The Blue of the Night with Carl Corcoran

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    Coming up on Monday's programme...

    Dec 22. Carl will be spending some quality time at home for the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, Eamonn continues to pace the selections - and himself - during these early stages of his marathon Christmas run.

    Tonight, we'll hear a sample from a new CD of Schumann string quartets; recent Chick Corea; folk duo The Hut People; part of a cello sonata by Charles Alkan; Kate Bush, from "Directors' Cut"; the ambient electric guitar of Eivind Aarset (pictured, © Salvatore Bosco); 2 new seasonal recordings by Irish artists (see Blue Tunes below) including one from Caitriona O'Leary with Tom Jones and Rosanne Cash; folk artist Jackson C. Frank; jazz musician/composer/bandleader Sean Jones; and a reduction of Stravinsky's "The Rite Of Spring" for two piano-players. Please note: a slightly delayed commencement anticpated tonight - start-time of no later  than 10:10pm...


    The Blue of the Night with Carl Corcoran Monday 21 April 2014


    The Blue of the Night with Carl Corcoran

    This week, we feature nightly selections from Senses, a new, neo-classical solo piano album by Omar Sosa, recorded while the Grammy-nominated performer was an artist-in-residence i

    Blue Tunes Recommended -

    "The Wexord Carols" - Caitriona O'Leary et al, and Chamber Choir Ireland: December 22nd - 28th

    Two new Irish releases are under the Christmas Week spotlight; Traditional Carols from the Old and New World by Chamber Choir Ireland (directed by Paul Hillier); and Heresy Records' "The Wexford Carols" - Dulra's Caitriona O'Leary joined by Tom Jones, Roseanne Cash and Rhiannon Giddens for this Joe Henry production. Blue guarantees an eclectic, cool Yule...



    Music Played on the Show

    • 22:04
      Title: Piano Concerto (2nd Movement) Andante Poco Sostenuto
      Complete Work Name: Piano Concerto, Op. 85
      Composer: Kvandal, Johan
      Performer(s): Havard Gimse (Piano)
      Performer(s): Havard Gimse (Piano), Oslo Philahrmonic Orchestra
      Album: Johansen/Kvandal - Piano Concertos, Simax, PSC 1234
      Duration: 9:55
    • 22:14
      Title: Structures: Well For The Sweat Of The Moon
      Composer: Budd / Partridge
      Performer(s): Andy Partridge (Instruments)
      Performer(s): Andy Partridge (Instruments), Harold Budd (Vocal And Instruments)
      Album: Through the Hill - Andy Partridge / Harold Budd, All Saints Records, HNCD 1484
      Duration: 3:24
    • 22:18
      Title: Always Hopeful
      Composer: Sriram, Shrikant
      Performer(s): Bugge Wesseltoft (Piano), Josemi Carmona (Guitar)
      Performer(s): Bugge Wesseltoft (Piano), Josemi Carmona (Guitar), Shrikant Sriram (Bass, Flute), Vivek Rajagopalan, Khaled Yassine, Amade Cossa (Percussion)
      Album: OK World, Jazzland Recordings, 376 365-5
      Duration: 6:11
    • 22:24
      Title: A Thousand Kisses Deep
      Composer: Cohen / Robinson
      Performer(s): Christine Tobin (Vocals), Phil Robson (Guitar)
      Performer(s): Christine Tobin (Vocals), Phil Robson (Guitar), Dave Whitford (Bass)
      Album: A Thousand Kisses Deep, Trail Belle Records, TBR03
      Duration: 5:20
    • 22:31
      Title: Concerto For Cello And Orchestra (3rd Movement) Andante
      Complete Work Name: Concerto For Cello And Orchestra, Op.17 (1936)
      Composer: Hovhaness, Alan
      Performer(s): Janos Starker (Cello)
      Performer(s): Janos Starker (Cello), Seattle Symphony
      Album: Alan Hovhaness - Symphony No.22 / Cello Concerto (Recordno: 8.559158), Naxos, 8.559158
      Duration: 11:45
    • 22:43
      Title: Cruel Sister
      Composer: Woods, Terry
      Performer(s): Jacqui Mcshee (Vocals)
      Performer(s): Jacqui Mcshee (Vocals), Pentangle
      Album: Anthems In Eden, Sanctuary Records, CMXBX 1030
      Duration: 7:01
    • 22:51
      Title: Snowblind (Variation On Anoranza From Granados' 6 Pieces On Spanish Folksongs)
      Composer: Amos, Tori
      Performer(s): Tori Amos (Piano/Vocal)
      Performer(s): Tori Amos (Piano/Vocal), Apollon Musagete Quartet, Laura Lucas (Flute), Nigel Shore (Oboe), Andreas Ortensamer (Clarinet)
      Album: Night of Hunters, Deutsche Grammophon, 477 9791
      Duration: 3:15
    • 22:54
      Title: Veinte Anos
      Composer: Morva, T.
      Performer(s): Alfredo Rodríguez (Piano, Keyboards)
      Performer(s): Alfredo Rodríguez (Piano, Keyboards), Javier Porta (Flute), Peter Slavov (Bass), Henry Cole (Drums), Et Al
      Album: Alfredo Rodríguez - The Invasion Parade, Mack Avenue, MAC 1079
      Duration: 4:58
    • 23:01
      Title: Prospectors Arrive
      Composer: Greenwood
      Performer(s): Jonny Greenwood
      Performer(s): Jonny Greenwood
      Album: There Will Be Blood - Soundtrack, Nonesuch, 7559799572
      Duration: 4:31
    • 23:06
      Title: Fading Glow
      Composer: Hopkins
      Performer(s): Jon Hopkins
      Performer(s): Jon Hopkins
      Album: Opalescent, Just Music, TAO006
      Duration: 7:08
    • 23:13
      Title: Adio Querida (Goodbye My Dear One)
      Composer: Traditional
      Performer(s): Juan Martín (Flamenco Guitar), Abdul Salam Kheir (Oud)
      Performer(s): Juan Martín (Flamenco Guitar), Abdul Salam Kheir (Oud), Chris Karan (Tabla), Rony Barrak (Darabuka), Stephen Dummer (Reeds)
      Album: Musica Alhambra - Juan Martín (Recordno: FV04), Flamenco Vision, FV04
      Duration: 3:58
    • 23:26
      Title: Album Of Melodies - Andante
      Complete Work Name: Álbum De Melodías
      Composer: Granados, Enrique
      Performer(s): Douglas Riva (Piano)
      Performer(s): Douglas Riva (Piano)
      Album: Granados - Album Of Melodies (Recordno: 8.557142), Naxos, 8.557142
      Duration: 3:15
    • 23:37
      Title: Íllgresi
      Composer: Sigur Ros
      Performer(s): Jónsi Birgisson (Vocal)
      Performer(s): Jónsi Birgisson (Vocal), Sigur Rós
      Album: With A Buzz In Our Ears We Play Endlessly - Sigur Ros, EMI Records, 5099922872821
      Duration: 4:13
    • 23:41
      Title: Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
      Complete Work Name: Dale's Wail
      Composer: Koehler / Moll / Barris
      Performer(s): Roy Eldridge (Trumpet)
      Performer(s): Roy Eldridge (Trumpet), Oscar Peterson (Organ), Barney Kessel (Guitar), Ray Brown (Bass), J.C. Heard (Drums)
      Album: Roy Eldridge - Little Jazz Trumpet Giant, Proper Records, P1376
      Duration: 3:21
    • 23:45
      Title: January Song
      Composer: Bragg
      Performer(s): Billy Bragg
      Performer(s): Billy Bragg
      Album: Tooth & Nail, Cooking Vinyl, COOKCD580P
      Duration: 2:16
    • 23:47
      Title: Thursday
      Composer: Carthy, Eliza
      Performer(s): Eliza Carthy (Vocals)
      Performer(s): Eliza Carthy (Vocals)
      Album: Neptune, Hem Hem Records, Promo CD
      Duration: 5:16
    • 23:53
      Title: The Spirit Was Gone
      Composer: Antony And The Johnsons
      Performer(s): Antony And The Johnsons
      Performer(s): Antony
      Album: Swanlights, Rough Trade, RTRADCD573
      Duration: 3:17
    • 23:56
      Title: Ill Wind
      Composer: Harold Arlen, Ted Koehler
      Performer(s): Norah Jones (Vocal)
      Performer(s): Norah Jones (Vocal), Charlie Haden (Double Bass), Ernie Watts (Tenor Sax), Alan Broadbent (Piano), Rodney Green (Drums), Studio String Orchestra
      Album: Sophisticated Ladies Charlie Haden Quartet West, Universal, 0602527508160
      Duration: 4:25
    • 00:07
      Title: Speira - Stasimo
      Complete Work Name: Speira
      Composer: Jalkanen, Pekka
      Performer(s): Kristina Kuusisto (Bandoneon)
      Performer(s): Kristina Kuusisto (Bandoneon), Mari Mantyla (Decacorde)
      Album: Speira - Duo Dryades, Alba Records, ABCD 229
      Duration: 4:23
    • 00:12
      Title: April The 14th Part 1
      Composer: Welch / Rawlings
      Performer(s): Gillian Welch (Vocal, Guitar)
      Performer(s): Gillian Welch (Vocal, Guitar), David Rawlings (Guitar)
      Album: Time (The Revelator), Acony Records, ACNY-0103
      Duration: 5:10
    • 00:18
      Title: Tom Traubert's Blues
      Complete Work Name: Tom Traubert's Blues
      Composer: Waits, Tom
      Performer(s): Tom Waits
      Performer(s): Tom Waits (Vocal)
      Album: Small Change, Island, 34770
      Duration: 6:24
    • 00:25
      Title: 3.25
      Composer: Sosa, Omar
      Performer(s): Omar Sosa (Piano)
      Performer(s): Omar Sosa (Piano)
      Album: Senses, Otá, OTA 1026
      Duration: 3:29
    • 00:29
      Title: My Darling's Downsized
      Composer: Wood, Chris
      Performer(s): Chris Wood (Vocals, Guitar)
      Performer(s): Chris Wood (Vocals, Guitar), Andy Gangadeen (Drums); Robert Jarvis (Trombone); Barney Morse Brown (Cello)
      Album: Handmade Life, English Accoustic Collective, RUFCD012
      Duration: 5:15
    • 00:34
      Title: Piano Sonata No. 1 In F Sharp Minor Op. 24/1 (3rd Movement) Andante Molto Espressivo
      Complete Work Name: Piano Sonata No. 1 In F Sharp Minor Op. 24/1
      Composer: Enescu, George
      Performer(s): Luiza Borac (Piano)
      Performer(s): Luiza Borac (Piano)
      Album: Enescu: Piano Music Volume 2 - Luiza Borac - Disk 2, Avie, AV25081
      Duration: 9:11
    • 00:44
      Title: He Fades Away
      Performer(s): Andy Irvine
      Performer(s): Andy Irvine
      Album: Parachilna
      Duration: 4:11
    • 00:48
      Title: Then The Letting Go
      Composer: Bonnie Prince Billy
      Performer(s): Bonnie Prince Billy
      Performer(s): Bonnie Prince Billy, Emmett Kelly (Guitar), Daim Mccarthy (Vocals), Paul Oldham (Bass), Valgeir Sigurdsson (Mixing), Jim White (Drums
      Album: The Letting Go - Bonnie Prince Billy, Domino Records, WIGCD182
      Duration: 5:19
    • 00:53
      Title: Goodbye
      Composer: Vallon, Colin
      Performer(s): Colin Vallon (Piano)
      Performer(s): Colin Vallon (Piano), Patrice Moret (Double Bass), Julian Sartorius (Drums)
      Album: Le Vent - Colin Vallon Trio, ECM Records, ECM 2347 376 2782
      Duration: 5:34

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