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    Lyric Through The Night Wednesday 19 June 2013


    Lyric Through the Night

    The best of classical music including full works, chamber music and RTÉ lyric fm's acclaimed CD releases.

    Music Played on the Programme

    Track Name: Suite No.1 in C major BWV 1007 (3rd mov
    Composer: Bach, Johann Sebastian
    Duration: 02:51

    Track Name: Wind Quintet (3rd movement)
    Composer: Taffanel, Paul
    Duration: 07:51

    Track Name: Variations 1 - 5
    Composer: Liszt, Franz
    Duration: 15:12

    Track Name: Klavierstuck No.2: Allegretto
    Composer: Schubert, Franz
    Duration: 08:34

    Track Name: The Muse and the Poet
    Composer: Saint-Saens, Camille
    Duration: 15:21

    Track Name: The Trumpet Shall Sound
    Composer: Handel, George Frideric
    Duration: 08:51

    Track Name: Concerto for Flute, Clarinet and String
    Composer: Haller, Hermann
    Duration: 04:57

    Track Name: Duo for Cello and Piano Opus 59 - movemen
    Composer: Raff, Joachim
    Duration: 06:52

    Track Name: Clarinet Concerto No.3 in B flat (3rd mo
    Composer: Crusell, Bernhard Henrik
    Duration: 07:50

    Track Name: Violin Sonata in D Major (3rd movement)
    Composer: Vivaldi, Antonio
    Duration: 03:21

    Track Name: String Quartet in D major (2nd movement)
    Composer: Haydn, Joseph
    Duration: 06:18

    Track Name: Trumpet Concerto in E-Flat (Ist movement
    Composer: Hummel, Johann Nepomuk
    Duration: 09:18

    Track Name: Rosa del Ciel
    Composer: Monteverdi, Claudio
    Duration: 02:01

    Track Name: Reverie et Caprice Opus 8
    Composer: Berlioz, Hector
    Duration: 06:59

    Track Name: Concerto Grosso in D major (1st movement
    Composer: Stolzel, Gottfried Heinrich
    Duration: 06:17

    Track Name: Piano Concerto No.2 in E minor (3rd move
    Composer: Kalkbrenner, Fredreich
    Duration: 12:13

    Track Name: Piano Concerto No.2 in D minor Op.40 (3r
    Composer: Mendelssohn, Felix
    Duration: 06:35

    Track Name: Violin Sonata No.6 'La Vinciolina'
    Composer: Pandolfi, Paolo
    Duration: 07:19

    Track Name: Guitar Quintet in E minor (1st movement)
    Composer: Boccherini, Luigi
    Duration: 07:17

    Track Name: Symphony No.2 Opus 63 (3rd movement) Ro
    Composer: Elgar, Edward
    Duration: 08:15

    Track Name: Profezie, di me diceste
    Composer: Caldara, Antonio
    Duration: 07:39

    Track Name: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
    Composer: Khachaturian, Aram
    Duration: 33:13

    Track Name: Nocturne in F sharp minor
    Composer: Chopin, Frederic
    Duration: 06:56

    Track Name: Bassoon Concerto (1st movement) - Allegr
    Composer: Rossini, Gioachino
    Duration: 07:38

    Track Name: Duett-Concertino - movement III - Rondo
    Composer: Strauss, Richard
    Duration: 09:57

    Track Name: Overture - Demophon
    Composer: Cherubini, Luigi
    Duration: 06:36

    Track Name: Bell Song
    Composer: Delibes, Leo
    Duration: 07:51

    Track Name: Concerto No.2 in G minor - movement III
    Composer: Lebrun, Ludwig August
    Duration: 06:30

    Track Name: Violin Sonata No.2 in D (3rd movement)
    Composer: Schumann, Robert
    Duration: 06:05

    Track Name: Questo e il piano, e questo e il rio
    Composer: Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista
    Duration: 06:51

    Track Name: Wie nahte mir der Schlummer - Leise, lei
    Composer: Weber, Carl Maria von
    Duration: 08:04

    Track Name: Concerto No 1 in B flat major for two cl
    Composer: Tausch, Franz Wilhelm
    Duration: 05:04

    Track Name: Symphony No.2 in C minor 'Little Russian
    Composer: Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich
    Duration: 34:25

    Track Name: I Can Smell the Sea Air
    Composer: Previn, Andre
    Duration: 03:33

    Track Name: String Quartet Op.11 - Adagio
    Composer: Barber, Samuel
    Duration: 07:22

    Track Name: Fantasia para un Gentilhombre
    Composer: Rodrigo, Joaquin
    Duration: 21:12

    Track Name: Fantasia and Sonata in C minor - movemen
    Composer: Pinto, George Frederick
    Duration: 02:47

    Track Name: Auf Christi Himmelfahrt Allein (On Chris
    Composer: Bach, Johann Sebastian
    Duration: 06:47

    Track Name: String Quartet No1 in E Flat (4th moveme
    Composer: Cherubini, Luigi
    Duration: 04:41

    Track Name: Rondo in G minor Op.94
    Composer: Dvorak, Antonin
    Duration: 07:08

    Track Name: Toy Symphony: Menuetto
    Composer: Mozart, Leopold
    Duration: 03:28


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