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Lorcan Murray's Classic Drive

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Monday 18th September

Culture File: La La Live!

Oscar-winning La La Land-composer, Justin Hurwitz, on his trilogy of musical movies with director, Damien Chazelle

Friday 15th September

The Culture File Weekly: Match and Fuse, Spliced, Alannah Hopkin, Alan James Burns

This weekly, a cave Portrane in North Co. Dublin is trying to trying to tell us something, writer, Alannah Hopkin is observing island life, spoilt hurler, Timmy Creed, in performing a play about loving and hating the game, and we enter the world of not-necessarily-jazz at Match and Fuse.

Culture File Likes: The Mae Trio

The Australian folksters share their current likes, including Liane Moriarty and the smell of eucalyptus trees

Thursday 14th September

Culture File: Match & Fuse Festival of Brand New Music

Dublin hosts the festival that creates new acts by matching and fusing the best of Irish and European improvisers

Wednesday 13th September

Culture File: Closely Observed Islands

Ex-photojournalist and art critic, Alannah Hopkin's new collection of short stories explores Irish island life

Tuesday 12th September

Culture File: Timmy Creed's Spliced

Timmy Creed's play, Spliced, explores the demands and rewards sport places on those who offer it their youth

Monday 11th September

The Culture File Weekly No. 1

The program returns with a special WOMAD edition, featuring sounds from the festival of global music and culture

Culture File: Entirely Hollow Aside from the Dark

What do caves think about, when they’re alone? A new cave-based sound installation makes a guess

Friday 8th September

Culture File: Elizabeth Magill

Elizabeth shares her current cultural highlights.

Thursday 7th September

Culture File: Mamadou Diabate and his talking balaphon

The percussion language of Sambla people with its greatest practitioner, balafon master, Mamadou Diabate.

Wednesday 6th September

Culture File: Xaos Theories

The music of Xaos melds the most ancient sounds of Greece with vintage synthesisers in search of the future

Tuesday 5th September

Culture File: Hannah Peel's Brass Voyages

Armagh-born electronic composer, Hannah Peel, hits the stage at WOMAD 2017 with a 29-strong colliery brass band

Monday 4th September

Culture File: Turning residents to dissidents with Benjamin Zephaniah

Voter competence testing and other post-Brexit fixes from poet and occasional reggae star, Benjamin Zephaniah

Friday 28th July

Culture File: The Future of Craft

Richard Ocejo on where 'whole animal butchery' fits into the revival of 'craft' jobs

Thursday 27th July

Culture File: The Limitless World of Aoife Dunne

Post-internet artist, Aoife Dunne, brings her digital army of electric blue fright-wigged dancers home to Blanchardstown

Wednesday 26th July

Culture File: Vanilla Reaches The Indian Ocean

How a 12-year old slave labourer invented a quick, and dependable method to pollinate vanilla plants by hand

Tuesday 25th July

Culture File: The Legend of Farinet

Legendary counterfeiter, Joseph-Samuel Farinet, was known to his fans as 'The Robin Hood of the Alps'

Monday 24th July

Culture File: Tag Beckett's Soul/Sole

Killiney artist, Tag Beckett, brings his latest set of painted inquisitions to The Blue Room, Dublin

Friday 21st July

Culture File: Prohibition and the Death of Craft

Masters of Craft author, Richard Ocejo, on the role of Prohibition in the US of shaping the world of 2017

Thursday 20th July

Culture File: Academic Flying: The Plane Truth

Despite the environmental toll each year 1000s of academics fly 1000s of miles to conferences. Time for a rethink?

Wednesday 19th July

Culture File: The Elbphilharmonie of the Heart

Maxime Le Calvet has been hanging out at legendary Hamburg club, The Golden Pudel, studying the venue's atmosphere

Tuesday 18th July

Culture File: The Ethnomusicologist and the Machine Gun (Part 2)

Prof Samuel Araujo is using the special powers of ethnomusicology on the favelas of Rio

Monday 17th July

Culture File: The Ethnomusicologist and the Machine Gun

In Culture File's first visit to the ICTM's 70th anniversary meeting, a samba rehearsal is interrupted by gunfire

Friday 14th July

Culture File: Aux Armes etc.

On Bastille Day, poet and fan of the l'Hexagone, Michael O'Loughlin, gives his vision of what makes France France

Thursday 13th July

Culture File: Polocrosse in the Blood

Mayoman, Tony O’Donnell, on discovering he suffers from the epigenetic condition known as “horses in the blood”

Wednesday 12th July

Culture File: The Rise of Omnivorous Taste

Richard Ocejo on how bartenders, butchers and brewers create the tastes of the contemporary urban life (Masters of Craft Part 2)

Tuesday 11th July

Culture File: Masters of Craft

Why has 'craft' become the adjective of choice whenever somebody is trying to sell us something? (Part 1)

Monday 10th July

Culture File: WTF's Absolute Beginners

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot theatre company's latest show explores attitudes and anxieties of Generation Xanax

Friday 7th July

Culture File: Live at O’Bheal

Poet, Maria McManus, on her collaborative experiments to find fresh ways of putting words into public spaces

Thursday 6th July

Culture File: Dael Orlandersmith's Long Strange Trip (Part 2)

Orlandersmith's Until The Flood was written in response to the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.

Wednesday 5th July

Culture File: Dael Orlandersmith's Long Strange Trip.

'Forever' tells the story one woman's journey from 1970s Harlem, to Paris' most artistic cemetery

Tuesday 4th July

Culture File: The Many Media of composer, Jonathan Nangle

Soldering, shopping, knitting, 3D printing and other arts of composer, Jonathan Nangle's work.

Monday 3rd July

Culture File: Origami Excellence

It'll teach you maths and clear you mind. Oh, and Portlaoise might soon be a world centre for it... Origami.

Friday 30th June

Culture File: Camille Norment

Camille is an Oslo based artist and musician who is currently representing Norway at the Venice Biennale.

Thursday 29th June

Culture File: The Chewing Gum Man's Illuminated World

The Chewing Gum Man is a street artist who paints on the countless dropped gobs of gum on London's pavements

Tuesday 27th June

Culture File: Paul G Smyth's Moving Piano

Paul G Smyth, prepares for the latest in his 20-year long series of free improvised solo piano performances.

Monday 26th June

Culture File: The Play That Goes Right To Broadway

Super-farce, The Play That goes wrong began life above London pub and now boast JJ Abrams as a co-producer.

Friday 23rd June

Culture File: A List of Good and Bad Lists

The list was an essential tool both for the Nazis and, later, Michel Foucault, explains listademic Liam Cole Young.

Thursday 22nd June

Culture File: List Cultures

The political and poetic things that happen when we present a number of connected items consecutively

Wednesday 21st June

Culture File: Pátio da Cerveja, Lisboa

A super-strong beer known as 'wheat wine' (one of the world's oldest beer types) is enjoying a revival in Portugal

Tuesday 20th June

Culture File: Helene Bøksle Sets Sail

Norwegian pop singer, Helene Bøksle, is exploring the place where traditional Irish and Norwegian musics meet

Monday 19th June

Culture File: Smarter Than The City

What sort of human does the city want? Prof Gillian Rose on learning from the advertising surrounding Smart Cities

Friday 16th June

Culture File: Waking The Plough

Have the opportunities of Irish women in theatre improved since the days of Ria Mooney's Rosie Redmond?

Thursday 15th June

Culture File: 1st Annual Culture File World Tapas Day Tapas-Off: Spain v Ireland

His excellency, Jose Maria Rodriguez-Coso and chef, Kevin Thornton, 'compete' in a World Tapas Day tapas-off

Wednesday 14th June

Culture File: 'White African Power'

Tanzania Albinism Collective of Ukerewe island and producer, Ian Brennan, have created a unique musical collab.

Tuesday 13th June

Culture File: Not World Music

Ian Brennan's work in conflict resolution lead him to discover and record the musics of the despised and excluded

Monday 12th June

Culture File: Collecting Squelches at Moog Sound Lab

Chicks on Speed's Melissa Logan, goes hunting for crunchy synth goodness at the Moog Sound Lab

Friday 9th June

Culture File: Moon and Flowers in Wicklow Garden

Harold Clarke's garden (which now features a concert hall) grew from dream of a Wicklow cottage, with some roses

Thursday 8th June

Culture File: Post-Trad? Is that a thing?

Ensemble Ériu's Neil O'Lochlain, explores the outer limits of Irish music with his new trio, Cuar

Wednesday 7th June

Culture File: The Toil of Susanne R Day

The theatre of Cork suffragist and writer, Susanne R Day, is re-imagined by Painted Bird theatre company

Tuesday 6th June

Culture File: (Gong) Bath Night

At a gong bath, we dim the lights and discover if the sound of shimmering metal can sooth a troubled world

Friday 2nd June

Culture File: Live from Studio 1

Luke Clancy presents Culture File live from Studio 1 as part of the Summer Sounds Concert with Classic Drive and the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra. Featuring Arantxa Lopez.

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