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Friday 21st July

Neven's Recipes: Salmon and Mushroom Pilaf

Delicious recipe that serves 6 to 8 people

Friday 30th June

Nevens Recipes - Peach tarte Tatin with Citrus mascarpone

This is a very impressive dessert to get done in such a short time, but it’s definitely achievable by using the ready-to-roll puff pastry. Look out for the all-butter version, which more supermarkets are now stocking.

Friday 19th May

Neven's Recipes - Asparagus Soup with Bellingham Blue and Croutons

Bellingham Blue has to be one of the most divine cheeses in the world. Its layers of blue-veined creaminess are both seductively rich and delicate, making it a perfect partner for asparagus.

Friday 24th March

Neven's recepies - Soy and honey salmon parcels with tenderstem broccoli

This can be done a day in advance and kept in the fridge. If anyone doesn’t like broccoli, you could happily replace it with asparagus or use courgettes cut into batons or slices, whichever you prefer. Also Neven’s fish pie.

Friday 10th March

Neven's Recipes - Two Chicken recipes.

Chicken thighs and also pesto stuffed breast with roast Mediterranean veg.

Tuesday 7th March

Marty meets Brendan de galli.

Listen back now to Marty chatting to Brendan about his new work Linger which is receiving great reviews and is on tour now.

Monday 6th March

Marty talks with Michael Colgan

Ahead of #BFP festival @GateTheatreDub

Friday 3rd March

Neven's recipes - Roast Rib of Beef.

also mascarpone cheesecake with ginger and lime

Marty Meets Guy Garvey from Elbow.

The great Guy Garvey found time to drop into the studio in Dublin to talk Music, life and much more.

Friday 17th February

Neven's Recipes - Poached eggs with buttered muffins.

Poached eggs with buttered muffins, ham and sautéed spinach. Also Bircher muesli.

Friday 3rd February

Nevens Recipes - Spiced Poached Pears with Crème Fraîche and Toasted Almonds.

This delightful dessert will revive even the most jaded palate. The pears improve with keeping, making this an excellent dessert for entertaining. Choose fruit that is perfectly ripe but still quite firm so the flesh doesn’t go mushy while you are preparing them.

Tuesday 13th December

Patrick Bergin joins Marty in the studio for a chat. Do listen!

Irish actor Patrick Bergin pops into the studio in Dublin for a chat with Marty about many things, including a performance of the iconic Irish legend of the Children of Lir.

Friday 9th December

Nevens - Christmas Cake and pudding.

Make this cake as early as you can to allow the flavours to mature. Cake decorating ingredients will all be available in stores in the weeks coming up to the festive season.

Thursday 8th December

Behind the scenes with 'Oliver' & The East Clare Musical Society.

Marty in the Morning went to see what it takes to put on a top class production of the famous musical. With the talents of the East Clare Musical Society. No shortage of talent there.

Friday 18th November

Neven's Recipes - Aromatic fishcakes & ...

Also Soy and honey salmon parcels with tender stem broccoli.

Friday 11th November

Neven's Recipes - Cake!

Carrot Cake with lemon scented frosting & Pear, ginger and whiskey cake.

Friday 4th November

Nevens Recipes - Red onion marmalade.

Nevens Recipes - Red onion marmalade.This red onion marmalade can be used in so many different ways and it will keep happily for up to a month.

Friday 21st October

Neven's Recipes - Two different types of bread

Two different types of bread, wheaten and white soda.

Friday 7th October

Nevens Recipes - On a budget week 1 - Braised lamb shanks with carrots.

Serves 66 lamb shanks, well trimmed and knuckles removed............see full recipe below.

Wednesday 28th September

Part 1- of the fascinating story of Margaret Burke Sheridan.

Marty is joined by author and biographer of 'Maggie From Mayo', who had a special place in the heart of Neapolitan opera.

Marty meets Kevin from Clonakillity!

Kevin had travelled to Naples with the Travel Department and describes the beauty of the Theatro San Carlo and gives a glimpse of it's history!

Down at the Port in Naples

There's a lot to be seen in and around the busy port and the near by shopping district.

Marty goes underground with tour guide Vitalli

Beneath the congested streets of Naples a modern transport system provides a contrast to the ancient history of the city.

Napoli - San Paolo Stadium

Maradonna still remains as an important figure in this city obsessed with soccer.

Looking across the Bay of Naples.

Whats to be seen south from the city....

Marty - Sets the scene from Theatro San Carlo in Naples

Marty gives us an over view of whats to come in the programme from Naples.

Friday 23rd September

Italian Lessons with Marty - Part 4 - All the 3s

Part 4 - All the 3s Back to school before the trip!Listen Back, go on!

Hugo - Episode - 775 - Title Post-Ploughing Blues

Home from The Ploughing and sad that it’s ended, the family are being creative in their various ways. Most organised of all is Myrtle, who’s now only one step away from being before the camera on Winning Streak. Or so she thinks.

Nevens Recipes - Mediterranean Couscous Salad

Mediterranean Couscous Salad & Creamy vegetable Corma

Friday 16th September

Hugo - Episode - 774 - Another scratch closer to Winning Streak.

Myrtle is scratching cards on an industrial scale, such is her passion for money and for the possibility of being swept off her feet by Marty. There’s no knowing what joint future she imagines, once her boat comes in on Winning Streak. .

Nevens Recipes - Fish Chowder

A delightful Fish Chowder dish and also Stir Fried rice & VegetablesA fish recipe from Neven's mum's that he has been making on and off in the restaurant for years. Use the very best quality fish and shellfish for the best flavour.Click here for full details

Wednesday 14th September

Hugo - Episode - 773 - Party Pieces - There’s a hint that there’s a party in the offing.

Mick is heard painfully practising his take on Bizet’s “Toreador’s Song.” This provokes an outbreak of reminiscence of other party pieces, leading Daphne to put her foot down.

Friday 9th September

Neven's Recipe - Back to school, Italian meatball & spiniach gratin.

Neven's Recipe - Back to school, Italian meatball & spiniach gratin.

Hugo - Episode - 771 - You buy a ticket

A visitor is expected. Heather is tidying the drawing room, Myrtle is enjoying life and an Irish coffee, while Randy is exposing himself to Irish sporting culture.

Friday 2nd September

Hugo - Episode - 768 - And the winner is …

It’s late on a September afternoon in the conservatory. The members of the household have gathered to soak up the rays of the weakening sun. Myrtle is working her brain to find a justification to have a reviving glass of something.

Friday 26th August

Hugo - Episode - No 765 - Dreams underfoot

Myrtle finally gets her wish and is taken to Newbridge Silverware in the county Kildare, mainly to see the famous Museum of Style Icons but she wishes Neven Maguire would open a branch of his restaurant closer to her.

Friday 19th August

Neven's Recipes - Something For The Children

Quick Quesadillas With Cherry Tomato And Avocado Salsa& Peanut Butter and Banana French Toast Sandwiches

Wednesday 17th August

Hugo - Episode - 761 - A long expected party

Hugo returns from a day’s business in town to find the house in turmoil, from roof to cellars. He moves to get to grips with the situation as best he can. But first he meets the gatekeeper.

Monday 15th August

Hugo - Episode - 760 - Trust in me.

Hugo is forced to take measures to protect his wine cellar against Myrtle’s guzzling depredations. She, meanwhile, is up at a friend’s house, checking that all is well while the friend is off on her holliers. It’s good to have someone you can trust.

Friday 12th August

Nevens Recipes - 12th August – Healthy Lunch

& Crunchy Vietnamese Chicken Salad

Friday 15th July

Neven's Recipes - Cashew nut Chicken goujons

Cashew nut Chicken goujons with mango salsaFull downloadable details available shortly.

Wednesday 13th July

Marty is joined by John Banville

One of Ireland's most respected literary figures joins Marty in studio for a chat. And looks ahead to his visit to the West Cork Literary Festival

Friday 8th July

Neven's Recipes - Balsamic glazed tuna with parsley and walnut salsa with radish salad

Something delicious for the weekend.Click here for full details

Hugo - Episode - No 750 - The art of letters

It’s after breakfast in the Morning Room, and the usual milling about is under way. Daphne is on the terrace, feeling artistic. Myrtle is reminiscing about her younger days in the cultural hot spots of Dublin. And we discover, to our surprise, that Ashley is drawn to the work of Percy French.

Friday 24th June

Hugo - Episode - No 744 - Midsummer Madness

New Midsummer Day is the traditional day for picnics in Hugo’s house, and a great effort is being made this year. The day is sunny, verging on sultry. The inane conversation jabbers on, like the flock of sparrows in the nearby hedgerows.

Friday 17th June

Hugo - Episode - 741- Women and windows

Young Síofra is learning to talk and to be destructive, like all children. She’s got her hands on a biscuit tin and has eyed a window with fine 18th century glass on the first floor of the Residence. A revolutionary moment is at hand

Wednesday 15th June

Hugo - Episode - 740 - Our own Lady Penelope

The household appetite for Art is not yet slaked. They’ve gathered to watch the Austro-Hungarian match, but are talking about where next the fashionable culture vulture should venture. Where next, in other words, should they dip their rhythm sticks?

Marty talks to Theo Dorgan

Theo Dorgan joins Marty in the studio for a chat and looks ahead to this year's West Cork Literary festival

Friday 27th May

Neven's Recipes - Picnic delights - Sunmmer scones

'The unexpected picnic'Super seed scones with cherry tomatoes, cucumber sticks and feta chunks

Hugo - Episode - 735 - Wine, women and piri piri chicken?

Hugo and Daphne are off to a wine-tasting. Hugo is looking forward to spending quality time with Daphne; Daphne is looking forward to the wine. At least they’re on their own.

Friday 20th May

Hugo - Episode - 732 - That will be all, Hugo

Wednesday’s high drama in the kitchen continues, as Daphne summons Hugo to attend her in her lair. She wants to get to the bottom of his being in the broom cupboard with Soledad and Tadeusz.

Wednesday 27th April

Hugo - Episode - 727 - Glamour on one elbow

Hugo - Episode - 727 - Glamour on one elbow

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