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    Nov 29. This Saturday night, John Martyn reminds us to "Bless The Weather"; Susana sings a Joy Division song; Alexi Lubimov interprets Arvo Part's "Lamentate"; Clapton covers Robert Johnson material; Yo-Yo Ma (pictured) performs a milonga by Piazzolla; we also hear Teddy Wilson recorded with a couple of famous trumpet-players, namely Harry James and Roy Eldridge  (see BLUE TUNES, below); and part of a remastered score which Howard Shore composed for the Canadian movie director, screenwriter, actor and novelist David Cronenberg.

    Note: an 11pm start tonight, following a longer-than-usual "Opera Night" presentation...

    The Blue of the Night with Eamonn Lenihan Friday 28 November 2014


    The Blue of the Night with Eamonn Lenihan

    This week marks the anniversary of the birth of Teddy Wilson. We hear the pianist through five decades: alone, and in the company of Billie Holiday, Benny Goodman, et al.

    Blue Tunes Recommended -


    Teddy Wilson: November 24th - 30th
    From the 1930s until the 1980s, Teddy Wilson provided accompaniment for Louis Armstrong, Benny Carter, Benny Goodman, Lester Young et al. He was Billie Holiday's musical director and made a number of fine albums under his own name. This polished pianist is featured each night this week on Blue.

    Music Played on the Show

    • 22:02
      Title: Prisoner Of Love
      Composer: Columbo / Robin
      Performer(s): Lester Young (Tenor Sax), Teddy Wilson (Piano)
      Performer(s): Gene Ramey (Bass), Jo Jones (Drums)
      Album: Pres And Teddy, Verve, 831 270-2
      Duration: 7:40
    • 22:11
      Title: Cello Sonata In C Major (1st Movement)
      Composer: Prokofiev, Sergei
      Performer(s): Leonard Elschenbroich (Cello)
      Performer(s): Alexander Grynyuk (Piano)
      Album: Leonard Elschenbroich - Prokofiev... Kabalevsky..., Onyx, ONYX 4122
      Duration: 12:39
    • 22:25
      Title: Humming One Of Your Songs
      Composer: Not Stated
      Performer(s): Ane Brun (Vocals)
      Performer(s): Ane Brun (Vocals)
      Album: Rarities (2-CD), Balloon Ranger Recordings, DEMPRCD14
      Duration: 4:01
    • 22:30
      Title: Return Home
      Composer: Simone, Nina
      Performer(s): Sonia Wieder-Atherton (Cello)
      Performer(s): Bruno Fontaine (Piano), Laurent Kraif (Percussion)
      Album: Little Girl Blue - From Nina Simone, Naive, V 5376
      Duration: 4:25
    • 22:34
      Title: Spin Bird
      Composer: Moore, Kate
      Performer(s): Saskia Lankhoorn (Piano)
      Performer(s): Saskia Lankhoorn (Piano)
      Album: Kate Moore - Dances and Canons, ECM New Series, 2344 481 0963
      Duration: 3:38
    • 22:39
      Title: Tower Of Song
      Composer: Cohen, Leonard
      Performer(s): Christine Tobin (Vocals), Phil Robson (Guitar)
      Performer(s): Christine Tobin (Vocals), Phil Robson (Guitar), Dave Whitford (Bass), Adriano Adewale (Percussion)
      Album: A Thousand Kisses Deep, Trail Belle Records, TBR03
      Duration: 6:01
    • 22:45
      Title: Norwegian Wood
      Composer: Lennon / Mccartney
      Performer(s): Peter Walker (Guitars)
      Performer(s): Peter Walker (Guitars)
      Album: Rainy Day Raga
      Duration: 4:17
    • 22:50
      Title: Symphony No.4 In D Minor (2nd Movement) Romance
      Composer: Schumann, Robert
      Performer(s): Oren Shevlin (Cello)
      Performer(s): Wdr Symphony Orchestra Cologne
      Album: Robert Schumann - Complete Symphonic Works, Vol.III, Audite, audite 97.679
      Duration: 3:57
    • 22:53
      Title: Fantasiestucke: Ii - Ziemlich Langsam
      Composer: Schumann, Robert
      Performer(s): Andreas Staier (Piano)
      Performer(s): Andreas Staier (Piano)
      Album: Robert Schumann - Variations & Fantasiestucke, Harmonia Mundi, HMC 902171
      Duration: 4:52
    • 23:00
      Title: When I Watch You Sleeping
      Composer: Young, Neil
      Performer(s): Neil Young
      Performer(s): Neil Young
      Album: Storytone, Reprise, 9362-49317-0
      Duration: 5:27
    • 23:06
      Title: Eileen Mcmahon
      Composer: Trad Arr Jordan/Tallroth/Ljunggren
      Performer(s): Cathy Jordan (Vocals, Autoharp); Eddi Reader (Vocals)
      Performer(s): Cathy Jordan(Vocals/Autoharp); Eddi Reader (Vocals), Roger Tallroth (Guitars); Olav Johansson (Nykelharpa);
      Album: All the Way Home, Blix Street Records, G2-10201
      Duration: 6:09
    • 23:12
      Title: Del Mondo
      Composer: Ferretti / Zamboni / Maroccolo / Magnelli / Canali
      Performer(s): Robert Wyatt (Voice, Keyboard)
      Performer(s): Robert Wyatt (Voice, Keyboard), Yaron Stavi (Bass Violin)
      Album: Comic Opera - Robert Wyatt, Domino, WIGCD202
      Duration: 3:30
    • 23:16
      Title: Why Was I Born
      Composer: Kern / Hammerstein
      Performer(s): Teddy Wilson (Piano)
      Performer(s): Teddy Wilson (Piano)
      Album: With Billie In Mind, Chiarscuro, CR(D)111
      Duration: 3:45
    • 23:20
      Title: You Never Know
      Composer: Bailey, Benny
      Performer(s): Howard Mcghee, Benny Bailey (Trumpets)
      Performer(s): Howard Mcghee, Benny Bailey (Trumpets), Howard Mcghee / Benny Bailey Sextet
      Album: Jazzcraft Studio Recordings 1978-9 (2-CD), Storyville, 1038417
      Duration: 5:41
    • 23:34
      Title: Movement Seventeen
      Composer: Wesseltoft/Schwarz
      Performer(s): Bugge Wesseltoft (Keyboards, Percussion), Henrik Schwarz (Computer, Percussion), Dan Berglund (Dbl Bass)
      Performer(s): Orchestre Philharmonique Du Luxembourg
      Album: Trialogue - Wesseltoft Schwarz Berglund, Jazzland Recordings, 060253786601
      Duration: 7:18
    • 23:42
      Title: No Mans Land / Flowers Of The Forest
      Composer: Bogle/Trad
      Performer(s): June Tabor (Vocals)
      Performer(s): June Tabor (Vocals)
      Album: Green Linnet The Twentieth Anniversary Collection, Green Linnet, GLCD106
      Duration: 7:33
    • 23:53
      Title: Brighton
      Composer: Jokleba
      Performer(s): Jokleba
      Performer(s): Per Jorgensen (Trumpet, Flute, Kalimba, Vocals), Jon Balke (Electronics, Piano), Audun Kleive (Electronics, Drums)
      Album: Outland, ECM Records, ECM 2413 379 7773
      Duration: 5:43
    • 00:02
      Title: Piano Quartet In A Minor For Piano, Violin, Viola And Cello Op. 31 - Movement Iii - Molto Allegro
      Composer: Catoire, Georgy
      Performer(s): Stephen Coombs (Piano)
      Performer(s): Stephen Coombs (Piano), Chalres Sewart (Violin), Yuko Inoue (Viola), Philip De Groote (Cello), Room Music
      Album: Catoire: Piano Quartet, Piano Trio, Elegy - Room Music, Hyperion, CDA67512
      Duration: 6:58
    • 00:06
      Title: Des Caramels Pour Eva
      Composer: Berthiaume, Antoine
      Performer(s): Antoine Berthiaume (Guitars, Banjo, Dobro)
      Performer(s): Antoine Berthiaume (Guitars, Banjo, Dobro), Ameline Chauvette-Groulx (Violin), Erika Donald (Cello), Stef Schneider (Perc), Remi-Jean Leblanc (Bass), Rick Hayworth (Pedal Steel), Jennifer Thiessen (Alto)
      Album: Antoine Berthiaume: Small Tease, Ambiances Magnétiques, AM 196 CD
      Duration: 2:57
    • 00:10
      Title: Death Speaks: Pain Changes
      Composer: Lang, David
      Performer(s): Shara Worden Aka My Brightest Diamond (Vocals)
      Performer(s): Nico Muhly (Piano); Bryce Dessner (Guitar)
      Album: Death Speaks
      Duration: 6:19
    • 00:19
      Title: Day Dream
      Composer: Ellington / Strayhorn / Latouche
      Performer(s): June Christy (Vocal)
      Performer(s): June Christy (Vocal)
      Album: The Great Jazz Vocalists Sing Ellington And Strayhorn, Blue Note, 7243 8 55221 2 3
      Duration: 2:57
    • 00:22
      Title: Winter With You (Alternate)
      Composer: Bowness / Chilvers
      Performer(s): Tim Bowness (Vocals, Guitars), Peter Chilvers (Keyboards, Bass, Percussion)
      Performer(s): Tim Bowness (Vocals, Guitars), Peter Chilvers (Keyboards, Bass, Percussion)
      Album: california, norfolk (2-CD), Burning Shed, bshed1306
      Duration: 11:38
    • 00:34
      Title: Sarabande From Partita In D Minor Bwv 1004
      Composer: Bach, Js
      Performer(s): Gregory Harrington (Violin)
      Performer(s): Gregory Harrington (Violin)
      Album: Gregory Harrington Bach, Estile Records, Estile Records 88295 05296 2
      Duration: 3:11
    • 00:38
      Title: Violin Sonata No.1 In F Minor (1st Movement) Andante Assai
      Composer: Prokofiev, Serge
      Performer(s): Alina Ibragimova (Violin)
      Performer(s): Steven Osborne (Piano)
      Album: Prokofiev - Violin Sonatas, Five Melodies, Hyperion, CDA67514
      Duration: 6:23
    • 00:45
      Title: Kish
      Composer: Redmond, David
      Performer(s): Dave Redmond (Bass)
      Performer(s): Dave Redmond (Bass), Jason Rigby (Tenor Sax); Bill Carrothers (Piano); Kevin Brady (Drums)
      Album: Roots, Fresh Sounds Records, FSNT423
      Duration: 6:33
    • 00:51
      Title: Tiempos Primeros: Part Ii - La Casa Paterna
      Composer: Saluzzi, Dino
      Performer(s): Dino Saluzzi (Bandoneon)
      Performer(s): Dino Saluzzi Group
      Album: El Valle de la Infancia, ECM Records, ECM 2370 377 0032
      Duration: 6:25

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