Lorcan Murray's Classic Drive

Lorcan Murray's Classic Drive

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Thursday 20th April

Culture File: Odette at the Osmotheque

Scent correspondent, Odette Toilette, sniffs her way through forty years of classic perfumes

Wednesday 19th April

Culture File: History Through The Wringer

Austin O’Sullivan on one of the 20th century’s most influential inventions – the washing machine

Tuesday 18th April

Culture File: Farming Then

Austin O’Sullivan built the Irish Agricultural Museum from a collection of farm equipment he began in the 1970s

Friday 7th April

Culture File: Bitter Herbs and Blessed Eggs

Restaurateur, Giorgio Casari, on some persistent Easter traditions of his home town in Northern Italy

Thursday 6th April

Culture File: Mssrs Levin and Levin, artistes

Actor-playwright, Aideen Wylde, calls her new play, Levin and Levin, an ode to displaced children across the world

Wednesday 5th April

Culture File: Salts of the World with Katie Kim

Katie Kim on 'going classical,' her latest album, Salt, and the distinctive taste of Hawaiian Red Clay salt

Tuesday 4th April

Culture File: Watching The Watchers with Big Brother Watch UK

Renata Samson of Big Brother Watch UK, is keeping an eye on who shares your data

Monday 3rd April

Culture File: Literally the most popular artist in the world

Rated by museum admittances to her shows, Australian artist, Patricia Piccinini wins 2016

Friday 31st March

Culture File: Xyrena's scent memories

Love the chlorinated smell of a water ride? Dig the choco whiff of nutella? Killian Wells has the perfume for you

Thursday 30th March

Culture File: The Dancer's Journey

Rebeca Mateos Morante's dancing days lead from the Latin phase of Madonna to the philosophy of Jacques Lacan

Wednesday 29th March

Culture File: Finding Máirtín Ó Cadhain...in Prague

Radvan Markus is a rather singular creature: a Czech gaeilgeoir and translator of Irish literature

Tuesday 28th March

Culture File: Nick Zollicker, Smell Detective

Real life smell scientist, Avery Gilbert, has created a fictional sleuth specialising in fragrant mysteries

Monday 27th March

Culture File: The Eternal Light of Harry Clarke

Among the lilacs, greens, scarlets and deep, deep blues of Harry Clarke’s stained glass in St Mary's, Ballinrobe

Friday 24th March

Culture File: Lady Chatterley’s Tinderbot

Artist, Libby Heaney’s online love experiment, Lady Chatterley’s Tinderbot, set a Lawrencian chatbot loose on Tinder

Thursday 23rd March

Culture File: What is it with organs and dictators?

Opera director, Michael Sturminger mediates on pipes and power in Call Me God, his collab with John Malkovich

Wednesday 22nd March

Culture File: Confetti Falling in the Rain

Colette Cassidy and Nigel Clark on their first set of original soon-to-be-standards written by the pair

Tuesday 21st March

Culture File: Live at King John's Castle

Medievalist, Catherine Swift, talks to Culture File about viking Limerick, the surnames of old Limerick and what we know about the origins and uses of King John's Castle

Monday 20th March

Culture File: Manga, it's not just for kids y'know...

Katsushika Hokusai and the 19th century roots of Japanese graphic storytelling

Thursday 16th March

Culture File: The Darkness Is Gaining On Bela Tarr

The world's greatest living filmmaker, Bela Tarr, on film, philosophy and the fading of the light

Wednesday 15th March

Culture File: View from the Corner Office

Gazing into the future of the Elbphilharmonie, with the director of Hamburg's new hall, Christoph Lieben-Seutter

Tuesday 14th March

Culture File: The Elbphilharmonie Opens

Six years late and ten times over-budget, Hamburg's new concert hall, The Elbphilharmonie, is ready for action

Monday 13th March

Culture File: St Pauli Street Arts

Hamburg's St Pauli district (crest: the skull and crossbones) sees itself as the heart of alternative Hamburg

Friday 10th March

Culture File: Choice Prize winners, Rusangano Family

Shannon-based rap trio and Choice Music Prize-winners, Rusangano Family, on soul, the real and the fake

Thursday 9th March

Culture File: Birds of Olympus Fly South

Spud, from Wicklow psychedelic pop band, Birds of Olympus, prepares for a trip to SxSW Festival in Austin, Texas

Wednesday 8th March

Culture File: The Palette of Prehistory

At UCC, Maria McNamara has been investigating the evolution of colour in animals through deep time

Tuesday 7th March

Culture File: The Biology of Making

A petri dish of international artists and academics interested the natural world meetup at Make 2017

Monday 6th March

Culture File: In a Leafscape

Painter, Jess Shepherd, leads us into her 'botanical dystopia' with the help of sound artist, Hoodlum Priest

Friday 3rd March

Culture File: Culture as a Weapon (Part 2/2)

Nato Thompson on the hijacking of social justice issues by massive brands & his favourite resistance strategies

Thursday 2nd March

Culture File: Culture as a Weapon

Nato Thompson on how culture was weaponized to manipulate our feelings about everything from shopping to voting

Wednesday 1st March

Culture File: A mezzo-soprano prepares

Tralee-born, Paula Murrihy takes a call in her Manhattan apartment as she prepares for her Met debut on Friday

Tuesday 28th February

Culture File: Natural Super Materials

Harnessing the slow power of molluscs to create 'bio-concrete' to save Venice and other super material surprises

Monday 27th February

Culture File: The Rise of the Super Material

Violins made of silk? Living concrete? Touching the future at a show of new materials technologies

Friday 24th February

Culture File: Vegetarianism: The Story So Far

The deep, deep history of abstaining from meat in Ian McDonald's epic audio history of ethical eating

Thursday 23rd February

Culture File: The British Are Coming: The Podcast

Writer-director, Siofra Campbell, has created bingeable podcast about English refugees fleeing Brexit

Wednesday 22nd February

Culture File: The Deadpan of Resistance

Liam Williams on where the political vision of capitalist realism meets standup comedy

Tuesday 21st February

Culture File: The Return of The Larger

Master brewer and beer judge, Gearóid Cahill, on the promiscuity of the craft beer fan

Monday 20th February

Culture File: Humans Need Not Apply

Artist, Pedro Lopes on work looking at how human bodies might be of use to our robot overlords

Friday 17th February

Culture File: On Your Knees In The Burren (Part 2 of 2)

Environmentalist and painter, Gordon D'Arcy on what his Burren images speak about that his science can't

Thursday 16th February

Culture File: On Your Knees In The Burren

Environmentalist-artist, Gordon D'Arcy, on the close-up magic of a unique landscape

Wednesday 15th February

Culture File: Feeling and Knowing with Enda Walsh

What is this room? Who is that person? What are we doing here? Enda Walsh on his Abbey debut, Arlington

Tuesday 14th February

Culture File: Prof Ted Dinan's Love Bugs

How research in Cork into gut bacteria reveals how your microbes might steer your relationships

Monday 13th February

Culture File: The Full Body Workout of Preston Reed's Guitar Music

The American-born Scottish-based guitar innovator on explosively expanding the possibilities of his instrument

Friday 10th February

Culture File: Chinese ambassador to Ireland, Yue Xiaoyong (2/2

Yue Xiaoyong, on a cultural explanation of China's recent appetite for new ways of being in the world

Thursday 9th February

Culture File: Chinese ambassador to Ireland, Ywe Xiaoyong

Ywe Xiaoyong, diplomat, former schoolteacher and farmer, on Irish history and culture seen through a Chinese lens

Wednesday 8th February

Culture File: The Year of The Chicken and The Planet

Our chicken-shaped lens on China zooms in on the environment, with help from Prof. Heidi Ningkang Wang-Kaeding

Tuesday 7th February

Culture File: Zhou Tian's Multicultural Musical Mosaic

Composer, Zhou Tian's work brings the sound of Chinese instruments, the erhu and zhongruan to the orchestra

Monday 6th February

Culture File: The Chinese 20th Century of Years of the Chicken (or Rooster)

Historian, Isabella Jackson, on China's 20th century seen through its Years of the Chicken. Or rooster.

Friday 3rd February

Culture File: The Chinese Food Philosophy of Sláint-Chi

How two Chinese foodies join forces to defeat fake food - and promote the best Chinese cooking in Ireland

Thursday 2nd February

Culture File: The Other, Other Grand Canal

Conductor Jia-Ming Song prepares for the premier of a suite inspired by the Beijing and Hangzhou Grand Canal

Wednesday 1st February

Culture File: Magic as speculative fiction

Portuguese master magician, Luís de Matos on how illusions and even tricks have long helped us to create our futures

Tuesday 31st January

Culture File: Gaolbreak at Cork City Hall

For her new installation, artist, Angela Fulcher turns the inventory of Guineys and Penneys into sculpture

Monday 30th January

Culture File: Yang Wang Preston's Mother River

Yang Wang Preston's 'deep mapping' photo project shot the Yangtze from the Tibetan plateau down into Shanghai

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