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    Saturday 5th April 

    The voice of Marni Nixon features this afternoon, the American singer who is renowned for dubbing the singing voices of featured actresses in well known musicals such as West Side Story, My Fair Lady and The King and I. The music of Thomas Newman from American Beauty, Skyfall and Finding Nemo and our singers this afternoon include Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland and Shirley Bassey 

    Movies and Musicals Saturday 29 August 2015


    Movies and Musicals

    Today marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of the talented and much loved actress Ingrid Bergman. Aedín includes music from three of her films today.

    Movie News Sat 29th Aug

    Garret Daly brings us all the latest movie news including casting news for Bryce Dallas Howard, good news for an Irish film at The Toronto International Film Festival, a new film from Irish writer and director John Butler and Angelina's new movie hits the big screen

    It was an honour to conduct a public interview with Dame Julie Andrews at the Bord Gais Energy Theatre  as part of the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival. Dame Julie is an incredibly warm generous lady. The type of person who invites you to have a cup of tea and a chat in her dressing room after the interview! She seemed genuinely touched by the reception she received in Dublin and was delighted to be awarded a Volta award from President Higgins before she left us. Photo credit: Frances Marshall

    Music Played on the Show

    • 13:09
      Title: Come What May
      Composer: Baerwald, David
      Performer(s): Ewan Mcgregor (Vocals) Nicole Kidman (Vocals)
      Performer(s): Ewan Mcgregor (Vocals) Nicole Kidman (Vocals), Nicole Kidman (Vocals)
      Album: Moulin Rouge O.S.T., Twentieth Century Fox, 490507-2
      Duration: 4:48
    • 13:15
      Title: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
      Composer: Porter, Cole
      Performer(s): Frank Sinatra (Vocals); Celeste Holm (Vocals)
      Performer(s): Frank Sinatra (Vocals); Celeste Holm (Vocals), M-G-M Studio Orchestra
      Album: High Society OST (Recordno: 8140792), Capitol, 8140792
      Duration: 2:07
    • 13:17
      Title: Money, Money
      Composer: Kander/Ebb
      Performer(s): Liza Minnelli (Vocal)
      Performer(s): Liza Minnelli (Vocal), Joel Grey (Vocal), Studio Orchestra
      Album: Cabaret Original Soundtrack (Recordno: Mcld19036), Mca, Mcld19036
      Duration: 3:04
    • 13:24
      Title: Elegy For Dunkirk
      Composer: Marianelli
      Performer(s): Jean Yves Thibaudet (Piano)
      Performer(s): Jean Yves Thibaudet (Piano), Engllish Chamber Orchestra, Dunkirk Choir
      Album: Atonement Original Soundtrack, UCJ, 4766195
      Duration: 4:15
    • 13:28
      Title: Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend
      Composer: Robin/Styne
      Performer(s): Marilyn Monroe (Vocal)
      Performer(s): Marilyn Monroe (Vocal)
      Album: Goodbye Primadonna, Ultraphone, 824800
      Duration: 3:30
    • 13:36
      Title: Just Blew In From The Windy City
      Composer: Fain, Sammy/Webster, Paul Francis
      Performer(s): Doris Day (Vocal)
      Performer(s): Doris Day (Vocal)
      Album: Not Available (Recordno: 02-467610-10), CBS Records, 02-467610-10
      Duration: 2:13
    • 13:38
      Title: Agony
      Composer: Sondheim, Stephen
      Performer(s): Chris Pine / Billy Magnussen
      Performer(s): Studio Orchestra
      Album: Into the Woods (Film Soundtrack), 0050087320164
      Duration: 2:33
    • 14:15
      Title: Tradition
      Composer: Bock, Jerry/Harnick, Sheldon
      Performer(s): Topol (Vocals)
      Performer(s): Topol (Vocals), Ensemble
      Album: Fiddler on the Roof - Original London Cast Recording, Sony Music, SMK 89546
      Duration: 7:50
    • 14:24
      Title: Ladies In Lavender
      Composer: Hess, Nigel
      Performer(s): Joshua Bell (Violin)
      Performer(s): Joshua Bell (Violin), Royal Philharmonia Orchestra
      Album: Ladies In Lavender, Sony Classical, Sk92689
      Duration: 4:06
    • 14:27
      Title: Runnin' Wild
      Composer: Gibbs-Grey-Wood
      Performer(s): Marilyn Monroe
      Performer(s): Marilyn Monroe, Studio Orchestra
      Album: Some Like it Hot OST, RYKO, 10715
      Duration: 1:02
    • 14:33
      Title: I Love To Laugh
      Composer: Sherman, Richard M. / Sherman, Robert B.
      Performer(s): Ed Wynn
      Performer(s): Ed Wynn
      Album: Mary Poppins, Walt Disney, WD775722
      Duration: 2:44
    • 14:37
      Title: The Harry Lime Theme
      Composer: Karas, Anton
      Performer(s): Gertrude Huber (Zither)
      Performer(s): Gertrude Huber (Zither), Studio Orchestra
      Album: The Third Man OST, Silva, 367
      Duration: 2:20
    • 14:40
      Title: Just One Of Those Things
      Composer: Porter, Cole
      Performer(s): Maurice Chevalier
      Performer(s): Maurice Chevalier, Studio Orchestra
      Album: Can Can -OST, Capitol, 8140792
      Duration: 2:06
    • 14:45
      Title: Play It Sam - Play As Time Goes By
      Composer: Hupfeld, Herman
      Performer(s): Dooley Wilson (Piano)
      Performer(s): Dooley Wilson (Piano), Ingrid Bergman, Humphrey Bogart (Dialogue), Studio Orchestra
      Album: Casablanca - OST, Turner, 724382350224
      Duration: 4:58
    • 15:04
      Title: On My Own
      Composer: Schonberg / Boublil
      Performer(s): Samantha Barks
      Performer(s): Studio Orchestra
      Album: Les Misérables (Highlights from the Motion Picture Soundtrack), Universal, 3724585
      Duration: 3:11
    • 15:08
      Title: One Day More
      Composer: Schonberg, Claude-Michel/Boublil, Alain/Kretzmer, Herbert
      Performer(s): Cast
      Performer(s): Cast
      Album: Les Misérables - Movie Soundtrack, Universal, 3724585
      Duration: 3:41
    • 15:13
      Title: Concerto In E Minor From The Double Life Of Veronique
      Composer: Preisner, Zbigniew
      Performer(s): Charlotte Kinder (Sop)
      Performer(s): Charlotte Kinder (Sop), City Of Prague Philharmonic
      Album: Cinema Choral Classics (Recordno: 6040), Silva, 6040
      Duration: 4:59
    • 15:19
      Title: Prince Ali
      Composer: Menken, Alan/ Rice, Tim
      Performer(s): Robin Williams
      Performer(s): Robin Williams, Studio Orchestra
      Album: Aladdin (Original Soundtrack), Disney, 470
      Duration: 2:49
    • 15:30
      Title: Getting To Know You
      Composer: Rodgers / Hammerstein
      Performer(s): Deborah Kerr
      Performer(s): Deborah Kerr, Marni Nixon, Studio Orchestra
      Album: The King and I Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Angel, 724352735129
      Duration: 5:00
    • 15:35
      Title: You've Got A Friend In Me
      Composer: Newman
      Performer(s): No Artist Credited
      Performer(s): No Artist Credited
      Album: Toy Story, Walt Disney Records, 5099962607322
      Duration: 2:01
    • 15:43
      Title: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
      Composer: Newman, Thomas
      Performer(s): Hariharan (Vocal)
      Performer(s): Hariharan (Vocal), John Beasley (Tabla Rythms), Thoams Newman & His Orchestra
      Album: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - Music From The Motion Picture, Sony Classical, 88691938522
      Duration: 2:35
    • 15:45
      Title: Second Best Exotic
      Composer: Newman, Thomas
      Performer(s): Studio Orchestra
      Performer(s): Studio Orchestra
      Album: The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Sony, 99975031972
      Duration: 3:05
    • 15:50
      Title: Anything Goes
      Composer: Porter, Cole
      Performer(s): Kim Criswell (Mezzo)
      Performer(s): Kim Criswell (Mezzo), London Symphony Orchestra, Ambrosian Chorus
      Album: Anything Goes (Recordno: 7498482), EMI, 7498482
      Duration: 5:09
    • 15:55
      Title: I Might Fall Back On You
      Composer: Kern / Hammerstein
      Performer(s): Marge And Gower Champion
      Performer(s): Marge And Gower Champion, Studio Orchestra
      Album: Best of Show Boat & an American In Paris, EMI, CDP7936062
      Duration: 2:40
    • 15:58
      Title: Catch Me If You Can
      Composer: Williams, John
      Performer(s): Dan Higgins (Saxophone)
      Performer(s): Dan Higgins (Saxophone), Studio Orchestra
      Album: Catch Me If You Can OST, Dreamworks, 4504102
      Duration: 2:41

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