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The Blue of the Night with Carl Corcoran

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The Blue of the Night with Carl Corcoran Tuesday 19 August 2014

This Week on Blue....

Carl is joined this Wednesday by pianist Francesco Turrisi and vocalist Michelle O'Rourke for a Blue of the Night session. Both have previously been featured on Blue individually but the two musicians will collaborate and perform their imaginative and thoughtful interpretations of music from the early 17th century in advance of their performance at the final Kaleidoscope of the season next week June. Francesco is guest curator for this final Kaleidoscope and will tell us a little about the lineup for this popular monthly music event at the Bello Bar in Dublin


Last Week on Blue....

Pianist Ivan Ilic is a regular visitor to Ireland. He paid Carl a visit for a Blue of the Night Session recently and you can listen to the entire interview and session below, and watch exclusive video footage. 

The Blue of the Night with Carl Corcoran

Guest presenter Dónal Dineen sits in for Carl all this week, with his own particular brand of late-night listening.


It's been a sad year for the music world with the loss of many iconic figures. One of our own legends, jazz guitarist Louis Stewart left us earlier this year. Louis' musical legacy is recognised and lauded in the international jazz world. At home in Ireland, where he chose to base himself even at the peak of his international fame, he became a friend and mentor to many in a burgeoning jazz community. His loss is immense. In March 2014, Louis was the featured artist on The Blue of the Night with Carl Corcoran. This special programme features many of Louis' wonderful performances and his chat with Carl, recalling his early days and the highlights of his international career.

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Music Played on the Show


Title: Kovin Lentaen

Composer: kuusumum profeeta

Performer(s): Kuusumum Profeeta

Duration: 7:50


Title: This Is Not A Clarnet

Composer: evan ziporyn

Performer(s): Evan Ziporyn (Clarinet)

Album: thum nyatiti / copyright control

Duration: 4:00


Title: Sunrise For Sophie

Composer: 3EPKANO

Performer(s): 3epkano

Album: Hans the Reluctant Wolf Juggler

Duration: 3:52


Title: The Mouthchew

Composer: stars of the lid

Performer(s): Stars Of The Lid

Album: And Their Refinement of the Decline / null

Duration: 2:00


Title: A Symphony Pathetique

Composer: a winged victory for the sullen

Performer(s): A Winged Victory For Sulllen

Duration: 5:11


Title: Forest Veil

Composer: lisa gerrard

Performer(s): Lisa Gerrard And Peter Brook

Album: Duality / copyright control

Duration: 2:32


Title: Lonely Bird

Composer: the bulgarian voices angelite

Performer(s): The Bulgarian Voices Angelite

Album: Legend (with Huun-Huur-Tu & the Moscow Art Trio) / copyright control

Duration: 6:11


Title: Some Old Salty

Composer: lal waterson

Performer(s): Lal Waterson And Oliver Knight

Album: a bed of roses / copyright control

Duration: 2:48


Title: Circlesong

Composer: bobbby mcferrin

Performer(s): Bobby Mcferrin (Vocals)

Album: circlesongs / copyright control

Duration: 6:45


Title: Ci C'Est Comme Ca

Composer: issa sow

Performer(s): Issa Sow

Album: issa sow / copyright control

Duration: 7:23


Title: L'Aube

Composer: BRAHEM

Performer(s): Anouar Brahem

Album: le voyage de sahara / ECM

Duration: 5:48


Title: Mory

Composer: yoro kery goro

Performer(s): Yoro Kery Goro

Album: the king of senegal / copyright control

Duration: 7:50


Title: Werente Serigne

Composer: orchetra baobab

Performer(s): Orchestra Baobab

Album: Pirates Choice / copyright control

Duration: 8:45


Title: Kyrie; Missa Luba

Composer: arr Guido Haazen

Performer(s): Les Troubadours De Roi Baudoinn

Album: missa luba / Phillips

Duration: 2:45


Title: Song To The Seals

Composer: john mccormack

Performer(s): John Mccormack

Album: The Great John Mccormack / copyright control

Duration: 3:45


Title: Les Chansons De Bilitis - I. Chant Pastoral

Composer: debussy claude

Performer(s): Ensemble Wien-Berlin

Album: chansons be bilitis / Deustche Grammophon

Duration: 2:11


Title: Summa For Strings

Composer: arco part

Performer(s): I Flamminghi And Rudolf Werthern

Album: Arvo Part: Fratres / copyright control

Duration: 4:34


Title: Sergey's Ballad

Composer: sergey starsosin

Performer(s): Sergey Starstosin

Album: Journey / copyright control

Duration: 5:45


Title: Sanctus

Composer: ernst reijseger

Performer(s): Ernst Reijseger

Album: requiem for a dying planet / copyright control

Duration: 6:56


Title: Satrpialo

Composer: hamlet gonashvilli

Performer(s): Hamlet Gonashvili

Album: Hamlet Gonashvili / copyright control

Duration: 5:08


Title: Scolopendra

Composer: g yoon and r bunka

Performer(s): G Yoon And R Bunka

Album: the spirit in past / copyright control

Duration: 3:45


Title: I Think I Knew

Composer: Not Available

Performer(s): Cate Le Bon

Album: Mug Museum / Turnstile / TS005

Duration: 4:43


Title: Put Your Back Into It

Composer: perfume genius

Performer(s): Perfume Genius

Album: put your back into it / copyright control

Duration: 4:34


Title: If I Were Queen

Composer: my brightest diamond

Performer(s): My Brightest Diamond

Album: A Thousand Shark's Teeth (Bonus Track Version) / copyright control

Duration: 8:12


Title: Words Are Dead

Composer: Agnes Obel

Performer(s): Agnes Obel

Album: Aventine / Play It Again Sam / PIASR 615CDX

Duration: 3:46


Title: Heavy Lighting

Composer: katie kim

Performer(s): Katie Kim

Album: Cover & Flood / PROMO

Duration: 3:47


Title: Can't Reach The Pedals


Performer(s): Emakousma

Album: Island

Duration: 3:12


Title: 5/4

Composer: clogs

Performer(s): Clogs

Album: Lantern / copyright control

Duration: 2:46


Title: Early Days Of Channel Furher

Composer: the fall

Performer(s): The Fall

Album: fall heads roll / copyright control

Duration: 3:45


Title: England Has My Man

Composer: Lisa O Neill

Performer(s): Lisa O Neill

Album: same cloth or not / Lisa O Neill / LONCD 002

Duration: 3:08


Title: Move Me

Composer: maria somerville

Performer(s): Maria Somerville

Duration: 3:54


Title: Softly We Go

Composer: evenings

Performer(s): Evenings

Album: Yore / copyright control

Duration: 7:45


Title: Friend, You Will Never Learn

Composer: forest swords

Performer(s): Forest Swords

Album: engravings / copyright control

Duration: 8:45


Title: For

Composer: Frahm, Nils

Performer(s): Nils Frahm

Album: Juno - Single / copyright control

Duration: 5:56


Title: Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind: Main Theme

Composer: jon brion

Performer(s): Jon Brion

Album: eternal sunshine of the spotless mind / null

Duration: 2:39


Title: Pelagonnens Dod

Composer: This is How We Fly

Performer(s): This Is How We Fly

Album: This Is How We Fly / copyright control

Duration: 4:01


Title: Aisling Gheal

Composer: Trad. Irish. A setting by Donncha Dennehy

Performer(s): Kate Ellis

Album: Jump / Diatribe Records / 7006 1531 2412

Duration: 5:37



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