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    Wednesday 23rd April

    Culture File - Nuala O'Donovan's Sculpture

    Ceramicist, Nuala O’Donovan’s sculpture finds inspiration in the mathematics of nature.

    Tuesday 22nd April

    Culture File - Food and Music Pairing

    The art of food and music pairing, with San Francisco food blogging duo,

    Friday 18th April

    Culture File - A Passion for Passions

    A passion for Passions. Scottish Catholic composer, James MacMillan premiers his second passion in Amsterdam.

    Thursday 17th April

    Culture File - Organic Sounds

    Organic sounds: choosing an instrument and why perhaps it shouldn't be the organ, with master of the instrument, Professor Gerard Gillen.

    Wednesday 16th April

    Culture File: Record Shop Gay

    What's in a consonant? Record Shop Day, the global festival of indie records shops, gets an Irish LGBT makeover to create Record Shop Gay.

    Tuesday 15th April

    Culture File: Cheap Computing, Rasberry Pi

    Low consequence environments and other benefits of cheap computing, with Eben Upton, co-creator of the tiny, hackworthy computer, Raspberry Pi.

    Monday 14th April

    Culture File: Do You Play Enough?

    Recruiting players right now is a hunting-through-the-nighttime streets mass game experience called Journey to the End of the Night. Up for it?

    Friday 11th April

    Culture File: Hearing Colours

    Playing purple, hearing green and other habits of the synesthesiac composer, Alexander Scriabin, with pianist, Ivan Illic

    Thursday 10th April

    Culture File - Ivan Illic - Part 1

    It's All Good! Pianist, Ivan Illic on what we learn when we listen to Scriabin, Morton Feldman and John Cage alongside each other.

    Wednesday 9th April

    Culture File: TCD MPhil Composition Concert

    Arvo Pärt, Stravinsky, and more surprisingly, the films of Charlize Theron, are some of the influences at play in TCD's MPhil in Composition Graduate concert.

    Tuesday 8th April

    Culture File: Media in India

    Artist, Sheela Gowda explains India (and why Hindu deities can own property) via her newspaper cutup work, The Chronic Chronicle.

    Monday 7th April

    Culture File: Keralan Festival of New Year

    Put your best foot forward into Vishu, the Keralan Festival of New Year, with chef Saji Mathai of Dublin’s Jaipur Restaurants.

    Friday 4th April

    Luke Clancy - Record Shops of Dublin

    Gerry O'Boyle of Tower Records and Garry O'Neill on the record shops of Dublin.

    Thursday 3rd April

    Culture File - The Engagement Game Lab

    Steve Walter runs The Engagement Game Lab, where they develop games that attempt to lure everyday folks into steering how their world is planned and run.

    Wednesday 2nd April

    Culture File: Noye’s Fludde

    Pack your oilskins, there's a 'fludde' a-coming! Benjamin Britten's opera for adult and children's voices, Noye’s Fludde, breaks over Limerick.

    Tuesday 1st April

    Culture File - Henry Poole at Savile Row

    Henry Poole & Co established the tailoring tradition at Savile Row, and has been dressing kings, emperors and oligarchs to the left and right ever since.

    Monday 31st March

    Culture File: Interlace

    The dark side of traditional lace-making is not lost on the contributors to Interlace, an exhibition of the work of eight artists and designers inspired by lace.

    Friday 28th March

    Culture File: Glass Instruments

    Glass maker Róisín de Buitléar brings some of her unique glass instruments into Studio 1 for RTE National Symphony Orchestra percussions to play with as she explains their fragile origins.

    Thursday 27th March

    Culture File - Accordionists

    Things never got much better for the accordionist than when Edith Piaf sang his praises. But the instrument has climbed steadily into the modern repertoire.

    Wednesday 26th March

    Culture File: Catskill Mountain Music

    Felice brother, Simone, on life in the Catskill mountains, drumming hard and the hidden gifts of open heart surgery.

    Tuesday 25th March

    Culture File: Drugs from Lemass to Ming

    How “From Lemass To Ming – A History of Drugs in Ireland” a lecture by Graham Ryall inspired the work of Dublin company, TheatreCLUB.

    Monday 24th March

    Culture File - Electric Run

    Combining some of the more salubrious aspects of Electronic Dance Music with a 5K run, Electric Run is part of a wave of post-rave events that turn fitness into multisensory entertainment.

    Friday 21st March

    Culture File: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Muppet

    A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Muppet, with muppet superfans, Bunny, Liam Geraghty and Regan Hutchins.

    Thursday 20th March

    Culture File - Galway's Little Cinema

    An open mic night for film? The Little Cinema in Galway is a 4 year old project to create an offline platform for local filmmakers.

    Wednesday 19th March

    Culture File: Bach and Status Quo

    Could Status Quo be as useful as Bach when it comes to musical healing? Cellist, Matthew Barley on universal music.

    Tuesday 18th March

    Culture File: War House Puppetry

    A horse has the lung capacity of three humans, so of course it takes a team of three to breath life into Joey, the star of War Horse.

    Friday 14th March

    Culture File - Joseph Walsh Furniture Design

    Designer and maker, Joseph Walsh, best known for furniture that are almost equal parts elaborate theatrical spectacle and somewhere to sit, shows Eleanor Flegg around his Co Cork studio.

    Thursday 13th March

    Culture File - Touch Lesley Millar

    Do you remember when the word touch was almost never followed by the word screen? Curator, author, Lesley Millar, on the lost importance of touch

    Wednesday 12th March

    Culture File - Trumpeter Håkan Hardenberger

    The Golden Rules of Brass, and other trumpeter's tales with Swedish virtuoso, Håkan Hardenberger.

    Tuesday 11th March

    Culture File: Dream Brands

    If brands are 'over' how come Apple still sells so many shiny, expensive dreams? Prof Itamar Simonson explains the exception that proves the rule.

    Monday 10th March

    Culture File - Marketing and Social Media

    In the age of Amazon, Yelp and social shopping, telling people what they should want is getting harder than ever, suggests Stanford marketing professor, Itamar Simonson.

    Friday 7th March

    Culture File - Whistleblast Quartet

    Whistleblast Quartet's French horn player, Mary Curran on re-wiring the orchestral classics for the young music lover - who may not even know yet they're a young music lover.

    Thursday 6th March

    Culture File - Daffodil Choreography

    A hymn to the daffodils - and their pickers - with Dutch 'conceptual choreographer' Edd Schouten.

    Wednesday 5th March

    Culture File - Ensemble Eriu

    Some describe Ensemble Eriu as a minimalist jazz-trad septet. But careful with the M-word around the band's Neil O'Loghlen and Jack Talty.

    Tuesday 4th March

    Culture File - Repair Café

    Hack, Upcycle or Fix? Ireland's first Repair Café in Sandymount Dublin.

    Monday 3rd March

    Culture File: A Foreigner in Hollywood

    Light is life - it's an unashamedly American event except when it comes to the Oscar for best cinematographer.

    Friday 28th February

    Culture File - Photography Old and New

    Chemical bath or digital filter? Old and new photographic techniques slug it out for the eyeballs of the 21st century.

    Thursday 27th February

    Culture File - Trevor Cox Sonic Wonderland 3

    What key is your cave in? Our final trip with Trevor Cox into the heart of Sonic Wonderland is all very Stone Age

    Wednesday 26th February

    Culture File - Trevor Cox Sonic Wonderland 2

    Bach and reverberation, as well as the world's best sounding sand with acoustician, Trevor Cox.

    Tuesday 25th February

    Culture File - Trevor Cox Sonic Wonderland 1

    Bring you ears to Sonic Wonderland, as acoustician Trevor Cox conjures up the audio highlights of Planet Earth.

    Monday 24th February

    Culture File - Teddy Bears at the Ark

    International ursine celebrities from Pooh to Yogi and beyond hit Dublin for the bear exhibition, Teddy Bear Stories, at the Ark.

    Friday 21st February

    Culture File: Photographer, John Myers

    An overnight sensation after 40 years. Photographer, John Myers, remembers the photographs he took in a West Midlands suburb in the 1970s.

    Thursday 20th February

    Culture File - Caroline Parker First Diva of Sign

    Deaf actor, Caroline Parker, signs her way through the supersized musical emotions in her stage show, Signs of a Diva.

    Wednesday 19th February

    Culture File - Aisling Bea 2

    Comedian, Aisling Bea, on the cultural advantages of growing up in two TV channel Ireland.

    Tuesday 18th February

    Culture File - Aisling Bea

    Kildare-born comedian, Aisling Bea, on funny voices, interrupting yourself and the craft of standup.

    Monday 17th February

    Culture File - Collaborations

    The mashup the world has been waiting for? Choral director, Robbie Blake and choreographer Janna Kemperman, get collaborating.

    Friday 14th February

    Culture File - Animation - Her

    Irish 3D animation keyframe, David O'Reilly, on creating an imaginary potty-mouthed computer game for Spike Jonze's Her.

    Thursday 13th February

    Culture File - Martin Creed What's the Point of It?

    Martin Creed explains how to put up with it if your work sometimes looks like Minimalism, and other essential skills of the contemporary artist.

    Wednesday 12th February

    Culture File - Ina Boyle papers

    Pawing the glass cases at TCD's Long Room with Dr Ita Beausang, biographer of Irish composer, Ina Boyle.

    Tuesday 11th February

    Culture File - The Rising

    Dancing feet hit the road as director-writer, Joe O’Byrne and choreographer, Breandán de Gallaí's music and dance take on Easter 1916, The Rising, starts a national tour.

    Monday 10th February

    Culture File: The Art of the Title

    The art of the title with animator, Paul O'Muiris, creator of The Ledge End of Phil (from Accounting).

    Friday 7th February

    Culture File: Steampunk in Galwy

    Diving headlong into the dressing-up box with Galway's Steampunk and Victoriana evangelists.

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