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    Lyric Through The Night Monday 1 September 2014


    Lyric Through the Night

    The best of classical music including full works, chamber music and RTÉ lyric fm's acclaimed CD releases.

    Music Played on the Show

    • 01:13
      Title: Piano Sonata No. 2 In B Flat Major Op. 36 (Revised Version) - Movement I - Allegro Agitato / Meno Mosso
      Complete Work Name: Piano Sonata No. 2 In B Flat Major Op. 36 (Revised Version)
      Composer: Rachmaninov, Sergei
      Performer(s): Howard Shelley (Piano)
      Performer(s): Howard Shelley (Piano)
      Album: The Complete Piano Music of Sergei Rachmaninov - Howard Shelley - Disk 6, Hyperion, CDS44046
      Duration: 8:01
    • 01:28
      Title: Völvens Spådom , Op.71
      Composer: J.P.E. Hartmann
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): Danish National Symphony Orchestra, Lund University Male -Voice Choir
      Album: J.P.E. Hartmann, Völvens spådom, Overturees, Not Available, PDCD
      Duration: 16:38
    • 01:45
      Title: Sonata A 5 In F Major
      Composer: Becker, Dietrich
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): Musica Antiqua Koln
      Album: Musica Baltica (Recordno: 4596192), Archiv, 4596192
      Duration: 6:57
    • 01:58
      Title: Cheti, Cheti Immantinente
      Composer: Donizetti, Gaetano
      Performer(s): Thomas Hampson (Baritone)
      Performer(s): Thomas Hampson (Baritone), Samuel Ramey (Bass)/ Xue-Wei (Violin), Munich Radio Orchestra
      Album: No Tenors Allowed - Hampson And Ramey, Teldec, 0630-13149-2
      Duration: 6:59
    • 02:05
      Title: Violin Concerto In A Major Hob. Viia;3 (1st Movement) Moderato
      Composer: Haydn, Joseph
      Performer(s): Giuliano Carmignola (Violin)
      Performer(s): Giuliano Carmignola (Violin), Orchestra Of The Champs-Elysees
      Album: Haydn / Violin Concertos, Archiv Produktion, 002894778774
      Duration: 11:00
    • 02:23
      Title: Sonata No.12 In A Flat Major (3rd Movement) Marcia Funebre
      Composer: Beethoven, Ludwig Van
      Performer(s): Javier Perianes (Piano)
      Performer(s): Javier Perianes (Piano)
      Album: Beethoven Moto Perpetuo Javier Perianes, harmonia mundi, HMC902138
      Duration: 6:50
    • 02:30
      Title: Piano Sonata No. 50 In C Major Hob. Xvi 50 - Movement I - Allegro
      Composer: Haydn, Franz Josef
      Performer(s): Marc-Andre Hamelin (Piano)
      Performer(s): Marc-Andre Hamelin (Piano)
      Album: Haydn - Piano Sonatas - Marc-Andre Hamelin - Disk 1, Hyperion Records, CDA67554
      Duration: 6:37
    • 02:56
      Title: Piano Quartet In E Flat Major, Woo 36, No 1 - Movement I - Adagio Assai
      Composer: Beethoven
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): New Zealand Piano Quartet, Richard Mapp (Pno), Yury Gezentsvey (Vln), Donald Maurice (Viola), David Chickering
      Album: Beethoven Piano Quartets WoO 36 - New Zealand Piano Quartet, NAXOS, 8570998
      Duration: 7:06
    • 03:03
      Title: Cello Sonata No. 2 In G Minor, Op 117 (Ii) Andante
      Composer: Faure, Gabriel
      Performer(s): Alban Gerhardt (Cello)
      Performer(s): Alban Gerhardt (Cello), Cecile Licad (Piano)
      Album: Faure Cello Sonatas, Hyoerion, CDA67872
      Duration: 7:42
    • 03:15
      Title: Symphonie Espagnole In D Minor Op.21 (3rd Movement) Intermezzo Allegretto Non Troppo
      Composer: Lalo, Edouard
      Performer(s): Shlomo Mintz (Violin)
      Performer(s): Shlomo Mintz (Violin), Israel Philharmonic
      Album: Lalo Vieuxtemps Saint-Saens Shlomo Mintz, Brialliant Classics, 94070
      Duration: 6:03
    • 03:21
      Title: Piano Sonata In C Minor. D958 (1st Movement) Allegro
      Composer: Schubert, Franz
      Performer(s): Alfred Brendel (Piano)
      Performer(s): Alfred Brendel (Piano)
      Album: Alfred Brendel Schubert Piano Works 1822 - 1828 ~~ PD OB, Decca, 4782622
      Duration: 10:26
    • 03:37
      Title: Cello Concerto In G Minor Rv416 - Movement Iii - Allegro
      Composer: Vivaldi, Antonio
      Performer(s): Jonathan Cohen (Cello)
      Performer(s): Jonathan Cohen (Cello), Robert King (Harpsichord), The King's Consort
      Album: Vivaldi: Cello Concertos - Jonathan Cohen - The King's Consort: Robert King, Hyperion, CDA67553
      Duration: 3:05
    • 03:41
      Title: Concerto For Two Flutes (1st Movement) Allegro
      Composer: Cimarosa, Domenico
      Performer(s): James Galway (Flute)
      Performer(s): James Galway (Flute), Jeanne Galway (Flute), London Mozart Players
      Album: Hommage a Rampal, RCA Red Seal, 09026637012
      Duration: 9:48
    • 03:50
      Title: Violin Concerto In B Flat
      Composer: Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista
      Performer(s): Giuliano Carmignola (Violin)
      Performer(s): Giuliano Carmignola (Violin), Orchestra Mozart
      Album: LCON 29-12-2011 ~~ C10004, Archiv, 4778464
      Duration: 12:27
    • 04:03
      Title: Overture To La Princesse Jaune
      Composer: Saint-Saens, Camille
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): London Philharmonic Orchestra
      Album: Saint-Saens Requiem/ Organ Symphony, CALA, 4032
      Duration: 6:45
    • 04:10
      Title: Ein Deutsches Requiem Op.45
      Composer: Brahms, Johannes
      Performer(s): Anna Tomova-Sintow
      Performer(s): Anna Tomova-Sintow, Radio Symphony Orchestra, Rundfunk Choir
      Album: Classic FM Midnight Moods, Classic FM Records, CFMCD15
      Duration: 6:43
    • 04:23
      Title: Suonate Iii In G Minor
      Complete Work Name: Buxtehude: Vii Suonate, Op. 2
      Composer: Buxtehude, Dietrich
      Performer(s): Catherine Weiss (Violin)
      Performer(s): Catherine Weiss (Violin), Richard Boothby (Viola Da Gamba), Robert Woolley (Harpsichord), The Purcell Quartet
      Album: Buxtehude: VII Suonate, Op. 2, Chandos, CHAN 0784
      Duration: 10:36
    • 04:34
      Title: Hebrides Overture -- Not Available
      Composer: Mendelssohn, Felix
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): London Symphony Orchestra
      Album: Mendelssohn: Overtures ~~ G055107, Deutsche Grammophon, 423104
      Duration: 10:22
    • 04:51
      Title: Piano Quartet In D (3rd Movement) Finale: Allegro Scherzando
      Composer: Dvorak, Antonin
      Performer(s): Susan Tomes (Piano)
      Performer(s): Susan Tomes (Piano), Domus Ensemble
      Album: Dvorak: Piano Quartets - Domus, Hyperion, CDA66287
      Duration: 7:32
    • 05:16
      Title: Danny Boy (Derry Air) -- Derry Air
      Composer: Trad/Harty
      Performer(s): Pan Hon Lee (Violin)
      Performer(s): Pan Hon Lee (Violin), Ulster Orchestra
      Album: Hamilton Harty (Recordno: Chan6583) ~~ G230005, Chandos, Chan6583
      Duration: 5:30
    • 05:22
      Title: Clarinet Concerto No.2 (3rd Movement)
      Complete Work Name: Clarinet Concerto No.2
      Composer: Crusell, Bernhard Henrik
      Performer(s): Emma Johnson (Clarinet)
      Performer(s): Emma Johnson (Clarinet), English Chamber Orchestra
      Album: Crusell ~~ H618206, ASV, Cddca784
      Duration: 6:16
    • 05:59
      Title: Angels Alight In The Messy Evening Sky
      Composer: Budd, Harold
      Performer(s): Harold Budd (Piano, Vocal)
      Performer(s): Harold Budd (Piano, Vocal), Zeitgeist
      Album: She is a Phantom (Recordno: NA066CD), New Albion, NA066CD
      Duration: 2:37
    • 06:01
      Title: Romeo And Juliet Suite No. 1 Op. 64 Bis
      Composer: Prokofiev, Sergei
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): Scottish National Orchestra
      Album: LCON-TUE130410 (Recordno: CDH0336), Not Available, CDH0336
      Duration: 28:23
    • 06:29
      Title: Cello Concerto In G Minor (3rd Movement) Allegro Non Tanto
      Complete Work Name: Cello Concerto In G Minor
      Composer: Monn, Matthias Georg
      Performer(s): Jacqueline Du Pre (Cello)
      Performer(s): Jacqueline Du Pre (Cello), Valda Aveling (Harpsichord Continuo), London Symphony Orchestra
      Album: The Sound of Jacqueline du Pre, EMI, 50999 0 91975 2 7
      Duration: 6:23
    • 06:41
      Title: Violin Concerto No.1 In G Minor (2nd Movement)
      Composer: Bruch, Max
      Performer(s): Ioana Petcu-Colan (Violin)
      Performer(s): Ioana Petcu-Colan (Violin), Rte Concert Orchestra
      Album: Four x Four ~~ CDH07943, RTE Lyric FM, CD105
      Duration: 8:34

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