamentate - Movement X - Fragile E Conciliate
      Performer(s): Part, Arvo
      Duration: 0:07:11
    • 12:19 a.m.
      Title: Mother's Lament
      Performer(s): Hamasyan, Tigran
      Duration: 0:06:46
    • 12:25 a.m.
      Title: Brown Ballad
      Performer(s): Ray Brown
      Duration: 0:04:39
    • 12:29 a.m.
      Title: Nocturnal New York
      Performer(s): Barry, John
      Duration: 0:04:50
    • 12:34 a.m.
      Title: 2. Adagio Ma Non Troppo (Quartet Op 74 In E Flat Major 'Harp')
      Performer(s): Beethoven, Ludwig Van
      Duration: 0:09:44
    • 12:45 a.m.
      Title: I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face
      Performer(s): Alan Jay Lerner/Frederic Loewe
      Duration: 0:04:34
    • 12:49 a.m.
      Title: God Bless the Child
      Performer(s): Herzog/Holiday
      Duration: 0:03:55
    • 12:53 a.m.
      Title: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
      Performer(s): Traditional
      Duration: 0:04:05
    • 12:57 a.m.
      Title: To Earth Like Rain
      Performer(s): Hackett, Steve
      Duration: 0:01:47

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