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    And the winner of the fabulous trip to the Opera in Verona.
    was Karen Canning from Dublin.

    On Marty in the Morning we’re bringing you, thanks to Travel Department, the opportunity to join us in Verona on a fabulous trip to see Bizet's Carmen at the Arena di Verona.

    You and a partner will depart on June 19th next where you will experience the delights of the Verona Opera,  a fabulous trip to Venice and stay for 7 nights  in the Grand Hotel Liberty in Riva del Garda in Lake Garda.

    Due to the popularity of this holiday since we launched it last month here on the show with Brendan Breen of Travel Department, the trip is NOW sold out,  so this a fantastic opportunity to come with us to Verona with Travel Department.

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    Marty in the Morning Tuesday 11 June 2013


    Marty in the Morning

    Join the dawn chorus with Marty for your Summer morning wake-up call with music, travel updates, competitions and news and weather.

    Music Played on the Show

    • 06:55 a.m.
      Title: Barcarolle From The Tales Of Hoffmann
      Performer(s): Offenbach, Jacques
      Duration: 0:03:50
    • 07:04 a.m.
      Title: Melody
      Performer(s): Stanford, Charles Villiers
      Duration: 0:04:24
    • 07:10 a.m.
      Title: Ill Have To Say I Love You In A Song
      Performer(s): Croce, Jim
      Duration: 0:02:44
    • 07:22 a.m.
      Title: Alle Maskiert
      Performer(s): Strauss, Johann II
      Duration: 0:02:27
    • 07:29 a.m.
      Title: Feeling Good
      Performer(s): Newley/Bricusse
      Duration: 0:03:12
    • 07:34 a.m.
      Title: Lullaby Time
      Performer(s): Shea/ Bettis
      Duration: 0:03:30
    • 07:38 a.m.
      Title: Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr. Hitler?
      Performer(s): Perry, Jimmy
      Duration: 0:01:21
    • 07:42 a.m.
      Title: Funiculì, Funiculà
      Performer(s): Denza, Luigi
      Duration: 0:02:47
    • 07:46 a.m.
      Title: I Love Paris
      Performer(s): Porter, Cole
      Duration: 0:02:43
    • 07:49 a.m.
      Title: The Godfather - Mazurka
      Performer(s): Carmine Coppola
      Duration: 0:03:06
    • 07:52 a.m.
      Title: Love Theme from The Godfather
      Performer(s): Rota, Nino
      Duration: 0:03:13
    • 07:55 a.m.
      Title: Save It For A Rainy Day
      Performer(s): Bishop, Stephen
      Duration: 0:03:27
    • 08:04 a.m.
      Title: Yellow
      Performer(s): Berryman/Buckland/Champion/Martin
      Duration: 0:04:13
    • 08:13 a.m.
      Title: E Lucevan Le Stelle, From Tosca
      Performer(s): Puccini, Giacomo
      Duration: 0:03:32
    • 08:22 a.m.
      Title: Minute Waltz
      Performer(s): Chopin, Frederic
      Duration: 0:02:24
    • 08:29 a.m.
      Title: Don'T Rain On My Parade
      Performer(s): Styne, Jule/Merrill, Bob
      Duration: 0:03:12
    • 08:44 a.m.
      Title: Le Cygne noir Pas de deux (4th movement) - Coda
      Performer(s): Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich
      Duration: 0:02:19
    • 08:51 a.m.
      Title: Follow the yellow brick road
      Performer(s): Arlen, Harold/Harburg, E.Y. Yip
      Duration: 0:01:04
    • 08:54 a.m.
      Title: You've Got a Friend
      Performer(s): Taylor, James
      Duration: 0:04:42
    • 09:07 a.m.
      Title: The Isle Of Inisfree
      Performer(s): Farrelly, Dick
      Duration: 0:04:25
    • 09:28 a.m.
      Title: We Have All The Time In The World - On Her Majesty'S Secret Serv
      Performer(s): David, Hal/Barry, John
      Duration: 0:03:30
    • 09:39 a.m.
      Title: Darkness
      Performer(s): Cohen, Leonard
      Duration: 0:04:43
    • 09:45 a.m.
      Title: La Traviata - Brindisi Libiamo Ne Lieti Calici
      Performer(s): Verdi, Giuseppe
      Duration: 0:03:09
    • 09:49 a.m.
      Title: Take Five
      Performer(s): Desmond, Paul
      Duration: 0:05:41

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