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Movies and Musicals Saturday 23 August 2014

 Saturday 6th Aug

Robert Mitchum was born on this day in 1917, a fine actor whose apparently lazy style and seen-it-all demeanor proved popular with audiences and by the 1950's, he was a big film star. Aedín includes music from his films Ryan’s Daughter, Night of the Hunter and Cape Fear. Plus Cole Porter tunes from Can Can, a Rodgers and Hammerstein favourite from Carousel and an all Gershwin score for Woody Allen’s film Manhattan

Movies and Musicals

Aedín includes Thomas Newman's soundtrack for the film Road To Perdition this afternoon as well as a blues tinged score by Lalo Schifrin for Cool Hand Luke.

Movie News Sat. 23rd Aug

Movie News Sat. 23rd Aug

Spielberg's small screen project, a new role for Steve Martin, good news for an Irish film and...yes...Alvin and the Chipmunks are back!

Music Played on the Show


Title: Main Theme From Superman

Composer: Williams, John

Performer(s): London Symphony Orchestra

Album: John Williams Greatest Hits 1969 - 1999 (Recordno: S2k 51333) ~~ F198303

Duration: 4:27


Title: I Move On

Composer: Kander, John/Ebb, Fred

Performer(s): Catherine Zeta- Jones (Vocals), Renee Zellweger (Vocals)

Album: Chicago OST -- 5105322 ~~ PDAG

Duration: 4:00


Title: Road To Chicago

Complete Work Name: Road To Chicago From The Road To Perdition

Composer: Newman, Thomas

Performer(s): Studio Orchestra

Album: Road To Perdition Original Soundtrack (Recordno: 0171672) ~~ F257807

Duration: 3:06


Title: Road To Perdition

Composer: Newman, Thomas

Performer(s): Studio Orchestra

Album: Road To Perdition Original Soundtrack (Recordno: 0171672) ~~ F257826

Duration: 3:54


Title: Do You Love Me?

Composer: Boch, Jerry/Harnick, Sheldon

Performer(s): Topol/ Norma Crane, Studio Orchestra

Album: Fiddler on the Roof (Recordno: E2077774609128)

Duration: 3:13


Title: Albert Nobbs Opening Titles

Composer: Byrne, Brian

Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available

Album: Albert Nobbs OST ~~ Not Available

Duration: 5:16


Title: Lay Your Head Down

Composer: Byrne

Performer(s): X

Album: Albert Nobbs

Duration: 4:13


Title: Toot Sweets

Composer: Sherman, Richard M. / Sherman, Robert B.

Performer(s): Dick Van Dyke (Vocals), Sally Ann Howes (Vocals)

Album: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang OST

Duration: 3:22


Title: Main Theme From Bullitt

Composer: Schifrin, Lalo

Performer(s): Studio Orchestra

Album: Bullitt OST

Duration: 2:08


Title: They Cant Take That Away From Me

Composer: Gershwin, George

Performer(s): Fred Astaire

Album: That`s Entertainment (Recordno: Not Available) ~~ F367612

Duration: 4:33


Title: Harry's Wondrous World -- Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone

Composer: Williams, John

Performer(s): London Symphony Orchestra

Album: Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone ~~ F241902

Duration: 5:20


Title: The Harry Lime Theme -- Not Available

Composer: Karas, Anton

Performer(s): Gertrude Huber (Zither), Studio Orchestra

Album: The Third Man OST

Duration: 2:20


Title: Opening Track - Rather Lovely Thing

Composer: Cave, Nick/ Ellis, Warren

Performer(s): Nick Cave / Warren Ellis

Album: The Assasination of Jesse James bu teh coward Robert Ford

Duration: 3:13


Title: We Sail The Ocean Blue

Composer: Gilbert And Sullivan

Performer(s): New Symphony Orchestra Of London, Chorus

Album: The Very Best of Gilbert and Sullivan

Duration: 2:27


Title: Why Do The Wrong People Travel

Composer: Coward, Noel

Performer(s): Elaine Stritch (Vocalist)

Album: Elaine Stritch - At Liberty (Recordno: MK 36020)

Duration: 6:39


Title: Jolly Holiday

Composer: Sherman, Richard M. / Sherman, Robert B.

Performer(s): Julie Andrews/Dick Van Dyke, Studio Orchestra

Album: The Disney Collection Vol 3

Duration: 5:20


Title: Sing -- A Chorus Line

Composer: Hamlisch, Marvin./Kleban, Edward

Performer(s): Chryssie Whitehead (Vocals), Tony Yazbeck (Vocals), Studio Orchestra

Album: A Chorus Line (Broadway Cast 2006) ~~ PD AG

Duration: 2:06


Title: Abraham's Theme (From Chariots Of Fire)

Composer: Vangelis

Performer(s): The Purple Choir

Album: Puttnam plays Puttnam - Classic Film Music

Duration: 3:52


Title: Luck Be A Lady

Composer: Loesser

Performer(s): Marlon Brando

Album: Guys And Dolls

Duration: 3:05


Title: With A Little Bit Of Luck

Composer: Lerner, Alan Jay/Loewe, Frederick

Performer(s): Stanley Holloway (Vocals), Studio Orchestra

Album: My Fair Lady - OST

Duration: 3:51


Title: Fashion Show 1

Composer: Preisner, Zbigniew

Performer(s): Janusz Strobel (Guitar), Sinfonia Varsovia

Album: Trois Couleurs Rouge

Duration: 4:49


Title: Getting To Know You

Composer: Rodgers / Hammerstein

Performer(s): Deborah Kerr, Marni Nixon, Studio Orchestra

Album: The King and I Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Duration: 5:00


Title: I Have Dreamed

Composer: Rodgers, Richard/Hammerstein II, Oscar

Performer(s): Leona Gordon ( For Rita Moreno As Tuptim) And Reuben Fuentes (For Carlos Rivas As Lun Tha), Studio Orchestra

Album: The King and I OST ~~ PDAG

Duration: 3:38


Title: Mississippi

Composer: Newman, Thomas

Performer(s): Hollywood Studio Symphony

Album: The Help - OST

Duration: 3:49


Title: The Big Sleep

Composer: Steiner, Max

Performer(s): Steiner, Max

Album: Classic Scores For Humphrey Bogart

Duration: 2:43


Title: If I Didn't Have You

Composer: Newman, Randy

Performer(s): John Goodman & Billy Crystal (Vocals), Studio Orchestra

Album: Monsters Inc OST

Duration: 3:36


Title: My Edward And I -- Not Available

Composer: Marianelli, Dario

Performer(s): Jack Liebeck (Violin), Studio Orchestra

Album: Jane Eyre - OST 2011

Duration: 3:53


Title: Por Una Cabeza

Composer: Gardel, Carlos

Performer(s): Nicola Benedetti (Violin), Alexander Sitkovesky (Violin), Ksenija Sidorova (Accordian), Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

Album: The Silver Violin

Duration: 3:53


Title: Bridge Battle

Composer: Giacchino, Michael

Performer(s): Studio Orchestra

Album: Mission Impossible 3

Duration: 4:13



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Presenter: Aedín Gormley

Producer: Eoin O'Kelly

Production Co-ordinator: Linda McGlynn


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