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    Nova Sunday 5 May 2013



    Nova is about new music, chronicling what's radical and what's conservative, who's established and who's in the avant garde.

    Nova Sunday 5 May 2013

    The Midnight Stratagem - Robin Parmar - Robin Parmar - Stolen Mirror - No Number

    Error Messages - Linda Buckley - Linda Buckley - Heresy Records - Heresy 10

    Goodbye - Schroeder's Cat - Si Schroeder - Heresy Records - Heresy 10

    Piece For Piano 7 String Quartet - Gloria Cheng/Calder Quartet - Messiaen - Harmonia Mundi - Hmu 907578

    Preludes - Donna Amato - Scelsi - Stradivarius - Str 33804

    Summa - Hilliard Ensemble - Part - Ecm - 1325 831959 - 2

    Ich Ruf Zu Dir, Herr Jesu Christ - Ergodos Musicians - Js Bach/Jonathan Nangle - Ergodos - Er9

    Dr Derilict - Mike Cooper - Mike Cooper - Room40 - Rm454

    Beached - Mike Cooper - Mike Cooper - Room40 - Rm454

    Apsara - Ahmad Alkaran/Roger Doyle - Roger Doyle - Silverdoor - Sido 014

    The Sun Is Shining On The Terrace Of Fire - Roger Doyle - Roger Doyle - Silverdoor - Sido 014

    Uaxuctum - Legend Of The Mayan City - Concentus Vocalis/Vienna Radio Symphony/Peter Rundel - Scelsi - Mode - Mode176

    Elegia Per Ty - Vincent Royer/Severine Ballon - Scelsi - Mode - Mode 231

    From My Mother's House - Zahava Seewald/Michael Grébil - Zahava Seewald/Michael Grébil - Sub Rosa - Sr 349

    Resounding Memories/Watering The Plants - Danny Mccarthy - Danny Mccarthy - Farpoint - Farpoint 23

    Ich Ruf Zu Dir, Herr Jesu Christ - Ergodos Musicians - Simon O'connor - Ergodos - Er9

    Quattro Pezzi - Bavarian Radio Symphony/Hans Zender - Scelsi - Neos - Neos 10722

    Dung Tta - Kyungso Park - Kyungso Park - Composer Copy - Composer Copy


    hearSpace is a new interactive piece of radio art composed for and through Irish radio by Karen Power. Based on the idea of exploring the sounds of a particular time, place and memory, hearSpace was broadcast on March 23rd at 9pm, and we had a great reaction to the work. Thank you everybody who sent in the beautiful and evocative sound-recordings that made hearSpace so special.

    Listen to hearSpace on the RTE Player

    Nova presents the World Premiere of Pauline Oliveros’ The Mystery Beyond Matter

    Quiet Music Ensemble, in association with RTÉ lyric fm, performed the world premiere of Pauline Oliveros’ new work The Mystery Beyond Matter on Sunday 27th April at 8pm in Studio 1, RTE, Donnybrook, Dublin 4.

    Commissioned by Quiet Music Ensemble with funds made available by the Arts Council of Ireland, The Mystery Beyond Matter is a composition for improvising musicians and sound engineer, live electronics, multi channel audio and unusual venues including radio and internet. 

    Listen to The Mystery Beyond Matter on the RTÉ Player


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