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    Saturday, 7 - 10pm

    Opera Night Saturday 20 July 2013


    Opera Night - Dvorák: Rusalka

    Dvorák's Rusalka is a fairytale fantasy about a water nymph who falls in love with a mortal prince and becomes an unhappy human is one of his masterpieces.

    Saturday 18th October - John Adams’ Nixon in China
    Bernard Clarke presents the first Irish performance of one of the greatest operas of our generation –John Adams’ Nixon in China.  This recent Wide Open Opera production was recorded at the Bord Gais Energy Theatre in Dublin in May 2014 and stars as Barry Ryan as Richard Nixon and Claudia Boyle as Pat Nixon (pictured).

    Saturday 25th October - Cristina, regina di Svezia by Jacopo Foroni
    Recorded live at Wexford Festival Opera 2013. This award winning production tells of the life and reign of Queen Christina of Sweden which provides the inspiration for Jacopo Foroni’s opera Cristina, regina di Svezia.  Queen Christina was an intelligent and extremely well-educated monarch who played an important role in ending the Thirty Years’ War, one of the longest and most destructive wars in European history. The events leading up to Christina’s sudden abdication in 1654, including political unrest, conspiracy and her loneliness as monarch, are at the core of Foroni’s opera and are stirringly presented in dramatic orchestral music and lyrical bel canto vocal writing.  Although a native of Verona, Foroni relocated to Stockholm where he spent the last 10 and most successful, years of his life, before his death from cholera at the age of 33. (David Stout and Helena Dix in Cristina regina di Svezia © Clive Barda)


    Music Played on the Show

    • 19:08
      Title: Rusalka Act 1
      Performer(s): Dvorak, Antonin
      Performer(s): Dvorak, Antonin
      Duration: 54:50
    • 20:06
      Title: Rusalka Act 2
      Performer(s): Dvorak, Antonin
      Performer(s): Dvorak, Antonin
      Duration: 34:22
    • 20:33
      Title: Prelude
      Performer(s): Walbert, David
      Performer(s): Walbert, David
      Duration: 3:20
    • 20:44
      Title: Rusalka Act 3
      Performer(s): Dvorak, Antonin
      Performer(s): Dvorak, Antonin
      Duration: 43:59

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