Lorcan Murray's Weekend Drive

    Saturday & Sunday, 4 - 7pm

    This Saturday and Sunday Lorcan is featuring a new Karajan Christmas album which includes movements from his famous Baroque Christmas concertos and traditional Christmas songs recorded with Leontyne Price along with  other festive favourites...Listen in for today's question as there'll be a few to be won!

    Lorcan Murray's Weekend Drive Saturday 1 March 2014


    Lorcan Murray's Weekend Drive

    Lorcan features recordings of music by Chopin who was born on this day in 1810.

    This sunday Lorcan will feature the 10th episode in our special series “As it Lives and Breathes” by Grey Heron Media which creates a Sound portrait of Limerick  marking Limerick’s tenure as City of Culture 2014.This week.. Passion.

    Lorcan Murray's Weekend Drive

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