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    The Blue of the Night with Carl Corcoran Thursday 29 May 2014


    The Blue of the Night with Carl Corcoran

    German baritone the late Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau would have been 89 this week. We honour that date with recordings by this legendary singer - every night this week on Blue.

    Blue Tunes

    Blue will be coming live from Kaleidoscope this Wednesday - an evening of live music held the first Wednesday of the month (Sept - June) which has been described as a genre-blind mini festival - much like Blue itself. We're looking forward to hearing harpsichordist David Adams with music old and new; flautist Lina Andonovska with contemporary counterpoint, clarinettist John Finucane with the Kaleidoscope String Quartet, the sweeping musical embrace of Treelan and the unique sound of the New Irish Courtois Trombone Ensemble all presented from the stage by Carl Corcoran. Join Carl for a very special evening of music live from Kaleidoscope in Dublin. Photo on left shows Carl with Karen Dervan (l) and Lioba Petrie(r), current curators of Kaleidoscope Night. (Photo: Brendan Corcoran)




    Music Played on the Show

    • 22:04
      Title: Coracao Vagabundo
      Composer: Veloso, Caetano
      Performer(s): Morelenbaum2/Sakamoto
      Performer(s): Morelenbaum2/Sakamoto
      Album: A Day in New York, Sony Classical, SK80018
      Duration: 4:11
    • 22:06
      Title: Joy Chant
      Composer: Marilyn Mazur
      Performer(s): Marilyn Mazur (Percussion)
      Performer(s): Marilyn Mazur (Percussion), Jan Garbarek (Saxophone)
      Album: Elixer - Marilyn Mazur And Jan Garbarek, Ecm 1962, 1737320
      Duration: 3:12
    • 22:09
      Title: At Dusk
      Composer: Surman, John
      Performer(s): John Surman (Clarinet)
      Performer(s): John Surman (Clarinet), Trans4mation (String Quartet), Chris Laurence (Double Bass)
      Album: Coruscating, ECM, ECM 1702 543 033-2
      Duration: 2:20
    • 22:20
      Title: Prelude And Fugue In C Sharp Minor
      Composer: Bach, Johann Sebastian
      Performer(s): András Schiff (Piano)
      Performer(s): András Schiff (Piano)
      Album: The Well- Tempered Clavier Book 1 ~~ D052604, Decca, 414388-2
      Duration: 6:34
    • 22:27
      Title: The Coast Of Galicia
      Composer: Whelan, Bill
      Performer(s): Laoise Kelly (Harp)
      Performer(s): Laoise Kelly (Harp)
      Album: Just Harp, LK001
      Duration: 3:53
    • 22:31
      Title: The Withering Boy (Barndance/Jig)
      Composer: Trad Arr
      Performer(s): Dana Lyn (Fiddles, Piano)
      Performer(s): Dana Lyn (Fiddles, Piano), Kyle Sanna (Guitars)
      Album: The Hair Said a Prayer...., Kyle Sanna Dana Lyn Records, Promo
      Duration: 4:51
    • 22:38
      Title: Hvirvelvinden/The Windmills Of Your Mind
      Composer: Legrand/Bergman
      Performer(s): Caecilie Norby (Vocals)
      Performer(s): Caecilie Norby (Vocals), Lars Danielsson (Cello)
      Album: Arabesque (Recordno: ACT 9723-2), Act, ACT 9723-2
      Duration: 3:35
    • 22:41
      Title: Fonte (Spring)
      Composer: Homem De Melo, Pedro/Cavalheiro, Jose
      Performer(s): Rodrigo Costa Felix (Vocals)
      Performer(s): Rodrigo Costa Felix (Vocals), Marta Pereira Da Costa (Guitar)
      Album: Fados de Amor, ARC Music, EUCD2460
      Duration: 4:27
    • 22:48
      Title: Three Pieces For Piano - I. Andantino
      Composer: Schoenberg, Arnold
      Performer(s): Florent Boffard (Piano)
      Performer(s): Florent Boffard (Piano)
      Album: Arnold Schoenberg - L'Oeuvre Pour Piano (Recordno: MIR 191), Mirare, MIR 191
      Duration: 2:03
    • 22:50
      Title: Concerto Grosso In G Minor Op. 7 No. 2 (1st Movement) Grave / Allegro
      Composer: Geminiani, Francesco
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): Catherine Mackintosh, Elizabeth Wallfisch, Richard Boothby, Rober Wooley, The Purcell Quartet
      Album: Geminiani: La Folia - The Purcell Quartet, The Purcell Band, Helios, CDH55234
      Duration: 4:16
    • 22:55
      Title: When Your Lover Has Gone
      Complete Work Name: Velvet Mood
      Composer: Swan, Einar
      Performer(s): Billie Holiday (Vocals), Harry "Sweets" Edison (Trumpet), Benny Carter (Alto Sax)
      Performer(s): Billie Holiday (Vocals), Harry "Sweets" Edison (Trumpet), Benny Carter (Alto Sax), Jimmy Rowles (Piano), Barney Kessel (Guitar), John Simmons (Bass), Larry Bunker (Drums)
      Album: Music For Torching / Velvet Mood, Poll Winners Records, PWR 27317
      Duration: 4:58
    • 23:00
      Title: Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered -- Not Available
      Composer: Rodgers, Richard/Hart, Lorenz
      Performer(s): Paul Desmond (Alto Saxophone)
      Performer(s): Paul Desmond (Alto Saxophone), Jim Hall (Guitar), Connie Kay (Drums), Percy Heath (Bass)
      Album: Feeling Blue (Recordno: 74321 400552), Camden, 74321 400552
      Duration: 6:25
    • 23:07
      Title: Northern Skies - Nocturne
      Complete Work Name: Northern Skies
      Composer: Macmillan, James
      Performer(s): Henri Demarquette (Cello)
      Performer(s): Henri Demarquette (Cello), Graham Scott (Piano)
      Album: James MacMillan: Northern Skies, Deux-Elles, DXL 1115
      Duration: 2:57
    • 23:10
      Title: They're Not Waving
      Composer: Long
      Performer(s): Vyvienne Long (Vocal, Cello)
      Performer(s): Vyvienne Long (Vocal, Cello), Cian Boylan (Piano); Guy Rickerby (Drums); Paul Moore (Bass); Cora V Lunny (Violin)
      Album: Birdtalk EP, Vyvienne Long, VYV001
      Duration: 4:38
    • 23:16
      Title: Fljotavik
      Composer: Sigur Ros
      Performer(s): Sigur Ros
      Performer(s): Sigur Ros
      Album: Med Sut I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust, Emi, 2287282
      Duration: 3:49
    • 23:20
      Title: Hyperballad
      Composer: Bjork
      Performer(s): Marcin Wasilewski (Piano)
      Performer(s): Marcin Wasilewski (Piano), Slawomir Kurkiewicz (Bass), Michal Miskiewicz (Drums)
      Album: Simple Acoustic Trio, ECM Records, ECM 1891 982 0632
      Duration: 5:55
    • 23:40
      Title: John The Revelator
      Composer: Traditional
      Performer(s): Son House (Vocals)
      Performer(s): Son House (Vocals)
      Album: Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues - Son House, Columbia / Legacy, COL 512574 2
      Duration: 2:31
    • 23:42
      Title: Among The Wicklow Hills
      Composer: Turner, Pierce
      Performer(s): Christy Moore (Vocal, Guitar)
      Performer(s): Christy Moore (Vocal, Guitar)
      Album: Christy Moore - The Box Set 1964-2004, Sony / Columbia, 5148162000
      Duration: 2:34
    • 23:45
      Title: Yogi With A Broken Heart
      Composer: Turner, Pierce
      Performer(s): Pierce Turner(Vocals/Piano/Organ); Philip Glass (Synth)
      Performer(s): Pierce Turner(Vocals/Piano/Organ); Philip Glass (Synth), Garavn Gallagher (Bass); Rian Trench (Drums), Karen Dervan (Viola)
      Album: Songs for a Verry Small Orchestra, Pierce Turner
      Duration: 4:51
    • 23:51
      Title: String Quartet No. 5 (Iv)
      Composer: Glass, Philip
      Performer(s): Dublin Guitar Quartet
      Performer(s): Dublin Guitar Quartet
      Album: The Dublin Guitar Quartet Performs Philip Glass, Orange Mountain Music/Music Network, OMM/Music Network Promo
      Duration: 5:04
    • 23:57
      Title: Piano Concerto No.3 In C Minor (2nd Movement) Largo
      Composer: Beethoven, Ludwig Van
      Performer(s): Richard Goode (Piano)
      Performer(s): Richard Goode (Piano), Budapest Festival Orchestra
      Album: Beethoven: The Complete Piano Concertos, Nonesuch, 075597992830
      Duration: 8:51
    • 00:14
      Title: Banks Of The Lee
      Composer: Trad Arr Luka Bloom
      Performer(s): Luka Bloom (Guitar/Vocal)
      Performer(s): Luka Bloom (Guitar/Vocal), Phil Ware (Piano); Dave Redmond (Bass); Kevin Brady (Drums)
      Album: Head and Heart, Big Sky Records, BSCD008
      Duration: 4:13
    • 00:18
      Title: Melodie -- Album Of The Young
      Composer: Schumann, Robert
      Performer(s): Pepe Romero (Guitar)
      Performer(s): Pepe Romero (Guitar)
      Album: Classic FM Guitar, Classic FM, 4800976
      Duration: 1:48
    • 00:21
      Title: Dichterliebe Op.48: I- Im Wunderschonen Monat Mai
      Composer: Schumann, Robert
      Performer(s): Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau (Baritone)
      Performer(s): Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau (Baritone), Jorg Demus (Piano)
      Album: Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau: An die Musik, Deutsche Grammophon, 000289 477 5556
      Duration: 1:41
    • 00:23
      Title: Wallflower
      Composer: Obel, Agnes
      Performer(s): Agnes Obel (Piano)
      Performer(s): Agnes Obel (Piano)
      Album: Philharmonics (Recordno: PIASR 195CD), Play It Again Sam, PIASR 195CD
      Duration: 2:26
    • 00:25
      Title: Midnight Lullaby
      Composer: Tom Waits
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Album: Closing Time, ELEKTRA, 7559608362
      Duration: 3:22
    • 00:30
      Title: A Weaver Of Dreams
      Composer: Grolnick, Don
      Performer(s): Don Grolnick (Piano), Randy Brecker (Tpt),
      Performer(s): Don Grolnick (Piano), Randy Brecker (Tpt),, Barry Rogers (T/Bone), Michael Brecker (Sax), Bob Mintzer (Bs Clt), Dave Holland (Bs), Peter Erskine (Dms)
      Album: Don Grolnick - The Complete Blue Note Recordings, Blue Note, 7243 8 57197 2 1
      Duration: 4:42
    • 00:35
      Title: Ne Me Quitte Pas
      Composer: Brel, Jacques
      Performer(s): Gabrielle Ducomble (Voice)
      Performer(s): Gabrielle Ducomble (Voice), Gilad Atzmon (Clar/Sax) Nicolas Meier (Guitar); Chris Garrick (Violin)
      Album: Notes from Paris, MGP Records
      Duration: 6:41
    • 00:44
      Title: Aurilla Mia
      Composer: Kapsberger, Johann
      Performer(s): Magdalena Kozena (Soprano)
      Performer(s): Magdalena Kozena (Soprano), Private Musicke
      Album: Lettere Amorose - Magdalena Kozena /Private Musicke /Pierre Pitzl, Deutsche Grammophon, 4778764
      Duration: 3:17
    • 00:47
      Title: Kolapot
      Composer: Amiina
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): Amiina
      Album: Kurr ~~ H871308, Blaskjar, N/K
      Duration: 4:40
    • 00:57
      Title: Temwani Sleeps
      Composer: Doyle, Roger
      Performer(s): Roger Doyle (All Instruments)
      Performer(s): Roger Doyle (All Instruments)
      Album: The Thousand Year Old Boy, Silver Door, SIDO 014
      Duration: 2:09

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