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    Nevens' Recipes - 25th July - Salads

    Crispy Shredded Chinese Duck Salad & Grilled Salmon with Avacado and Sundried Tomato Salad

    It’s great that there is now authentic Chinese aromatic duck readily
    available in all major supermarkets. It makes this salad quick and easy to
    make, and the duck can be cooked a couple of hours ahead of time so that all
    you have to do is toss all of the ingredients together just before you are
    ready to serve.

    Serves 4-6

    1 whole aromatic duck (Silver Hill or similar)

    1/2 head iceberg lettuce, core removed and shredded

    1 firm ripe mango, peeled, stone removed and cut into julienne

    4 spring onions, thinly sliced

    50g (2oz) roasted cashew nuts, roughly chopped

    good handful fresh coriander leaves

    120ml (4fl oz) sunflower oil

    4 tbsp rice wine vinegar

    2 tbsp hoisin sauce

    1 tsp caster sugar

    1 tbsp finely minced ginger root

    1 garlic clove, crushed

    1/2 tsp toasted sesame oil

    salt and freshly ground black pepper

    1 Preheat the oven to 200C (400F), Gas mark 6. Remove the packaging from the
    duck and place on a rack over a roasting tin. Roast for 1 1/2 hours or
    according to packet instructions until the skin is crisp and the duck is
    completely heated through. Remove from the oven and leave to rest for 20

    2 Carve the meat from the duck and cut into bite-sized pieces, discarding
    the bones and any excessively fatty pieces of skin. Place in a large bowl
    with the lettuce, mango, spring onions, cashew nuts and coriander.

    3 To make the dressing, place the sunflower oil in a small bowl with the
    vinegar and hoisin sauce. Whisk until blended, then stir in the sugar,
    ginger, garlic and sesame oil. Season to taste.

    4 Use the dressing to lightly dress the duck salad, tossing gently until
    evenly combined. Arrange on plates and serve the remaining dressing in a
    small jug so that your guests can help themselves.

    Grilled Salmon with Avocado and Sun-dried Tomato Dressing and Rocket Salad

    Well-produced organic salmon is perfect to use for this dish and as it is
    farmed in colder waters it has a firmer flesh. Salmon tastes far better is
    eaten slightly underdone than overcooked, and is using in this recipe should
    be served warm and not hot.

    Serves 6

    6 x 175g (6oz) skinless salmon fillets, pin bones removed

    olive oil, for brushing

    juice of 1/2 lemon

    3 ripe avocadoes

    25g (1oz) wild rocket


    12 semi sun-dried tomatoes in oil, drained and roughly chopped

    200ml (7fl oz) olive oil

    1 tsp fresh lemon juice

    pinch of chilli powder

    3 fresh basil leaves

    salt and freshly ground black pepper

    1 To make the dressing, place the sun-dried tomatoes in a food processor
    with the olive oil, lemon juice, chilli powder and basil leaves. Blend
    together for about 1 minute or until you have achieved a fairly smooth
    texture. Season to taste and transfer to a jug.

    2 Cut each the salmon fillet into three pieces. Heat a griddle pan until
    smoking hot.  Season the salmon pieces and brush each one with a little
    olive oil, then place in griddle pan. Reduce the heat and cook for 3-4
    minutes on each side until just cooked through and golden brown. Remove from
    the heat and sprinkle over the lemon juice.

    3 To serve, cut each avocado in half and remove the stone, then carefully
    peel away the skin. Drizzle a little of the dressing into the centre of each
    plate and place a fanned out avocado half in the centre. Arrange three
    pieces of the salmon around the edge of each plate. Scatter around the
    rocket and drizzle over a little more of the dressing.


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      Title: I Dreamt I Dwelt In Marble Halls -- Not Available
      Composer: Balfe, Michael William
      Performer(s): Julian Lloyd-Webber (Cello)
      Performer(s): Julian Lloyd-Webber (Cello), Catrin Finch (Hharp)
      Album: Unexpected Songs / Julian Lloyd Webber ~~ D447303, EMI, 094635948820
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      Title: Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair -- Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair
      Complete Work Name: Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair
      Composer: Foster, Stephen
      Performer(s): Thomas Hampson (Baritone)
      Performer(s): Thomas Hampson (Baritone), Jay Ungar (Violin), Molly Mason (Guitar); David Alpher (Piano); Michael Parloff (Flute)
      Album: Thomas Hampson - Somgs of America, EMI/Angel Records, 0946 3 41645 2 8
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      Title: Clair De Lune -- Clair De Lune
      Composer: Debussy, Claude
      Performer(s): Anne Akiko Meyers (Violin)
      Performer(s): Anne Akiko Meyers (Violin), Emmanuel Ceysson (Harp)
      Album: Seasons...dreams (Recordno: itunes), Archiv Music, itunes
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      Title: Blue Moon
      Composer: Rodgers/Hart
      Performer(s): Ella Fitzgerald
      Performer(s): Ella Fitzgerald
      Album: Gold (recordno: 0654842), Universal, 0654842
      Duration: 3:09
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      Title: Williams Jurassic Park Theme
      Composer: Williams
      Performer(s): Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
      Performer(s): Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
      Album: Classic Fm Movies (recordno: 4800682), Ucj, 4800682
      Duration: 5:30
    • 07:33
      Title: Columbine Polka Mazurka
      Composer: Lumbye, Hans Christian
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): Odense Symphony Orchestra
      Album: Lumbye: Polkas / Mazurkas / Waltzes, Unicorn-Kanchana, DKPCD9089
      Duration: 3:37
    • 07:38
      Title: Bridal Ballad
      Composer: Pook, Jocelyn / Edgar Allan Poe
      Performer(s): Hayley Westenra
      Performer(s): Hayley Westenra, Pavlo Besnosiuk, Carolin Balding (Violins), Rachel Byrt (Viola), Richard Turncliff (Cello), The Baroque String Quartet
      Album: William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, Decca, 475 6367
      Duration: 4:36
    • 07:47
      Title: The Clocks
      Composer: Shore, Howard
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): Studio Orchestra
      Album: Hugo - OST, Paramount, HWR-1007
      Duration: 4:28
    • 07:52
      Title: The Deadwood Stage
      Composer: Webster P.F./ Fain Sammy
      Performer(s): Doris Day (Vocals)
      Performer(s): Doris Day (Vocals), Studio Orchestra
      Album: Calamity Jane OST, CBS, 4676102
      Duration: 3:13
    • 07:57
      Title: Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone
      Composer: Williams, John
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
      Album: The Music of John Williams - 40 Years Of Film Music - Disk 4, Prime Time, TVPMCD810
      Duration: 4:51
    • 08:03
      Title: Ancient Airs And Dances Suite No.1 (4th Movement) Passo Mezzo E Mascherada
      Composer: Respighi, Ottorino
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): Australian Chamber Orchestra
      Album: Respighi - Ancient Airs and Dances/ The Birds (Recordno: 437533-2) ~~ G217009, Deutsche Grammophon, 437533-2
      Duration: 3:52
    • 08:07
      Title: Children Of Dannu
      Composer: Jenkins, Karl
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): Adiemus Orchestra, Adiemus Singers
      Album: Karl Jenkins / Adiemus IV / The Eternal Knot, Virgin, CDVE 952
      Duration: 3:31
    • 08:12
      Title: Theme From La Forza Del Destino
      Composer: Verdi, Giuseppe
      Performer(s): Martynas
      Performer(s): Martynas, Hungarian Studio Orchestra
      Album: Martynas ~~ PD LM, Decca, 4785651
      Duration: 3:39
    • 08:19
      Title: A Country Fair
      Complete Work Name: A Country Fair
      Composer: John Carmichael
      Performer(s): Jack Harrison(Clarinet)
      Performer(s): Jack Harrison(Clarinet), West Australian Symphony Orchestra
      Album: Swagman's Promenade (Recordno: 4423742), ABC Classics, 4423742
      Duration: 8:36
    • 08:28
      Title: Summer Holiday
      Composer: Welsh/Bennet
      Performer(s): Cliff Richard
      Performer(s): Cliff Richard
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      Duration: 2:12
    • 08:34
      Title: Copenhagen Steam Railway Galop
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    • 08:40
      Title: Mack The Knife
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    • 08:58
      Title: Bring Him Home
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    • 09:02
      Title: I Giorni
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      Performer(s): Daniel Hope
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    • 09:09
      Title: Bachianas Brasileiras No.5 - Aria
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      Title: Gaite Parisienne - Valse
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    • 09:27
      Title: New Hampshire Hornpipe (From On Golden Pond)
      Composer: Grusin, Dave
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      Performer(s): Dave Grusin (Piano)
      Album: Dave Grusin - Now Playing Movie Themes - Solo Piano ~~ F304602, GRP, 0602498613672
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    • 09:32
      Title: Morning On The Ranch
      Complete Work Name: The Red Pony
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      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
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      Album: Copland Conducts Copland (Recordno: 42429), CBS, 42429
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    • 09:37
      Title: Adelaide's Lament --
      Composer: Loesser, Frank
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    • 09:41
      Title: Concerto For Trumpet
      Composer: Harry James/Arr. Elgar Howarth
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      Performer(s): Maurice Murphy (Trumpet), The Leyland Daf Band
      Album: The Lighter Side of Maurice Murphy, Doyen, DOY CD007
      Duration: 3:37
    • 09:46
      Title: Old Folks Home
      Composer: Foster, Stephan
      Performer(s): Leila Josefowichz (Violin)
      Performer(s): Leila Josefowichz (Violin), John Novacek (Piano)
      Album: American - Leila Josefowichz, Philips, 462 948-2
      Duration: 3:29
    • 09:55
      Title: Boomtown
      Composer: Knopfler, Mark
      Performer(s): Amy Dickson, Alto Saxophone
      Performer(s): Amy Dickson, Alto Saxophone, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
      Album: Catch Me If You Can, Sony, 88843027202
      Duration: 4:18

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