Mystery Train with John Kelly

Mystery Train with John Kelly

Sunday to Thursday, 7 - 9pm

Mystery Train Sunday 29 October 2017

Mystery Train with John Kelly

Mystery Train is a nightly journey through the many wonders of recorded music - from its vintage glories to the latest sounds. Essential listening for the discerning music fan.

Mystery Train Sunday Service - Cillian Murphy

Mystery Train Sunday Service - Cillian Murphy

Tonight John is joined by actor Cillian Murphy, who chooses music old and new, from Aldous Harding and Melanie Di Biasio, to The Beatles and The Band. 

Mystery Train Sunday Service - Sunday February 25th

John's Sunday Service guest this week is composer and artistic director of New Music Dublin, John Harris, whose music choices lead us from Morton Feldman to Eminem.

To find out more about this year's New Music Dublin website, click here

Music Played on the Show


Title: Wasted Acres

Composer: Grizzly Bear

Performer(s): Grizzly Bear

Album: Painted Ruins / RCA Records / 88985 435 792

Duration: 2:51


Title: Roller Skates

Composer: Nick Hakim

Performer(s): Nick Hakim

Album: Green Twins / ATO / AT00 384 CD

Duration: 3:45


Title: Gold Junkies

Composer: De Biasio

Performer(s): Melanie De Biasio

Album: Lilies / Play It Again Sam / 962.A159.042

Duration: 3:19


Title: Son Of Mr. Green Genes

Composer: Zappa

Performer(s): Frank Zappa

Album: Hot Rats / Rykodisc / RCD 40583/1

Duration: 8:58


Title: Day One One

Composer: Frank Schültge Blumm

Performer(s): F.S. Blumm, Nils Frahm

Album: (Tag Eins Tag Zwei) / Sonic Pieces / Sonic Pieces 23

Duration: 6:02


Title: Imagining My Man

Composer: Aldous Harding

Performer(s): Aldous Harding

Album: Party / 4AD / 4AD 0008CD

Duration: 5:50


Title: Sex Music

Composer: Beak

Performer(s): Beak

Album: Sex Music / Invada Records / INV 186LP

Duration: 3:50


Title: It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

Composer: Bob Dylan

Performer(s): Them

Album: Complete Them (1964-1967) / Deram Records / 844 825 2

Duration: 3:49


Title: Got To Get You Into My Life

Composer: Lennon

Performer(s): The Beatles

Album: Revolver / 0946 3 82417 2 0

Duration: 2:29


Title: Chest Fever

Composer: Robertson

Performer(s): The Band

Album: Music From Big Pink / Capitol Records / 7243 5 25390 2 4

Duration: 5:18


Title: I'M Gonna Leave You

Composer: Rudy Stevenson

Performer(s): Melanie De Biasio

Album: No Deal / Play It Again Sam Records / PIASR 690

Duration: 4:26


Title: I Need You

Composer: Nick Cave

Performer(s): Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Album: Skeleton Tree / Bad Seeds Ltd. / BS 009CD

Duration: 4:03


Title: Euphoria

Composer: Fionn Regan

Performer(s): Fionn Regan

Album: The Meetings Of The Waters / Abbey Records / ABBEYCD 171

Duration: 3:39


Title: Any Party

Composer: Leslie Feist Dominic Salole

Performer(s): Feist

Album: Pleasure / Polydor / LC00 309

Duration: 5:23


Title: Miracles

Composer: Johnnie Frierson

Performer(s): Johnnie Frierson

Album: Have You Been Good To Yourself / Light in the Attic / LITA127CD

Duration: 3:38


Title: 8 (Circle)

Composer: BJ Burton

Performer(s): Moose, Rob

Album: 22, A Million / Jagjaguwar / JAG 300CD

Duration: 5:09


Title: Daydreaming

Composer: Radiohead

Performer(s): Radiohead

Album: A Moon Shaped Pool / XL Recordings / XLCD 790

Duration: 6:24


Title: Raging Fire

Composer: Nina Hynes

Performer(s): Nina Hynes & Fionn Regan

Album: Raging Fire / download / download

Duration: 5:20



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Presenter & Producer: John Kelly

Producer: Áine Fay (Sunday)

Production Co-ordinator: Ian McGlynn (Sunday)


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