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    Lyric Through The Night Tuesday 14 January 2014


    Lyric Through the Night

    The best of classical music including full works, chamber music and RTÉ lyric fm's acclaimed CD releases.

    Music Played on the Show

    Track Name: La Gamme en forme de petit Opera (iv) so
    Composer: Marais, Marin
    Duration: 12:47

    Track Name: Jussi Bjorling introduces himself/ Celes
    Composer: Verdi, Giuseppe
    Duration: 00:30

    Track Name: Agnus Dei (Adagio For Strings)
    Composer: Barber, Samuel
    Duration: 10:59

    Track Name: Symphony on a French Mountain Air Op.25
    Composer: D'Indy, Vincent
    Duration: 06:41

    Track Name: Violin Concerto No.2 in D Major KV211 (1
    Composer: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
    Duration: 08:25

    Track Name: Ottone, Re di Germania - Aria "Vieni o f
    Composer: Handel, George Frideric
    Duration: 06:50

    Track Name: String Quartet in E minor (3rd movement)
    Composer: Saint-Saens, Camille
    Duration: 07:48

    Track Name: The Mad Scene
    Composer: Donizetti, Gaetano
    Duration: 15:26

    Track Name: Piano Sonata in E flat (4th movement)
    Composer: Beethoven, Ludwig van
    Duration: 06:56

    Track Name: Concerto in D minor BWV1052 - I. Allegro
    Composer: Bach, Johann Sebastian
    Duration: 08:07

    Track Name: Variations Op.84 (2nd movement) Allegret
    Composer: Giuliani, Mauro
    Duration: 07:54

    Track Name: Trumpet Concerto in E flat (1st movement
    Composer: Hummel, Johann Nepomuk
    Duration: 09:25

    Track Name: Concerto in F major BWV 1057 (1st moveme
    Composer: Bach, Johann Sebastian
    Duration: 07:12

    Track Name: Violin Sonata in A minor
    Composer: Vaughan Williams, Ralph
    Duration: 27:25

    Track Name: Questo e il piano, e questo e il rio
    Composer: Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista
    Duration: 06:51

    Track Name: Piano Quintet No.2 in A Major Op.81 (4th
    Composer: Dvorak, Antonin
    Duration: 07:50

    Track Name: Quintet in A Major - Tema con variazioni
    Composer: Schubert, Franz
    Duration: 07:27

    Track Name: Sonate Op.1 No.4 in G major (1st movemen
    Composer: Piani, Giovanni Antonio
    Duration: 01:32

    Track Name: Meditation, Mediation, Meditation
    Composer: Geistweidt, Jason E
    Duration: 09:30

    Track Name: Andante with Variations Op34
    Composer: Spohr, Louis
    Duration: 08:19

    Track Name: Kleine Tonstucke - Commodetto
    Composer: Rollig
    Duration: 01:30

    Track Name: Sonata VI, BuxWV 257
    Composer: Buxtehude, Dietrich
    Duration: 07:53

    Track Name: Harp Concerto (2nd movement) Larghetto
    Composer: Dittersdorf, Carl Ditters von
    Duration: 07:10

    Track Name: Parabola Concertante for cello, strings
    Composer: Shchedrin, Rodian
    Duration: 16:15

    Track Name: Valse Fantasie in B minor
    Composer: Glinka, Mikhail
    Duration: 08:03

    Track Name: Rondo Capriccioso Op14
    Complete Work Name: Rondo Capriccioso Op14
    Duration: 06:01

    Track Name: Concert study No.3 - Un Sospiro
    Composer: Liszt, Franz
    Duration: 06:02

    Track Name: Confitebor tibi Domine (5)
    Composer: Monteverdi, Claudio
    Duration: 08:14

    Track Name: Clarinet Concerto No.3 in B flat (2nd mo
    Composer: Crusell, Bernhard Henrik
    Duration: 06:41

    Track Name: Spring Waters, Opus 14, No.11
    Composer: Rachmaninov, Sergei
    Duration: 02:05

    Track Name: Spike
    Composer: Psathas, John
    Duration: 08:21

    Track Name: Crucifixus etiam pro nobis (extract)
    Composer: Vivaldi, Antonio
    Duration: 02:52

    Track Name: Clarinet Concerto No.2 in E Flat Op 74 (
    Composer: Weber, Carl Maria von
    Duration: 08:46

    Track Name: Two Album Leaves in C minor (2nd Movemen
    Composer: Field, John
    Duration: 01:35

    Track Name: Moderato for cello and piano
    Composer: Shostakovitch, Dmitri
    Duration: 02:37

    Track Name: Zapateado (Spanish Dance) Opus 23
    Composer: De Sarasate, Pablo
    Duration: 03:22

    Track Name: My Girl's a Yorkshire Girl
    Composer: Murphy/Lipton
    Duration: 03:38

    Track Name: Concerto For Cello and Orchestra (2nd mo
    Composer: Honegger, Arthur
    Duration: 04:10

    Track Name: Piano Quartet no. 3 in C minor Opus 60
    Composer: Brahms, Johannes
    Duration: 34:44

    Track Name: Cello Concerto No.1 in C Hob.VIIb:1 (3rd
    Composer: Haydn, Joseph
    Duration: 06:51

    Track Name: Concerto in D for Flute, Strings and Bas
    Composer: Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann
    Duration: 06:59

    Track Name: Concierto de Aranjuez (2nd movement) Ada
    Composer: Rodrigo, Joaquin
    Duration: 10:26

    Track Name: Violin Sonata in A (1st movement)
    Composer: Franck, Cesar
    Duration: 06:23

    Track Name: Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen -
    Composer: Mahler, Gustav
    Duration: 07:03

    Track Name: Piano Sonata in C major (3rd movement) A
    Composer: Haydn, Franz Josef
    Duration: 02:25

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