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    Wednesday 2nd September

    Culture File: Sensorium

    Tate Britain's latest painting exhibition, Sensorium, address the ears, the nose and the tongue, as well as the eyes

    Tuesday 1st September

    Culture File: Dismaland

    Bring your ears to Banksy's Dismaland in Weston-Super-Mare, “The UK’s Most disappointing New Visitor Attraction”

    Monday 31st August

    Culture File: Soundscapes

    Exhibitions that strive to be something more this week starting with a paint 'n' sound show at UK's National Gallery

    Friday 28th August

    Culture File Weekly No 33

    Culture File Weekly delves into the music of Rhiannon Giddens, the Carolina-born, Limerick-based singer, champion of the banjo and tireless explorer of the forgotten histories of black music in America.

    Monday 24th August

    Culture File Weekly No 32

    Culture File's journey through the scents of a century fetches up in the present scent world of gourmand perfumes, celebrity 'juice' and the middle-eastern driven vogue for perfumes based on the scent of oud.

    Friday 14th August

    Culture File Weekly No 31

    Culture File's history of modern perfume continues sniffing out a century of scents in the company of Odette Toilette, and this time duty free perfume arrive for the first time, bachelors splashed Brut and the promise of liberation that came in a bottle marked Charlie.

    Tuesday 11th August

    Culture File Weekly No. 30

    Odette Toilette leads us through the scents that made the 20th century, finding an alternative history in perfumes and the societies that produced them. We begin this week, as the dust of WWI settles and the air is filled once more with the sweet scent of violets...

    Friday 31st July

    Culture File Weekly No. 29

    Luke Clancy talks to Tess Gallagher, widow of Raymond Carver about the decade she spent with the writer, during which he wrote some of the most popular love poems of the Twentieth century, for and to Tess Gallagher. We hear about the origins of poems such as Late Fragment, and enjoy some of the music they inspired in Irish composer, Linda Buckley

    Culture File: Giorgio Casari

    Restaurateur, Giorgio Casari, on Ferragosto and the flavours and sounds of full summer in Italy

    Thursday 30th July

    Culture File: Carsten Holler

    A ride on a Carsten Holler slide is to the 21st century what seeing a Piero della Francesca fresco was to the 20th

    Wednesday 29th July

    Culture File: The History of The Humble Donkey

    Jill Bough on the history, art and meanings of the always humble donkey.

    Tuesday 28th July

    Culture File Weekly No. 28

    This Weekly comes from Galway International Arts Festival, where we make a mindful progress through the city's Woodquay area with choreographer, Bernadette Divilly, we encounter the cacophony of a rehearsal by New Zealand's Live Live Cinema; meet Italian ?film composer, Teho Teardo ? and get tactile with the creations of Patricia Piccinini.

    Culture File: Eimear Murphy (Propmaker)

    Propmaker for The Abbey's By The Bog of Cats, Eimear Murphy, on the alchemy of feathers ?and? fake blood.

    Monday 27th July

    Culture File: Discover Ireland Horse Show

    At the RDS, anticipation is building along with an unfeasible high wall for the Discover Ireland Dublin Horse Show

    Friday 24th July

    Culture File: Teardo's Music for Enda Walsh

    Teardo wrote the music for Enda Walsh's Ballyturk, as well as music for Frank McGuinness' The Matchbox, the later of which premiered at the festival.

    Thursday 23rd July

    Culture File: Live Live Cinema

    Roger Corman's cult, The Little Shop of Horrors gets a makeover from Live Live Cinema's cast of live foley artists

    Wednesday 22nd July

    Culture File: Galway's Sky Whale

    Patricia Piccinini's hot air balloon, Sky Whale, uses fairground fun to speculate on the future of life on earth

    Tuesday 21st July

    Culture File Mapping Woodquay

    Importing 'community mapping' techniques from the First Peoples in Canada to create new maps of Woodquay, Galway.

    Monday 20th July

    Culture File: Walking Woodquay

    Walking Woodquay Wisdom is project to remap Woodquay in Galway, using walking, storytelling - and even mapmaking.

    Friday 17th July

    Culture File Weekly No. 27

    This weekly, we're all about legacies, from making memorials of Irish engineering history on the Dublin quays, to curating the tweets and Spotify lists of the departed, rebooting 'early Music' into Irish 'New Music' and taking stock of the inhumanly large cache of Leipzig choral music produced by Kapellmeister of Thomaskirche, JS Bach.

    Culture File: A Day in the Life of JS Bach

    A day in the life of the Kapelmaster of Thomaskirche in Leipzig, the frighteningly industrious Herr Bach.

    Thursday 16th July

    Culture File: What's your digital legacy?

    What's your digital legacy and who'll curate it when you're gone? Aisling Kelliher on digital life after death.

    Wednesday 15th July

    Culture File: Kevin O' Connell Early Music

    Rebooting Byrd, Dowland, Couperin and other early music giants in composer, Kevin O’Connell's latest, Early Music.

    Tuesday 14th July

    Culture File: Dublin's Diving Bell

    Victorian engineering genius, Bindon Blood Stoney's innovative diving bell finds new life in Dublin.

    Monday 13th July

    Culture File Weekly No. 26

    This weekly, a date by the video wall with artist, James Coupe, who is using collaborators he's never even spoken to -- to create his work; we go on manoeuvres with the guerilla filmakers of KinoD; and downshift amongst the bubbling brooks and brimming growlers of stout in West Kerry Brewery.

    Culture File: Virtual Reality

    The Apollo 11 Experience is a kind of fairground ride for the eyes, seating you alongside Neil Armstrong & chums.

    Friday 10th July

    Culture File: Photographing Erris Head with Amelia Stein

    An airlift, via the lens of photographer Amelia Stein, to the rugged, rocky North Mayo coastline of the Erris Peninsula.

    Thursday 9th July

    Culture File: Mechanical Turk

    Artist, James Coupe's 'General Intellect' uses’s Mechanical Turk system to hire an army of collabrotors

    Wednesday 8th July

    Culture File: Post Internet Art

    What is post-internet art? And why? Media theorist, Florian Cramer on an art world obsession

    Tuesday 7th July

    Culture File: Beoir Chorca Dhuibhne

    A visit to the West Kerry brewery cum twittering homestead with a spring, with mountains to the rear and the sea to the front, where they make a beer which one American critic described as about as close to Guinness as Guinness is to Budweiser.

    Monday 6th July

    Culture File: Kino Kabaret

    Kino kabarets are mini film festivals for which all the film are conceived, cast, shot, edited and presented over the course of a couple of days by a mix of amateurs and professionals

    Friday 3rd July

    Culture File Weekly No. 25

    This weekly, a trip to Clonmel to hear how a group of young artists are gathering the town's stories, to the beach, to discover how binge-watching helps us see The Addams Family for what they really are, on to IMMA to celebrate the art of the collective and brand wrangler, Eoghan Nolan, on 'native advertising'.

    Culture File: Osmontheque

    Paris' Osmotheque is on a mission to save all the world's scents - and even bring some back from the dead.

    Thursday 2nd July

    Culture File: Clonmel Junction

    Canadian artist, Cathy Gordon and a team of local artists go hunting for belongings and their stories in Clonmel

    Wednesday 1st July

    Culture File: Artist-led Archive

    Megs Morley's Irish Artist-led Archive attempts to learn the lesson of 40 years of art created by more than 70 artist groups and collectives.

    Tuesday 30th June

    Culture File: Decoding a New Ad World

    Content marketing? Product placement? Native advertising? Brand wrangler, Eoghan Nolan decodes a new ad world.

    Monday 29th June

    Culture File: Hugh MacDiarmuid

    In a fisherman's cottage on the island of Whalsay, in Shetland, poet and Scottish nationalist, Hugh MacDiarmuid, wrote almost half of his work.

    Friday 26th June

    Culture File Weekly No. 24

    This weekly, we are thinking about typewriters and wondering, why they're still a thing; and then with the help of Jerome McGann, we start to get ourselves ready for a post book world, and with Aisling Kelliher, prepare for everyday robots. Plus comedian, Sophie Hagen's coming out as a teenage writer of Westlife fanfiction, on this week's Weekly.

    Culture File: Addam's Family

    That thing you missed about TV's The Addams Family? It's really a fable of neurodiversity, as much as a sitcom.

    Thursday 25th June

    Culture File: The Death Of The Book?

    Are we living in an age when the book as the key tool for defining & transmitting knowledge is drawing to a close?

    Wednesday 24th June

    Culture File: #Westlife #fanfiction

    At this year’s Edinburgh festival, comic Sophie Hagen is coming out as a writer of fan fiction - #Westlife #fanfiction.

    Tuesday 23rd June

    Culture File: The Robots Are Coming

    What if robots that lived among us weren’t a metaphor for anything - just fact of life?

    Monday 22nd June

    Culture File: The Typewriter

    Gareth Stack grasps the sticky ribbon and attempts to track the every changing role of the typewriter.

    Friday 19th June

    Culture File Weekly No 23

    This weekly we discover the surprisingly ancient tradition of sound branding - think church bells - we meet the two Marys, Wollstonecraft and Shelley, a literary tag team reunited in a new double biography, and we go to war in small, plastic tank.

    Culture File: Mary Wollstonecraft's & Mary Shelley P2

    Did Mary Wollstonecraft's Letters Written in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark give birth to Romanticism?

    Thursday 18th June

    Culture File: Mary Wollstonecraft and Shelley P1

    An uncanny mother and child reunion in Romantic Outlaws, a double biography of Marys Wollstonecraft and Shelley.

    Wednesday 17th June

    Culture File: Sound Branding

    Why do so many of our possessions bleat, beep and chirrup at us? It's sound branding, says composer, John Groves.

    Tuesday 16th June

    Culture File: Small Plastic Wars

    Pat McGrath's one man show, Small Plastic Wars, about a crisis in the life of one scale model maker returns.

    Monday 15th June

    Culture File: Sightless Cinema in UCD

    White Cane Theatre prepare to take their work public in Sightless Cinema, a night of audio in a darkened cinema.

    Friday 12th June

    Culture File Weekly No 22

    This weekly, ships sail in and out of our stories, as we catch a glimpse of William Morris through a doorway in Ballyboden and on the Lido at Venice, meet Calvin Coolidge’s Kerry kitchen keeper in a parlour in Listowel and go big with UK saxophonist, Jason Yarde's 100-strong horn composition, Bold As Brass.

    Culture File: Odette Toilette & the scent of the now

    Odette Toilette's Century of Scent ends with Justin Bieber & the smell of the now, Oud, wafting through the world.

    Thursday 11th June

    Culture File: Kathy Buckley Cooking for the White House

    Hail to the Chef! Kathy Buckley, the Kerry cook who ran the White House kitchens under three US Presidents.

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