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Friday 3rd April

Nevens Recipes - Fragrant roast spring lamb.

Something delicious for the Easter table.Including some seasonal cup cakes. Click here for full details  

Friday 27th March

Neven's Recipes - sea bass and prawn chowder

This is so delicious that it would be fantastic served as a smart lunch perhaps followed with a platter of continental meats and cheese. The base for the soup can ...

Friday 20th March

Neven's Recipes- Hambled' eggs on toasted muffins

If you are in a bit of a hurry to leave the house but want to have something substantial before going out, then these ham-scrambled eggs are the perfect way ...

Friday 13th March

Neven's Recipes - Coddled pork chops with Artisan cider

This is a perfect dish to serve on St. Patrick's Day as it takes very little time to prepare, which is handy as this year it falls on a Tuesday. ...

Friday 6th March

Neven's Recipes - Braised beef and potatoes with orange and juniper berries

Although you need to sear off the steaks to give them a bit of colour this really is just a one-pot wonder. Juniper berries are available from all large supermarkets ...

Friday 27th February

Nevens Recipes - Chicken and bacon stew with root vegetables

This is an excellent stew for making a large batch of and freezing half for another day. It will freeze well in plastic storage containers or freezer bags for up ...

Friday 20th February

Neven's Recipes - Gluten Free Quiche & Pear and mixed berry pudding.

Pear and mixed berry pudding This is a great pudding for a wet afternoon when you’ve a crowd of children in the house who are looking for a treat. It’s ...

Friday 13th February

Valentines duo! Baked eggs with spinach & ham & Cowboy rib eye with Basil Hollandaise

Surprise the one you love with this delicious breakfast that you should have on a tray in less than half an hour. Use smoked paprika if you can for a ...

Friday 6th February

Nevens Recipes - Filo-wrapped Chicken Parcels

Crisp filo pastry surrounds this moist, tender chicken to seal in all of those lovely flavours and Cheesey bacon and leek pasta Click here for full details

Friday 30th January

Nevens Recipes - Souffle omelette with smoked Haddock

Serves 4 This is actually very similar to a classic omelette Arnold Bennett. Properly cooked it is absolutely delicious and I've no doubt yourguests will savor every mouthful. If you ...



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Especially one's like this from Mark Bourke who says... 

'Marty on Lyric is my inoculation from anything the day can throw at me, he’s up there with Byrne, Wogan & Andrews as Ireland’s greatest broadcaster.'..........Thank you Mark......Tenner in the post!!

Other messages......

His morning show on Lyric is quite simply the best radio in Ireland. He has such a perfect delivery. An encyclopaedia of clever dadjokes and puns but with a light touch, never hanging on for the applause. Reminds me of a jolly, self-deprecating Colonel Mustard.   Jonathan McCrea

...Thanks very much for all the good cheer every morning Marty and never going on about all the bad news out there!! You are a tonic to be sure!! ........Patricia in Offaly

....Good morning Marty, I am a nurse working on night duty and listen to lyric through the night. Always glad to hear your dulcet tones at 7am as I know I will be off duty soon. .... Keep up the good work and music and the 'corny' jokes....Moira in Dublin 6



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