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    Neven's Recipes - Pumpkin and haricot bean soup

    Pumpkin and beans make a surprisingly good partnership, a lovely winter warmer. As this soup makes such a large quantity you may want to freeze down some of it. Simply pour into freezer bags or container with lids - leaving space to allow for expansion.

    It is best thawed overnight at room temperature, but using the microwave can speed up the process. Haricot or cannellini beans work best in this recipe, just use the freshest you can find or they can take an age to cook.

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    Neven - Two Irish Beef Recipes

    Minced beef and Onion pie with souffle crouton topping

    This is a great one pot or should I say frying pan meal. It has plenty of flavour and is topped with a fantastic bread and soufflé style topping that uses up bread that’s past its sell by date.

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    Nevens Recipes - Veggie salads- 1st August

    Bellingham Blue and Fennel Salad with Watercress, Pears and Walnuts

    Bellingham Blue is a creamy, blue-veined, award-winning Irish cheese that is handmade by Peter and Anita Thomas in Louth from a herd of Friesian cows. As an unpasteurised cheese it has a distinct tangy, almost nutty flavour with a slight hint of fruit.

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