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    Apr 13. This Sunday night's line-up includes Debussy's "Reverie" and part of Satie's "Gnossiennes"; 2 singer-songwriters covering material by John Martyn (as well as the man himself); a piece for guitar by Agustin Barrios Mangoré; new music by Colin Vallon and Bugge Wesseltoft; Richard Thompson and Scott Walker; a tune by Mose Allison (pictured); 2 compositions by J.S. Bach; sax-player Zoot Sims; Norwegian jazz pianist/composer Jon Balke; the slow movement of a Mendelssohn string quartet; and the last of the week's recordings by T-Bone Walker (see BLUE TUNES, below). 10pm...

    The Blue of the Night with Eamonn Lenihan Friday 23 August 2013


    The Blue of the Night with Eamonn Lenihan

    In the week of the anniversary of George Enescu's birth, Carl and Eamonn will air some of the chamber music of this Romanian-born violinist, pianist, conductor and composer.

    Blue Tunes Recommended -

    T-Bone Walker: April 7th - 13th

    Blues guitarist T-Bone Walker is one of the most influential musicians to rise up from the fertile Texas blues scene. The first man to go electric, his impact on blues guitar worldwide was huge. This week, Blue features T-Bone from his days with Capitol Records in the 40’s through to his Grammy Winner in 70’s and - especially - recordings made for Imperial Records during the 1950s.

    Music Played on the Show

    • 10:00 p.m.
      Title: Rain And Snow
      Performer(s): Public Domain
      Duration: 0:02:30
    • 10:03 p.m.
      Title: Goldberg Variation No. 1
      Performer(s): Bach, Johann Sebastian
      Duration: 0:02:11
    • 10:04 p.m.
      Title: Concerto For 2 Mandolins, Strings And Continuo In G, Rv532, Anda
      Performer(s): Vivaldi, Antonio
      Duration: 0:05:08
    • 10:09 p.m.
      Title: Partita No.1 in B Minor - V: Sarabande
      Performer(s): Bach, J S
      Duration: 0:03:45
    • 10:13 p.m.
      Title: Little Bird
      Performer(s): Hannigan, Lisa
      Duration: 0:04:15
    • 10:17 p.m.
      Title: A Change Is Gonna Come
      Performer(s): Cooke, Sam
      Duration: 0:02:52
    • 10:21 p.m.
      Title: Symphonie Concertante in Bb Minor (1st movement)
      Performer(s): Enescu, George
      Duration: 0:03:45
    • 10:32 p.m.
      Title: Cottage For Sale
      Performer(s): Conley / Robison
      Duration: 0:03:43
    • 10:35 p.m.
      Title: Norma
      Performer(s): Samawatie, Cymin
      Duration: 0:06:38
    • 10:43 p.m.
      Title: Rhayader Alone
      Performer(s): Peter Bardens/ Andrew Latimer
      Duration: 0:02:05
    • 10:45 p.m.
      Title: Epitaph
      Performer(s): Peter Bardens/ Andrew Latimer
      Duration: 0:02:22
    • 10:47 p.m.
      Title: Violin Concerto No.2 (2nd movement)
      Performer(s): Bartok, Bela
      Duration: 0:03:45
    • 10:58 p.m.
      Title: Two Seagulls Call From My Birch Tree
      Performer(s): Mayor
      Duration: 0:03:44
    • 11:02 p.m.
      Title: Prelude: Song Of The Gulls
      Performer(s): Fripp, Robert
      Duration: 0:04:31
    • 11:10 p.m.
      Title: Nevada
      Performer(s): Hausted, Karoline
      Duration: 0:04:26
    • 11:14 p.m.
      Title: How Long Has This Been Going On?
      Performer(s): Gershwin G / Gershwin I
      Duration: 0:05:13
    • 11:19 p.m.
      Title: Sunrise for Sophie
      Performer(s): 3epkano
      Album: Hans the Reluctant Wolf Juggler
      Duration: 0:03:52
    • 11:23 p.m.
      Title: Les Malheurs De Sophie - Tableau 2 - Andante Tranquillo
      Performer(s): Francaix, Jean
      Duration: 0:04:21
    • 11:27 p.m.
      Title: Sophie / The Lady With The Little Dog
      Performer(s): Mulhy, Nico
      Duration: 0:03:45
    • 11:32 p.m.
      Title: Sibil-La Latine
      Performer(s): Spanish 10th / 11th C
      Duration: 0:03:45
    • 11:51 p.m.
      Title: A Case Of You
      Performer(s): Mitchell
      Duration: 0:04:38
    • 11:55 p.m.
      Title: It'll Happen
      Performer(s): Punch Brothers
      Duration: 0:03:21
    • 11:59 p.m.
      Title: Harvest Moon
      Performer(s): Young, Neil
      Duration: 0:05:16
    • 12:10 a.m.
      Title: Do It Again
      Performer(s): Gershwin, George
      Duration: 0:05:00
    • 12:12 a.m.
      Title: Symphony No.3 (3rd movement, extract)
      Performer(s): Elgar and Payne
      Duration: 0:03:27
    • 12:15 a.m.
      Title: Prelude No.13 In F Sharp Minor
      Performer(s): Chopin, Frederic
      Duration: 0:03:45
    • 12:21 a.m.
      Title: People Ain'T No Good
      Performer(s): Cave, Nick
      Duration: 0:05:57
    • 12:26 a.m.
      Title: Keep My Word
      Performer(s): McLennan, Grant
      Duration: 0:03:43
    • 12:30 a.m.
      Title: Going Nowhere
      Performer(s): Smith, Elliott
      Duration: 0:04:06
    • 12:34 a.m.
      Title: Piano Sonata No. 3 in D major (2nd movement) Andantino cantabile
      Performer(s): Enescu, George
      Duration: 0:09:26
    • 12:46 a.m.
      Title: My Attorney, Bernie
      Performer(s): Frishberg, Dave
      Duration: 0:04:36
    • 12:50 a.m.
      Title: Standchen (Serenade)
      Performer(s): Schubert, Franz
      Duration: 0:03:45
    • 12:54 a.m.
      Title: Cradle Song
      Performer(s): York, Andrew
      Duration: 0:03:38

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