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    Lyric Through The Night Friday 13 June 2014


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    The best of classical music including full works, chamber music and RTÉ lyric fm's acclaimed CD releases.

    Music Played on the Show

    • 01:00
      Title: Concerto I: Spring
      Composer: Guido, Giovanni Antonio
      Performer(s): Claire Balding (Violin)
      Performer(s): Claire Balding (Violin), The Band Of Instruments
      Album: Giovanni Guido: The Four Seasons (2013), Divine Art, dda25072
      Duration: 14:01
    • 01:15
      Title: Violin Concerto In C Major Hob. Viia;1 (1st Movement) Allegro Moderato
      Composer: Haydn, Joseph
      Performer(s): Giuliano Carmignola (Violin)
      Performer(s): Giuliano Carmignola (Violin), Orchestra Of The Champs-Elysees
      Album: Haydn / Violin Concertos, Archiv Produktion, 002894778774
      Duration: 9:17
    • 01:52
      Title: Cello Suite No.1 In G (4th Movement) Sarabande
      Composer: Bach, J S
      Performer(s): Jacqueline Du Pre (Cello)
      Performer(s): Jacqueline Du Pre (Cello)
      Album: The Sound of Jacqueline du Pre, EMI, 50999 0 91975 2 7
      Duration: 4:11
    • 01:58
      Title: Piano Quartet No.2 (2nd Movement) Andante Pensieroso Ed Espressivo
      Composer: Enescu, George
      Performer(s): Anne Solomon (Violin), Ralf Ehlers (Viola)
      Performer(s): Anne Solomon (Violin), Ralf Ehlers (Viola), Rebecca Gilliver (Cello), Dominic Saunders (Piano)
      Album: George Enescu - Piano Quintet, Piano Quartet No.2, Naxos, 8.557159
      Duration: 7:54
    • 02:13
      Title: Concerto In F Major (1st Movement) Allegro Moderato
      Composer: Haydn, Franz Josef
      Performer(s): Adelina Oprean (Violin)
      Performer(s): Adelina Oprean (Violin), Justin Oprean (Piano), European Union Chamber Orchestra
      Album: Haydn Violin Concertos . Violin and Piano Concerto ~~ PD OB, Helios, CDH55007
      Duration: 6:50
    • 02:29
      Title: Clarinet Concerto No.4 In E Minor Woo20
      Composer: Spohr, Louis
      Performer(s): Sabine Meyer (Clarinet)
      Performer(s): Sabine Meyer (Clarinet), Academy Of Saint Martin In The Fields
      Album: LCON-TUE250510, EMI Classics, 094637978627
      Duration: 24:11
    • 02:54
      Title: Orontea: Intorno All'idol Mio
      Complete Work Name: Orontea
      Composer: Cesti, Antonio
      Performer(s): Joyce Didonato (Soprano)
      Performer(s): Joyce Didonato (Soprano), Il Complesso Barocco
      Album: Drama Queens Joyce DiDonato, Virgin, 5099960265425
      Duration: 6:47
    • 03:07
      Title: String Quartet No.2 In B Major (1st Movement) Allegretto
      Composer: Zimmermann, Anton
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): Peter Zajicek (Violin), Milos Valent (Violin), Jan Grener (Viola), Peter Kiral (Cello), Musica Aeterna Soloists
      Album: Zimmermann: String Quartet Nos. 1-3, Naxos, 8.553952
      Duration: 6:59
    • 03:15
      Title: Piano Concerto No.1 In B Flat Minor (1st Movement) Allegro Non Troppo - Allegro Con Spirito
      Composer: Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich
      Performer(s): Lang Lang (Piano)
      Performer(s): Lang Lang (Piano), Chicago Symphony Orchestra
      Album: Lang Lang : It's Me. The Piano Concertos ~~, Deutsche Grammophon, 4791500
      Duration: 23:01
    • 03:45
      Title: A Tapesty Of Life (3rd Movement) Sighs And Tears
      Composer: Rautavaara, Einojuhani
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra
      Album: Rautavaara - Before The Icons / A Tapestry Of Life, Ondine, ODE 1149-2
      Duration: 7:50
    • 03:53
      Title: Air Travel -- Not Available
      Composer: Farrell, Ciaran
      Performer(s): Damien Kelly (Guitar)
      Performer(s): Damien Kelly (Guitar)
      Album: Jolt, Farrell Kelly, Not Available
      Duration: 4:23
    • 04:05
      Title: Final Movement - Con Moto
      Composer: Barber, Samuel
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
      Album: Barber - Symphony No 1, Argo, 436288-2
      Duration: 3:55
    • 04:09
      Title: Cello Suite (Solo) No.3 In A Minor Op.131c No.1
      Composer: Reger, Max
      Performer(s): Alban Gerhardt (Cello)
      Performer(s): Alban Gerhardt (Cello)
      Album: LCON-MON050710, Hyperion, CDA67582
      Duration: 16:01
    • 04:33
      Title: Horn Sonata In F Major (3rd Movement) Rondo-Allegro
      Composer: Ries, Ferdinand
      Performer(s): Thomas Muller (Horn)
      Performer(s): Thomas Muller (Horn), Edoardo Torbianelli (Piano)
      Album: Sonatas For Horn And Piano, Harmonia Mundi, Hmc905250
      Duration: 6:53
    • 04:50
      Title: Chaconne -- Les Indes Galantes (1735) - Orchestral Suite
      Composer: Rameau, Jean Philippe
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): Le Concert Des Nations
      Album: Rameau: L'Orchestre de Louis XV - Orchestral Suites ~~ CDH09551, Alia Vox, AVSA9882A+B
      Duration: 5:37
    • 04:56
      Title: Violin Concerto In D Minor (3rd Movement) Allegro Ma Non Tanto
      Composer: Sibelius, Jean
      Performer(s): Kyung-Wha Chung (Violin)
      Performer(s): Kyung-Wha Chung (Violin), London Symphony Orchestra
      Album: Kyung Wha Chung Plays (Recordno: 452325-2), Decca, 452325-2
      Duration: 7:38
    • 05:16
      Title: Concerto In E Minor Op.64 (1st Movement) - Allegro Molto Appassionato
      Composer: Mendelssohn, Felix
      Performer(s): Anne-Sophie Mutter (Violin)
      Performer(s): Anne-Sophie Mutter (Violin), Gewandhausorchester Leipzig
      Album: Mendelssohn - Anne-Sophie Mutter, Deutsche Grammophon, 4778575
      Duration: 12:19
    • 05:29
      Title: Cantata: Quel Vago Seno, O Fille - Aria 2
      Composer: Hasse, Johann Adolph
      Performer(s): Julianne Baird (Soprano)
      Performer(s): Julianne Baird (Soprano), Nancy Hadden (Flute); Erin Headley (Viola Da Gamba); Malcolm Proud (Harpsichord)
      Album: Hasse: Cantatas, Ballads and Sonatas, CRD, CRD3488
      Duration: 7:38
    • 06:11
      Title: Piano Concerto No.2 In E Minor (1st Movement) Allegro Maestoso
      Composer: Kalkbrenner, Fredreich
      Performer(s): Howard Shelley (Piano)
      Performer(s): Howard Shelley (Piano), Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra
      Album: Kalkbrenner : Piano Concertos 2 & 3, Hyperion, CDA67843
      Duration: 13:56
    • 06:35
      Title: Concerto For Violincello And Strings No. 2 In D Major - Movement I - Allegro
      Complete Work Name: Concerto For Violincello And Strings No. 2 In D Major
      Composer: Boccherini, Luigi
      Performer(s): Mstislav Rostropovich (Cello)
      Performer(s): Mstislav Rostropovich (Cello), Collegium Musicum Zurich
      Album: Vivaldi, Tartini, Boccherini: Cello Concertos, Deutsche Grammophon, 477 6337
      Duration: 6:45
    • 06:51
      Title: Festa Criolla From Romantic Symphony (2nd Movement)
      Composer: Gottschalk, Louis Moreau
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): Hot Springs Music Festival Orchestra
      Album: American Classics (Recordno: 8.559036) ~~ D373111, Naxos, 8.559036
      Duration: 6:04
    • 06:57
      Title: Mass In C 'Coronation' Benedictus
      Composer: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
      Performer(s): Anna Tomowa-Sintow (Soprano)
      Performer(s): Anna Tomowa-Sintow (Soprano), Jose Van Dam (Bass), Werner Krenn (Tenor), Agnes Baltsa (Mezzo-Soprano), Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
      Album: Mozart: Cornation Mass, Deutsche Grammophon, 423913-2
      Duration: 3:20

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