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    Lorcan Murray's Weekend Drive Sunday 15 June 2014


    Lorcan Murray's Weekend Drive

    Some of the world's best music played by the world's finest musicians, familiar favourites and new recordings. Plus news and traffic updates.

    Music Played on the Show

    • 16:01
      Title: Largo Al Factotum -- Barber Of Seville
      Composer: Rossini, Gioachino
      Performer(s): Robert Merrill (Baritone)
      Performer(s): Robert Merrill (Baritone), Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
      Album: The Only Opera Album You'll Ever Need (Recordno: 75605513562) ~~ C674311, RCA Victor, 75605513562
      Duration: 4:58
    • 16:08
      Title: Holberg Suite (5th Movement) Rigaudon: Allegro Con Brio -- Not Available
      Composer: Grieg, Edvard
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): Norwegian Philharmonic Orchestra
      Album: Not Available (Recordno: 411933-2) ~~ G001708, Decca, 411933-2
      Duration: 3:39
    • 16:12
      Title: Tik-Tak Polka
      Composer: Strauss, Johann Ii
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): Hungarian State Orchestra
      Album: Johann Strauss I and II (Recordno: Hcd12600-2) ~~ G006804, Hungaraton, Hcd12600-2
      Duration: 2:56
    • 16:15
      Title: Flute Quintet No.6 In D Major 'Las Parejas' (2nd Movement) Galope
      Composer: Boccherini, Luigi
      Performer(s): Carlo Ipata (Flute)
      Performer(s): Carlo Ipata (Flute), Auser Musici
      Album: Boccherini: Six Quintets for Flute and Strings, Hyperion, CDA67646
      Duration: 3:38
    • 16:26
      Title: Gigue -- Not Available
      Composer: Hue, Georges
      Performer(s): Edward Beckett (Flute)
      Performer(s): Edward Beckett (Flute), London Festival Orchestra
      Album: Fantaisie Romantic French Flute Music, Black Box, BBM1049
      Duration: 4:10
    • 16:33
      Title: Scherzo A La Russe
      Composer: Stravinsky, Igor
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): London Symphony Orchestra
      Album: Stravinsky: Firebird, Nightingale & More, Mercury, 432012-2
      Duration: 3:50
    • 16:39
      Title: American Songs - One Life To Live
      Composer: Weill, Kurt
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): Richard King (Horn) Steven Witser (Trombone) Craig Knox (Tuba), Centre City Brass Quintet - Anthony Dilorenzo / Geoffrey Hardcastle (Trumpet)
      Album: Kurt Weill from Berlin to Broadway, CHANDOS, CHAN9924
      Duration: 4:20
    • 16:43
      Title: Mariettas Song
      Composer: Korngold, Erich Wolfgang
      Performer(s): Kiri Te Kanawa (Soprano)
      Performer(s): Kiri Te Kanawa (Soprano), Philharmonia Orchestra
      Album: German Opera Arias (Recordno: 556417) ~~ A234711, Emi, 556417
      Duration: 5:35
    • 17:01
      Title: Rigaudon, From Le Tombeau De Couperin
      Composer: Ravel, Maurice
      Performer(s): Harold Gomberg (Oboe)
      Performer(s): Harold Gomberg (Oboe), New York Philharmonic Orchestra
      Album: Passport to France (Recordno: SFK47278), Sony, SFK47278
      Duration: 3:00
    • 17:05
      Title: Rising Early In The Morning
      Composer: Gilbert And Sullivan
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): King's Singers
      Album: The King's Singers: Here's a Howdy Do!, BMG, 09026618852
      Duration: 4:20
    • 17:09
      Title: Walk Between The Raindrops
      Composer: Fagen, Donald
      Performer(s): Viktoria Mullova (Violin)
      Performer(s): Viktoria Mullova (Violin), Julian Joseph (Piano)
      Album: Through the Looking Glass - Viktoria Mullova, Philip Classics, 464 184-2
      Duration: 2:47
    • 17:13
      Title: Marche Militaire Francaise
      Composer: Saint-Saens, Camille
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): Kristiansand Blaseensemble
      Album: Over the Hills and Far Away ~~ G455801, 2l, 2L31
      Duration: 4:29
    • 17:18
      Title: Vocalise Op.34, No.14
      Composer: Rachmaninov, Sergei
      Performer(s): Lisa Batiashvili (Violin)
      Performer(s): Lisa Batiashvili (Violin), Helene Grimaud (Piano)
      Album: Echoes of Time - Lisa Batiashvili / Grimaud / Salonen, Deutsche Grammophon, 4779299
      Duration: 5:39
    • 17:35
      Title: Marguerite Waltz
      Composer: Gounod, Charles
      Performer(s): Gounod, Charles
      Performer(s): I Salonisti
      Album: Titanic - Anniversary Edition, Sony Classical, 86919 62052
      Duration: 2:35
    • 17:39
      Title: Cavatina -- Not Available
      Composer: Myers, Stanley
      Performer(s): Craig Ogden (Guitar)
      Performer(s): Craig Ogden (Guitar), The Tippett Quartet
      Album: Craig Ogden Summertime ~~ PD OB, Universal, CFMD20
      Duration: 4:27
    • 17:45
      Title: I Dreamt I Dwelled In Marble Halls
      Composer: Balfe, Michael William
      Performer(s): Sumi Jo (Soprano)
      Performer(s): Sumi Jo (Soprano), Rusein Bunes (Viola), Studio Orchestra
      Album: The Sumi Jo Collection ~~ PD LN, Warner Classics & Jazz, 256468814-3
      Duration: 3:49
    • 17:50
      Title: Concerto For Violin And Orchestra In D Major (3rd Movement) Allegro Giocoso, Ma Non Troppo Vivave-Poco Piu Presto
      Complete Work Name: Concerto For Violin And Orchestra In D Major Op.77
      Composer: Brahms, Johannes
      Performer(s): Lisa Batiashvili (Violin)
      Performer(s): Lisa Batiashvili (Violin), Staatskapelle Dresden
      Album: Lisa Batiashvili : Johannes Brahms, Clara Schumann, Deutsche Grammophon, 002894790086
      Duration: 8:03
    • 18:06
      Title: Flute Concerto No.2 (3rd Movement) Polacca
      Composer: Danzi, Franz
      Performer(s): James Galway (Flute)
      Performer(s): James Galway (Flute), Wurtenberg Chamber Orchestra
      Album: Danzi: Flute and Clarinet Concertos ~~ H455403, BMG, 09026619762
      Duration: 5:34
    • 18:13
      Title: Miss Macdermot & Lady Gethin
      Composer: Carolan, Turlough O
      Performer(s): Anne-Marie O'Farrell (Harp)
      Performer(s): Anne-Marie O'Farrell (Harp), Cormac De Barra (Harp)
      Album: Double Strung ~~ R421010, Not Available, Not Available
      Duration: 3:50
    • 18:16
      Title: The March Of Siamese Children
      Composer: Rodgers, Richard
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): Rte Concert Orchestra
      Album: Classics for Children - 22 Favourite Orchestral Classics, RTE lyric fm, CD129
      Duration: 3:37
    • 18:27
      Title: Wiegenlied
      Composer: Strauss, Richard
      Performer(s): Kiri Te Kanawa (Soprano)
      Performer(s): Kiri Te Kanawa (Soprano), London Symphony Orchestra
      Album: Strauss: Kiri Te Kanawa ~~, CBS Masterworks, MK 76794
      Duration: 3:36
    • 18:34
      Title: Candide: Overture
      Composer: Bernstein, Leonard
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): Rte National Symphony Orchestra
      Album: RTÉ National Symphony Orcestra: Copland, Bernstein, Not Available, Not Available
      Duration: 4:45
    • 18:39
      Title: Anitra's Dance & In The Hall Of The Mountain King
      Composer: Grieg, Edvard
      Performer(s): (Lyric) Not Available
      Performer(s): Bbc Concert Orchestra
      Album: The Very Best of Melodies for You, BBC, WMEF0055-2
      Duration: 6:40
    • 18:46
      Title: Cello Concerto No.1 In C Hob.Viib:1 (1st Movement) Moderato
      Composer: Haydn, Joseph
      Performer(s): Jacqueline Du Pre (Cello)
      Performer(s): Jacqueline Du Pre (Cello), English Chamber Orchestra
      Album: The Sound of Jacqueline du Pre, EMI, 50999 0 91975 2 7
      Duration: 9:31
    • 18:56
      Title: Nostalgico
      Composer: Plaza, Julian
      Performer(s): Sefika Kutluer (Flute)
      Performer(s): Sefika Kutluer (Flute), Peter Breiner (Piano) Juraj Griglak/Boris Lenko (Accordian) Juraj Bartos (Trumpet) Cyril Zelenak (Drums), Razumovsky Orchestra
      Album: Tango Goes Symphony, Naxos, 8.557004
      Duration: 4:21

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