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    Saturday, 1 - 4pm

    Saturday 17th Oct 

    “Look, I'm not odd. I'm just trying to be an actor; not a movie star, an actor”  (Montgomery Clift)

    Music from three films starring Montgomery Clift who was born on  this day in 1920; 'A Place in the Sun', 'From Here to Eternity' and 'The Misfits'. Classic movie music from Vertigo, Shane, and Sunset Boulevard and favourite songs from Brigadoon, Moulin Rouge, The King and I  and Sweet Charity. 

    Movies and Musicals Saturday 10 October 2015


    Movies and Musicals

    Escape to the Movies with Aedín Gormley. Classics from stage and screen for your Saturday afternoon.

    Movie News Sat 10th Oct

    Casting news for the Harry Potter follow-up, filming of 'The Journey' in Belfast, a 'Flatliners' reboot, the Irish historical drama series 'Rebellion' and all the latest new releases with Garret Daly

    It was an honour to conduct a public interview with Dame Julie Andrews at the Bord Gais Energy Theatre  as part of the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival. Dame Julie is an incredibly warm generous lady. The type of person who invites you to have a cup of tea and a chat in her dressing room after the interview! She seemed genuinely touched by the reception she received in Dublin and was delighted to be awarded a Volta award from President Higgins before she left us. Photo credit: Frances Marshall

    Music Played on the Show

    • 13:01
      Title: Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
      Composer: Gilbert/Wrubel
      Performer(s): James Baskett (Tenor)
      Performer(s): James Baskett (Tenor), Studio Orchestra
      Album: The Disney Collection (Recordno: Cd-002), Disneyland Records, Cd-002
      Duration: 2:18
    • 13:05
      Title: He Loves And She Loves
      Composer: Gershwin, George \ Gershwin, Ira
      Performer(s): Fred Astaire (Vocals)
      Performer(s): Fred Astaire (Vocals), Studio Orchestra
      Album: The Films of Audrey Hepburn, Big Screen Records, 9245032
      Duration: 4:57
    • 13:16
      Title: My Edward And I
      Composer: Marianelli, Dario
      Performer(s): Jack Liebeck (Violin)
      Performer(s): Jack Liebeck (Violin), Studio Orchestra
      Album: Jane Eyre - OST 2011, SONY, 88697852582
      Duration: 3:53
    • 13:22
      Title: Movies Were Movies
      Composer: Herman, Jerry
      Performer(s): Robert Preston
      Performer(s): Bernadette Peters
      Album: Mack & Mabel (1974 Original Broadway Cast Recording (1992 Reissue))
      Duration: 2:43
    • 13:25
      Title: I Won't Send Roses
      Composer: Herman, Jerry
      Performer(s): Howard Mcgillin (Vocals)
      Performer(s): Howard Mcgillin (Vocals), Studio Orchestra
      Album: Mack & Mabel, EMI, 724383677122
      Duration: 3:12
    • 13:31
      Title: The Bare Necessities
      Composer: Gilkyson, Terry
      Performer(s): Phil Harris (Vocals)
      Performer(s): Phil Harris (Vocals), Studio Orchestra
      Album: The Jungle Book (Recordno: Cd-002), Disneyland Records, Cd-002
      Duration: 4:10
    • 14:02
      Title: Not A Day Goes By
      Composer: Sondheim
      Performer(s): Bernadette Peters
      Performer(s): Bernadette Peters
      Album: Sondheim Etc - Live At Carnegie Hall, I TUNES
      Duration: 4:21
    • 14:08
      Title: Epilogue
      Composer: Marianelli, Dario
      Performer(s): Studio Orchestra
      Performer(s): Studio Orchestra
      Album: Everest (OST)
      Duration: 5:11
    • 14:13
      Title: Tis Said That Joy In Full Perfection (From The Yeoman Of The Guard)
      Composer: Gilbert / Sullivan
      Performer(s): Elsie Morison (Sporano); Marjorie Thomas (Contralto); Monica Sinclair (Contralto)
      Performer(s): Pro Arte Orchestra
      Album: Gilbert & Sullivan: The Yeoman of the Guard
      Duration: 1:11
    • 14:14
      Title: On Earth As It Is In Heaven
      Composer: Morricone
      Performer(s): Ennio Morricone
      Performer(s): Ennio Morricone
      Album: The Mission, Virgin, CDV2402
      Duration: 3:45
    • 14:26
      Title: Don't Rain On My Parade
      Composer: Styne, Jule / Merrill, Bob
      Performer(s): Barbra Streisand (Vocals)
      Performer(s): Barbra Streisand (Vocals)
      Album: Funny Girl - Original Broadway Cast, Capitol Records, CDP 7 46634 2
      Duration: 2:44
    • 14:38
      Title: Honey Bun
      Composer: Rodgers, Richard/Hammerstein Ii, Oscar
      Performer(s): Mitzi Gaynor (Vocal)
      Performer(s): Mitzi Gaynor (Vocal), Alfred Newman & His Orchestra
      Album: South Pacific - Original Soundtrack Recording, RCA, ND83681
      Duration: 1:47
    • 14:48
      Title: Me Ol' Bamboo
      Composer: Sherman, Richard M. / Sherman, Robert B.
      Performer(s): Dick Van Dyke (Vocals)
      Performer(s): Dick Van Dyke (Vocals), Chorus
      Album: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang OST, RYKO, 10702
      Duration: 2:58
    • 14:53
      Title: He Danced With Me
      Composer: Sherman, Richard M. / Sherman, Robert B.
      Performer(s): Gemma Craven/ Richard Chamberlain
      Performer(s): Gemma Craven/ Richard Chamberlain, Studio Orchestra
      Album: The Slipper and the Rose- OST, Image, ID0306PD
      Duration: 3:58
    • 14:57
      Title: A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
      Composer: David /Hoffman/Livingston
      Performer(s): Ilene Woods
      Performer(s): Ilene Woods, Studio Orchestra
      Album: The Disney Collection Vol 3, Disney, 455
      Duration: 3:11
    • 15:00
      Title: Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo (The Magic Song)
      Composer: David / Hoffman / Livingston / Pack
      Performer(s): Helena Bonham Carter (Vocals)
      Performer(s): Studio Orchestra
      Album: Cinderella (OST 2015), Disney, 00050087312312
      Duration: 1:22
    • 15:09
      Title: In Pace
      Composer: Doyle, Patrick
      Performer(s): Placido Domingo (Ten)
      Performer(s): Placido Domingo (Ten), Studio Orchestra
      Album: Hamlet OST (Kenneth Branagh version), Sony, 62857
      Duration: 3:05
    • 15:13
      Title: What Is This Feeling?
      Composer: Schwartz, Stephen
      Performer(s): Kristin Chenoweth (Vocals)
      Performer(s): Kristin Chenoweth (Vocals), Edina Menzel (Vocals), Studio Orchestra
      Album: Wicked - Original Broadway Cast Recording, Decca, 1704743
      Duration: 3:29
    • 15:29
      Title: Bring Him Home
      Performer(s): Colm Wilkinson
      Performer(s): Colm Wilkinson
      Album: Broadway And Beyond The Concert Songs
      Duration: 3:37
    • 15:33
      Title: The Page Turner- Theme 2
      Composer: Lemonnier, Jérome
      Performer(s): Jérome Lemonnier
      Performer(s): Jérome Lemonnier, Studio Orchestra
      Album: The Page Turner, Colosseum, 03387
      Duration: 1:48
    • 15:35
      Title: The Page Turner- Theme 1
      Composer: Lemonnier, Jérome
      Performer(s): Jérome Lemonnier
      Performer(s): Jérome Lemonnier, Studio Orchestra
      Album: The Page Turner, Colosseum, 03387
      Duration: 5:15
    • 15:40
      Title: Don't Get Around Much Anymore
      Composer: Ellington, D / Russell, B
      Performer(s): Harry Connick Jn
      Performer(s): Harry Connick Jn
      Album: When Harry Met Sally (OST), CBS, 4657532
      Duration: 4:24
    • 15:46
      Title: Being Alive
      Composer: Sondheim, Stephen
      Performer(s): Raul Esparza
      Performer(s): Raul Esparza, The Cast Of Company, The Cast Of Company
      Album: Company (2006 cast), Nonesuch, 7559 79991 3
      Duration: 5:03
    • 15:58
      Title: The Black Hills Of Dakota
      Composer: Fain, Sammy/Webster, Paul Francis
      Performer(s): Doris Day (Vocal)
      Performer(s): Doris Day (Vocal), Studio Orchestra
      Album: Calamity Jane OST, CBS, 4676102
      Duration: 2:58

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