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    Saturday 23rd May

    Movie News Sat 23rd May

    Garret Daly reports from the 'Fastnetshortfilmfestival' in Schull

    Saturday 16th May

    Movie News Sat 16th May

    Casting news for Chris O’Dowd and Saoirse Ronan, a production choice for Simon Cowell, Pinewood productions in Ireland and all the new releases with Garret Daly

    Saturday 2nd May

    Movie News Sat 2nd May

    Garret Daly brings us the latest news on Robert Downey Jr., a sequel to 'Buena Vista Social Club', an Oscar award winning editor on his way to Galway and all the latest film releases

    Saturday 25th April

    Movie News Sat 25th April

    Garret Daly joins us from LA to report on the Newport Beach Film Festival

    Saturday 18th April

    Movie News Sat 18th April

    Star Wars, The Cannes Film Festival, Wonder Woman, Mike Leigh’s new movies and some Irish film casting news with Garret Daly

    Saturday 11th April

    Movie News Sat 11th April

    The latest on Star Wars, casting news for Shia LaBeouf and Lilly Tomlin, a new film from Netflix and the Writers Guild of Ireland nominations with Garret Daly

    Saturday 4th April

    Movie News Sat 4th April

    Mad Max news! Muppets news! Limerick and Japanese film festivals and all the latest film releases with Garret Daly

    Saturday 28th March

    Movie News Sat 28th March

    Bradley Cooper to direct, a new role for Liam Neeson, a new Irish film and all the latest movie news with Garret Daly

    Saturday 21st March

    Movie News Sat 21st March

    Garret Daly joins Aedín in Filmbase for Irish and Internatinal film news

    Saturday 14th March

    Movie News Sat 14th March

    Garret Daly brings us up to date on all the latest Irish Film news and International Film Festivals plus casting news for Irish actors Aidan Gillen and Jack Reynor

    Saturday 7th March

    Movie News Sat 7th March

    A Disney role for Dan Stevens, the latest on Toy Story 4, Barbie hits the big screen and The Expendables hit the small screen..all on the Movie News with Garret Daly

    Saturday 28th February

    Movie News 28th Feb

    Schwarzenegger is back, casting news for Nicholas Cage and Jessica Chastain and all the latest movie news with Garret Daly

    Saturday 21st February

    Movie News Sat 21st Feb

    Garret Daly brings us all the latest movie news and Oscars gossip live from Hollywood!

    Saturday 14th February

    Movie News 14th Feb

    All the latest movie news with Garret Daly including a new role for Ethan Hawke & the latest on Mission Impossible 5

    Saturday 7th February

    Movie News Sat 7th Feb

    Ben Hur is back, filming projects in Ireland, a new role for Tina Fey and all the new releases including Patrick’s Day on the movie news with Garret Daly

    Saturday 31st January

    Movie News Sat 31st Jan

    Casting news and new projects for Colin Firth, Katie Holmes and Team Downey all on the Movie news with Garret Daly

    Saturday 24th January

    Movie News Sat 24th Jan

    Lots of Irish film news, the Coens in Cannes and projects for Amazon studios with Garret Daly

    Saturday 17th January

    Movie News Sat 17th Jan

    Eddie the Eagle- the movie! A Hitchcock remake! Jim Sheridan filming on location in Ireland and all the latest on new releases with Garret Daly

    Saturday 10th January

    Movie News Sat 10th Jan

    Garret Daly brings us all the latest on the Awards Season including news of an award for Debbie Reynolds

    Saturday 3rd January

    Movie News Sat 3rd Jan

    Cinema attendance in 2014, selling your film, Sly Stalone tweets and all the new film releases with Garret Daly

    Saturday 13th December

    Movie News Sat 13th Dec

    Garret Daly checks out emerging lists of films of the year and ones to look forward to in 2015. Plus a scary trailer or two…

    Saturday 6th December

    Movie News Sat 6th Dec

    Bond, Robin Hood, casting news for Jessica Chastain and Irish films in Sundance... all with Garret Daly on the Movie News!

    Saturday 29th November

    Movie News Sat 29th Nov

    Who will play the next Bond baddie? Where will it be shot? Wonder Woman news and some great movie trailers to check out. All on the 'Movie News' with Garret Daly

    Saturday 22nd November

    Movie News Sat 22nd Nov

    He's back...Arnold Sshwarzenegger that is...the Palm Springs Film Festival, an Irish producer is honoured and all the new releases with Garret Daly

    Saturday 15th November

    Movie News Sat 15th Nov

    Rocky is back! A George Lucas animation project, casting news for Robert de Niro and there's no stopping Clint Eastwood! All the latest movie news with Garret Daly.

    Saturday 8th November

    Movie News Sat 8th Nov

    Casting news for Henry Cavill, Laura Dern and Daniel Radcliffe and film festival news at home and abroad with Garret Daly

    Saturday 1st November

    Movie News Sat 1st Nov

    Do you like scary TV? Garret Daly has a story for you. Plus a new Orson Welles film, casting news for Renée Zellweger and all the latest film releases

    Saturday 25th October

    Movie News Sat 25th Oct

    Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant together at last..Kim Basinger and Russell Crowe together again...and all the latest film news from home and abroad with Garret Daly

    Saturday 18th October

    Movie News Sat 18th Oct

    Garret Daly brings us some early Oscars buzz, a Care Bears reboot, a TV project for director Steve McQueen and all the latest movie releases

    Saturday 11th October

    Movie News Sat 11th Oct

    Tales of Robin Hood, too many sequels, Spielberg back at work and sinister screenings for Halloween...all on the Movie News with Garret Daly

    Saturday 4th October

    Movie News Sat 4th Oct

    Casting news for Alec Baldwin and Kevin Spacey, a 'Big' remake, a TV project for director David Fincher and all the new releases with Garret Daly

    Saturday 27th September

    Movie News Sat 27th Sept

    Tarantino's new Western, filming plans for the Neil Armstrong biopic, casting news for Aaron Paul and festival news from Cork. All on the Movie News with Garret Daly

    Saturday 20th September

    Movie News Sat 20th Sept

    News from Dingle..and Middle-Earth....Bond is back and so is Ben-Hur....all the latest movie news with Garret Daly.

    Saturday 13th September

    Movie News Sat 13th Sept

    A new project for director Paul Greengrass, casting news for Jessica Chastain and is Katie Holmes going behind the camera?

    Saturday 6th September

    Movie News Sat 6th Sept

    Garret Daly on Jack Sparrow, Dingle, The Wire and latest film release dates..

    Saturday 30th August

    Movie News Sat 30th Aug

    Garret Daly tells us about a prequel to the film 'Shutter Island' on the small screen, a call for young film critics, two Irish film festivals and a tribute night for John Boorman

    Saturday 23rd August

    Movie News Sat. 23rd Aug

    Spielberg's small screen project, a new role for Steve Martin, good news for an Irish film and...yes...Alvin and the Chipmunks are back!

    Saturday 16th August

    Movie News Sat 16th Aug

    A regal role for Jamie Dornan? Avoiding 'Spoilers', The Charlie Chaplin Film Festival and Junior Fleadh news...

    Saturday 9th August

    Movie News Sat 9th August

    Garret Daly on Terry Gilliam's dream project. A deal for the big screen for The Vampire Chronicles, casting news for Tom Cruise and an interesting new Irish film...

    Saturday 26th July

    Movie News Sat 26th July

    Movie news today with Garret Daly features Toronto selections, Irish production & casting news and much more

    Saturday 19th July

    Movie News Sat 19th July

    Garret Daly on fliming in Limerick, a new film festival in Cliften, Power Rangers and Drive-in movies

    Saturday 12th July

    Movie News Sat 12th July

    Garret Daly talks to us live from The Galway Film Fleadh bringing us local and international movie news

    Saturday 28th June

    Movie News Saturday 28th June

    Galway Film Fleadh, casting news for Ewan McGregor & Zach Perlman, The Emmy Awards & new releases

    Saturday 21st June

    Movie News 21st June

    This week Garret spots a Jedi, a new role for Oprah, the latest on Entourage and a new project for Aaron Sorkin....

    Saturday 14th June

    Movie News Sat 14th June

    Star Wars news, a new project for David Fincher, a good week for animation and the latest from The Galway Film Fleadh

    Saturday 7th June

    Movie News 7th June

    A remake of Gremlins? Forrest Gump and Ghostbusters celebrate anniversaries and what has David O. Russell decided on for his next project?

    Saturday 24th May

    Movie News Sat 24th May

    A Whitney Houston Movie, The John Ford Ireland Symposium, Storyland, Tarantino in Cannes and all the latest releases

    Saturday 17th May

    Movie News Sat 17th May

    A new role for Chiwetel Ejiofor in a great thriller, casting news for the screen adaptation of 'Room'. A new project for Jane Campion and pitching in Galway...

    Saturday 10th May

    Movie News Sat 10th May

    Point Break remake, a feud for 'Grace of Monaco', casting news for latest Woody Allen film and Spike Lee film to be made into a TV series...

    Saturday 3rd May

    Movie News Sat 3rd May

    Dad's Army, DC Comics, Casting news for Reese WItherspoon & Michael Fassbender all the latest releases and more...

    Saturday 26th April

    Movie News Sat 26th April

    It's a small world for Disney, Marilyn on the big screen, a new thriller for the director or Total Recall and the latest news from Cannes with Garret Daly

    Saturday 19th April

    Movie News Sat 19th April

    Flash Gordon! Sharon Stone! Frank! All the latest movie news with Garret Daly

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