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The Blue of the Night with Carl Corcoran

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The Blue of the Night with Carl Corcoran Monday 1 September 2014

This Week on Blue....

Carl is joined this Wednesday by pianist Francesco Turrisi and vocalist Michelle O'Rourke for a Blue of the Night session. Both have previously been featured on Blue individually but the two musicians will collaborate and perform their imaginative and thoughtful interpretations of music from the early 17th century in advance of their performance at the final Kaleidoscope of the season next week June. Francesco is guest curator for this final Kaleidoscope and will tell us a little about the lineup for this popular monthly music event at the Bello Bar in Dublin


Last Week on Blue....

Pianist Ivan Ilic is a regular visitor to Ireland. He paid Carl a visit for a Blue of the Night Session recently and you can listen to the entire interview and session below, and watch exclusive video footage. 

The Blue of the Night with Carl Corcoran

This week, we feature the more lyrical side of the late Charlie Haden's career: recordings made with Quartet West, Keith Jarrett, Hank Jones, Pat Metheny and Haden's own children.


It's been a sad year for the music world with the loss of many iconic figures. One of our own legends, jazz guitarist Louis Stewart left us earlier this year. Louis' musical legacy is recognised and lauded in the international jazz world. At home in Ireland, where he chose to base himself even at the peak of his international fame, he became a friend and mentor to many in a burgeoning jazz community. His loss is immense. In March 2014, Louis was the featured artist on The Blue of the Night with Carl Corcoran. This special programme features many of Louis' wonderful performances and his chat with Carl, recalling his early days and the highlights of his international career.

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Music Played on the Show


Title: Soundings - Movement I - Andante Non Troppo

Composer: Martin, Neil

Performer(s): Cliona Doris (Harp), John Finucane (Clarinet), John Lynch (Viola)

Album: A Pale Yellow Sky - Cliona Doris / RTE Lyric fm / CD115

Duration: 5:04


Title: Petit Quatuor Pour Saxophones (3rd Movement) Serenade Comique

Composer: Francaix, Jean

Performer(s): Adelphi Saxophone Quartet

Album: Simply Four Saxophones (Recordno: 724357252720) ~~ G402604 / EMI Classics / 724357252720

Duration: 2:02


Title: Je Te Veux

Composer: Satie, Erik

Performer(s): Iain Ballamy (Saxophone); Stian Carstensen (Button Accord)

Album: The Little Radio / feral Records / ASFA105

Duration: 6:04


Title: Blasten Sopar Sommaren -- Not Available

Composer: Rasmussen/ Ulvsand

Performer(s): Kryss

Album: Danish Roots: Growing in the World / Go Folk / 2012-1&2

Duration: 3:35


Title: Eden

Composer: Danielsson, Lars

Performer(s): Lars Danielsson (Bass, Cello), Leszek Mozdzer (Piano), Zohar Fresco (Percussion)

Album: The Lars Danielssson Signature Edition (2-CD) / ACT Music / 6006-2

Duration: 6:42


Title: Diamanten Pa Marssnon

Composer: Sibelius, Jean

Performer(s): Barbara Bonney (Soprano), Antonio Pappano (Piano)

Album: Barbara Bonney: Diamonds in the Snow - Nordic Songs / Decca / 466762-2

Duration: 2:19


Title: Paddy Canny's Toast

Composer: Lennon, Charlie

Performer(s): Dave Flynn (Guitar)

Album: Dave Flynn; Contemporary Irish Guitar / Frisbee Records / FRCD002

Duration: 3:32


Title: Wash

Composer: Vernon, Justin

Performer(s): Justin Vernon (Vocals, Guitars), Bon Iver

Album: Bon Iver: Bon Iver / Jagjaguwar / CAD3117CD

Duration: 4:58


Title: Michelle

Composer: Woods, Chris

Performer(s): Chris Woods (Guitar)

Album: Stories for Solo Guitar / Chris Woods Groove / Chris Woods Groove Download

Duration: 4:41


Title: Father

Composer: Condell, Sonny/ Kehoe, Paddy

Performer(s): Sonny Condell (All Instruments)

Album: PROMO SINGLE -- Private Recording / Sonny Condell / Private Recording

Duration: 4:14


Title: Fillingpolka

Composer: Ulvsand, Jens

Performer(s): Jens Ulvsand (Gtr, Bouzouki, Vcls), Nicolaj Buck (All Keys, Vcls), Kristine Heeball (Vln, Vcls)

Album: Trio Mio: Love & Cigars / Go Danis Folk Music / GOO111

Duration: 5:22


Title: String Quartet In E Minor (2nd Movement) Andante

Composer: Faure, Gabriel

Performer(s): Quatour Ebene

Album: Debussy / Faure / Ravel: String Quartets - Quatour Ebene / Virgin Classics / 5099951904524

Duration: 10:06


Title: Beat The Retreat (Arr Benedict Scchlepper-Connolly)

Composer: Thompson Richard

Performer(s): Michelle O'Rourke (Voice); Sean Macerlaine (Reeds); Kate Ellis (Cello), Benedict Schlepper-Connolly (Voice /Guitar), Ergodos Musicians

Album: Songs / Ergodos / Ergodos ER13

Duration: 5:10


Title: Long After The Music Is Gone

Composer: Mac Erlaine, Sean

Performer(s): Sean Macerlaine (Clarinets, Electronics)

Album: Long After the Music is Gone / Ergodos / er8

Duration: 3:53


Title: September Song

Composer: Not Availabe

Performer(s): Ella Fitzgerald

Album: The Intimate Ella

Duration: 3:43


Title: Speak Low -- From "One Touch Of Venus"

Composer: Nash / Weill

Performer(s): Kurt Weill (Vocal, Piano), Charlie Haden (Double Bass), Fred Hersch (Piano)

Album: September Songs - Various (Recordno: SK 63046) / Sony Classical / SK 63046

Duration: 5:30


Title: Silence

Composer: Haden, Charlie

Performer(s): Charlie Haden (Bass), Chet Baker (Trumpet), Enrico Pieranunzi (Piano), Billy Higgins (Drums)

Album: Silence - Charlie Haden (Recordno: 121172-2) / Black Saint / 121172-2

Duration: 8:44


Title: A Summer Afternoon

Composer: Sauter, Eddie

Performer(s): Stan Getz (Tenor Saxophone), Beau Arts String Quartet

Album: Focus (Recordno: 521 419-2) ~~ PD EL / Verve / 521 419-2

Duration: 6:03


Title: String Quartet No.1 - Largo Funebre

Composer: Egge, Klaus

Performer(s): Oslo String Quartet

Album: Norwegian 20th Century String Quartets / Naxos / 8.554384

Duration: 5:40


Title: This Woman's Work -- Not Available

Composer: Bush, Kate

Performer(s): Kate Bush (Vocals, Keyboards), Albert Mcintosh, Jacob Thorn (Vocals)

Album: Director's Cut ~~ PD EL / Fish People / 5099902777221

Duration: 6:29


Title: Ailsa Craig

Composer: Mulvey, Nick

Performer(s): Nick Mulvey

Album: First Mind / Fiction Records / Mulvey006

Duration: 4:55


Title: Line

Composer: Portico Quartet

Performer(s): Nick Mulvey (Hang Drums, Perc), Jack Wyllie (Sax, Electronics), Milo Fitzpatrick (Double Bass), Duncan Bellamy (Drums, Piano, Marimba)

Album: Isla / Real World Records / CDRW01174

Duration: 7:29


Title: Si Dolce E 'L Tormento

Composer: Monteverdi, Claudio

Performer(s): Anne Sofie Von Otter (Mezzo-Sporano), Ensemble Cappella Mediterranea

Album: Sogno Barocco / Naive Records / V 5286

Duration: 4:03


Title: Allegro -- Not Available

Composer: Abel, Carl Friedrich

Performer(s): Sarah Cunningham (Viola Da Gamba)

Album: Spirit of Gambo - Sarah Cunningham / Seagull Records / SGR-1

Duration: 3:19


Title: Behold A Wonder Here -- Not Available

Composer: Dowland, John

Performer(s): Michael Slattery (Tenor), La Nef

Album: Dowland in Dublin ~~ Commerical CD / ATMA Classique / ACD2 2650

Duration: 4:11


Title: Cucurrucucu Paloma

Composer: Winstone / Mendez

Performer(s): Norma Winstone (Vocals), Klaus Gesing (Bass Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone), Glauco Venier (Piano)

Album: Dance Without Answer / ECM Records / ECM 2333 374 3047

Duration: 4:08


Title: Nostalghia

Composer: Couturier, Francois

Performer(s): Francois Couturier (Piano), Anja Lechner (Cello), Jean-Marc Larche (Soprano Sax), Jean-Louis Matinier (Accordion)

Album: Nostalghia - Song for Tarkovsky / ECM Records / ECM 1979 987 7379

Duration: 8:27


Title: Harvest

Composer: Young, Neil

Performer(s): Neil Young (Vocal, Guitar), The Stray Gators

Album: Harvest / Reprise / 7599-27239-2

Duration: 3:11



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