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                                                                                                      May 25; On Tuesday's Blue we continue to shine the spotlight on a beautiful album by Elina Duni (see Blue Tunes below); guitarist William Beauvais pays tribute to Dowland; Francesco Turissi from his solo project Grigio and also from an ensemble of which he's part of L'Arpeggiata; trad trio Bully's Acre; Irish singer songwriter Riona Sally Hartman; pianist Angela Hewitt plays Bach; so too do the Irish Baroque Orchestra; Ralph Vaughan Williams provides us with 15 minutes of the serene Lark Ascending; English folk from Chris Wood; a new CD from guitarist Filip Carbonell from Mallorca now based in Sligo; Eric Bibb(pictured right) plays Blues guitar; Nils Frahm plays Prepared piano;  For these and more join Carl at 10

    The Blue of the Night with Carl Corcoran Wednesday 30 July 2014


    The Blue of the Night with Carl Corcoran

    American pianist/producer Thomas Bartlett is best known to us as a key component of The Gloaming. But there's much more too him - find out each night this week.

    Blue Tunes Recommended -


    Elina Duni: May 25th - 31st

    “One of the fascinating things about music of the Balkans… is the idea that the pain has to be sung”. On her new album, “Dallendyshe” (“The Swallow”), Tirana-born, Swiss-raised, Elina Duni interprets songs of love and exile backed by her piano trio. Hear nightly selections, from Monday to Sunday.…  

    Music Played on the Show

    • 22:04
      Title: Poem (2nd Movement) Light And Calm
      Composer: Dupont, Gabriel
      Performer(s): Marie-Catherine Girod (Piano)
      Performer(s): Prazak Quartet
      Album: Gabriel Dupont - Poeme, Les Heures Dolentes, Journée De Printemps, Mirare, MIR 238
      Duration: 5:31
    • 22:07
      Title: Armonias Del Romañe
      Composer: Torres, Jose Fernandez
      Performer(s): Tomatito (Guitar)
      Performer(s): Tomatito (Guitar), Tomatito
      Album: Nuevo Flamenco, Nascente, NSCD014
      Duration: 3:47
    • 22:10
      Title: Questa Mattina
      Composer: Trad Arr Mauro Durante
      Performer(s): Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino
      Performer(s): Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino
      Album: Pizzica indiavolata
      Duration: 3:44
    • 22:17
      Title: Concerto For Two Violins In D Minor (2nd Movement) Largo Ma Non Tanto -- Concerto For Two Violins In D Minor Bwv1043
      Composer: Bach, Johann Sebastian
      Performer(s): Kennedy (Vioin)
      Performer(s): Kennedy (Vioin), Berlin Philharmonic
      Album: Kennedy Plays Bach with the Berlin Philharmonic, EMI, 7243 5 57091 2 7
      Duration: 6:36
    • 22:23
      Title: Weichet Nur, Betrubte Schatten
      Composer: Bach, J S
      Performer(s): Arleen Auger (Soprano)
      Performer(s): Arleen Auger (Soprano), Mostly Mozart Orchestra
      Album: Bach/ Handel Arias: Auger, Mostly Mozart, Schwarz, Delos International, DE3026
      Duration: 7:44
    • 22:33
      Title: Castles
      Composer: Bartlett, Thomas/ Amidon, Sam
      Performer(s): Thomas Bartlett Aka Doveman (Vocals, Piano,Et Al)
      Performer(s): Thomas Bartlett Aka Doveman (Vocals, Piano Et Al), Nico Muhly (Celeste)
      Album: The Conformist, Brassland, HWY 023
      Duration: 3:49
    • 22:37
      Title: Pacific 1
      Composer: Wieselman, Doug
      Performer(s): Doug Wieselman (Clarinet)
      Performer(s): Doug Wieselman (Clarinet)
      Album: From Water
      Duration: 4:53
    • 22:43
      Title: Fainne Geal An Lae/ Siobhainin Seo
      Composer: Trad Arr. Cooney
      Performer(s): Steve Cooney (Guitar)
      Performer(s): Steve Cooney (Guitar)
      Album: -- RTE Studio Recordings, RTE, RTE Studio Recordings
      Duration: 3:59
    • 22:48
      Title: Slan + Breathnach
      Composer: Breatnach, Cormac
      Performer(s): Cormac Breatnach, ( Low Whistle)
      Performer(s): Cormac Breatnach, ( Low Whistle), ,Gavin Ralston (Guitar ), Robbie Harris (Percussion ), Fiachra Trench (Keyboards ) Aoife Doyle(Vocals)
      Album: Ealu, Diosca Mandala CD003
      Duration: 6:26
    • 22:56
      Title: Mominsko Horo
      Composer: Trad/Arr Casey/Mcglynn
      Performer(s): Donal Lunny/Arty Mcglynn/Nollaig Casey
      Performer(s): Donal Lunny/Arty Mcglynn/Nollaig Casey
      Album: Pure Bodhran Definitive C, Big Beat Music, BBM 001
      Duration: 2:30
    • 22:58
      Title: Carol
      Composer: Simonds / Lunny / Begg
      Performer(s): Clodagh Simonds (Harmonium And Vocals)
      Performer(s): Clodagh Simonds (Harmonium And Vocals), John Contrereras (Cello), Cora Venus Lunny (Violin), Michael Begg (Other Sounds)
      Album: Hail Hope, Janet Records, PROMO
      Duration: 3:51
    • 23:04
      Title: Cinema Paradiso: Main Theme -- Cinema Paradiso
      Composer: Morricone, Ennio
      Performer(s): Charlie Haden (Doublebass)
      Performer(s): Charlie Haden (Doublebass), Pat Metheny (Guitar)
      Album: Beyond The Missouri Sky ~~ E248412, Verve, 537130-2
      Duration: 4:26
    • 23:08
      Title: Michicant
      Composer: Vernon, Justin
      Performer(s): Justin Vernon (Vocals, Guitars)
      Performer(s): Justin Vernon (Vocals, Guitars), Bon Iver
      Album: Bon Iver: Bon Iver, Jagjaguwar, CAD3117CD
      Duration: 3:45
    • 23:12
      Title: Devotional 3
      Composer: Wilson, Ian
      Performer(s): Ioana Petcu-Colan (Violin)
      Performer(s): Ioana Petcu-Colan (Violin)
      Album: On The Nature Of Electricity & Acoustics - Various (Recordno: 010), Heresy, 010
      Duration: 2:18
    • 23:16
      Title: Piano Trio In B Flat Major (1st Movement) Allegro Con Brio
      Composer: Bax, Arnold
      Performer(s): Ioana Petcu Colan (Violin)
      Performer(s): Ioana Petcu Colan (Violin), Ensemble Avalon, Michael Mchale (Piano), Gerald Peregrine (Cello)
      Album: Ensemble Avalon - Piano Trios, RTE Lyric fm, CD116
      Duration: 6:15
    • 23:22
      Title: Concerto In F Minor (2nd Movement) Largo
      Composer: Bach, J.S.
      Performer(s): Jacques Loussier (Piano)
      Performer(s): Vincent Charbonnier (Bass), André Arpino (Drums)
      Album: My Personal Favorites: The Jacques Loussier Trio Plays Bach, Telarc, TEL-35319-02
      Duration: 3:19
    • 23:29
      Title: Ophelia
      Composer: Peyroux, Madeleine, Batteau, David
      Performer(s): Madeline Peyroux (Vocals), Allen Toussaint (Piano)
      Performer(s): Madeline Peyroux (Vocals), Allen Toussaint (Piano), Christopher Bruce (Guitars), John Kirby (Keyboards) Meshell Ndegeocello (Bass), Jenny Scheinman (Violin)
      Album: Madeleine Peyroux : Standing on the Rooftop, Emarcy, 0602527734668
      Duration: 5:11
    • 23:34
      Title: First Girl I Loved
      Composer: Williamson, Robin
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): The Incredible String Band
      Album: The Essential Guide To Folk - CD2 (Recordno: ESGCD 313-2), Union Square, ESGCD 313-2
      Duration: 4:58
    • 23:39
      Title: Moments Of Pleasure
      Composer: Bush, Kate
      Performer(s): Kate Bush (Vocals/ Piano)
      Performer(s): Kate Bush (Vocals/ Piano), The Waynflete Chamber Choir
      Album: Director's Cut ~~ CDB31846, Fish People, 5099902777221
      Duration: 6:31
    • 23:46
      Title: Have A Little Faith In Me
      Composer: Hiatt, John
      Performer(s): Bill Frisell (Guitar)
      Performer(s): Bill Frisell (Guitar), Kermit Driscoll (Bass), Joey Baron (Drums)
      Album: The Best of Bill Frisell Vol 1 - Folk Songs, Nonesuch Records, 7559798633
      Duration: 5:43
    • 23:52
      Title: Cello Suite No.3 (Prelude,Allemande And Courante)
      Composer: Bach, Johann Sebastian
      Performer(s): Mstislav Rostropovich (Cello)
      Performer(s): Mstislav Rostropovich (Cello)
      Album: Slava 75 (Recordno: 567807), EMI, 567807
      Duration: 10:58
    • 00:04
      Title: Lascia La Spina
      Composer: Handel, George Frideric
      Performer(s): Cecilia Bartolli (Soprano)
      Performer(s): Cecilia Bartolli (Soprano), Les Musiciens Du Louvre - Grenoble
      Album: Sospiri: Cecilia Bartoli, Decca, 478 2558
      Duration: 5:56
    • 00:10
      Title: The Second Law
      Composer: Hedges, Michael
      Performer(s): Michael Hedges (Guitar)
      Performer(s): Michael Hedges (Guitar)
      Album: Beyond Boundaries Guitar Solos - Michael Hedges, Windham Hill, 01934 11612 2
      Duration: 3:09
    • 00:14
      Title: Llwynog (Fox)
      Composer: Hoyland, Martin/Lisa Jen
      Performer(s): 9bach
      Performer(s): 9bach
      Album: Tincian, Realword, CDRW202
      Duration: 4:31
    • 00:18
      Title: Kita Kaira
      Composer: Diabate, Toumani
      Performer(s): Toumani Diabate (Kora)
      Performer(s): Toumani Diabate (Kora), Keletigui Diabate (Balafon), Bassekou Kouyate (Ngoni)
      Album: The Best Of Toumani Diabate ~~ R401404, Palm Pictures, Hncd1462
      Duration: 6:03
    • 00:24
      Title: Goodbye, My Darling
      Composer: Trad Arr Diver/Lee
      Performer(s): Sam Lee (Vocals/Shruti Box)
      Performer(s): Sam Lee (Vocals/Shruti Box), Gerry Diver (Fiddle); Ed Hicks (Banjo); Jonny Bridgewood (Bass)
      Album: Ground of Its Own, The Nest Collective, TNCR001CD
      Duration: 4:32
    • 00:29
      Title: Jynweythek Ylow
      Composer: James, Richard D (Aka Aphex Twin)
      Performer(s): Alarm Will Sound
      Performer(s): Alarm Will Sound
      Album: Acoustica: Alarm Will Sound Performs Aphex Twin (Recordno CA21028), Cantaloupe Records, CA21028
      Duration: 2:30
    • 00:33
      Title: Guitar Concerto In A Major (2nd Movement) Andantino Siciliano
      Composer: Giuliani, Mauro
      Performer(s): Julian Bream (Guitar)
      Performer(s): Julian Bream (Guitar), Emanuel Hurwitz (Violin), Ivor Mcmahon (Violin), Cecil Aronwitz (Viola), Terence Weil (Cello)
      Album: Julian Bream and Friends - George Malcolm, Melos Ensemble, Cremona Quartet, BMG, 09026 61599 2
      Duration: 6:22
    • 00:39
      Title: Around And About (1st Movement) The Garden
      Composer: Farrell, Ciaran
      Performer(s): Sinead Farrell (Flute)
      Performer(s): Sinead Farrell (Flute), Roger Moffat (Vibraphone)
      Album: Perfect State, RTÉ lyric fm, Cd113
      Duration: 3:09
    • 00:43
      Title: Early Morning
      Composer: Beck, Gordon
      Performer(s): Gordon Beck (Keyboards)
      Performer(s): Gordon Beck (Keyboards)
      Album: The French Connection I & II, JMS, JMS 186 48-2
      Duration: 2:39
    • 00:46
      Title: Beautiful Friendship
      Composer: Kahn,Donald/Styne, Stanley
      Performer(s): Mark Murphy (Vocals)
      Performer(s): Mark Murphy (Vocals)
      Album: A Beautiful Friendship - Remembering Shirley Horn, Gearbox Records, GB1515
      Duration: 5:22
    • 00:53
      Title: Northern Lights
      Composer: Mcloughlin, Dave
      Performer(s): Cop Control Dave Mcloughlin
      Performer(s): Dave Mcloughlin (Bouzouki), Ray Cohen (Fiddle/Guitar); Anna Houston (Cello); Bernard Tohill (Guitar)
      Album: Above and Below The Tide, Dave McLoughlin, DMCL01
      Duration: 4:37

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