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    Friday 1st January

    Culture File Weekly No 51

    This special edition of the Culture File Weekly we will spend having a flat white in a North London park with comedian, Rob Newman, talking about creating critical comedy from topics as unexpected as environmental catastrophe, fuel politics, epigenetics and, in his very latest project, neuroscience.

    Thursday 31st December

    Culture File Weekly No 50

    This weekly, global Christmas food memories, as we travel to Newfoundland with fermentation prophet, April Danana, to Tipperary with chef, Kevin Thornton, to Northern Italy, with restaurateur, Giorgio Casari, to Portugal with Rogerio Silva, and finally to Mexico, with his excellency Carlos Garcia de Alba, and chef, Lupita Cruz

    Friday 25th December

    Culture File: Christmas With Kevin Render

    We will be in the company of Ireland's leading creative culinary force, Kevin Thornton, who shares some memories of Christmas' living abroad and even gives us some creative takes on all those Christmas vegetables

    Thursday 24th December

    Culture File: Christmas in Mexico

    We will be heading down Mexico way with the Mexican Ambassador to Ireland, His Excellency Carlos García de Alba and Chef Lupita Cruz, sampling the special Christmas Eve salad, Ensalade de Noche Buena and having a sip of the old Ponche Navideño

    Wednesday 23rd December

    Culture File: Giorgio Casari

    We are, of course, going to church, with our resident Italian expert, Giorgio Casari, and sampling some meat free agnolotti and staying up late to eat panettone and drink hot chocolate

    Tuesday 22nd December

    Culture File: Christmas with April

    we're getting all healthy as we prepare to break our nativity lent (or advent to you and me) and go mummering and chomping cherry cake with Cork-based, Newfoundlander April Danann

    Monday 21st December

    Culture File: Portumas

    Dublin-based Portugueser, Rogerio Silva, helps us discover a new world of Christmas cakes and desserts, and taste of drop of the good stuff, Port

    Friday 18th December

    Culture File Weekly No 49

    This weekly, we have a Christmas selection box of Culture Files which brings us from Heathrow airport in the company of an Irish-African rap crew, on to the chapel in TCD for a reboot of the Christmas concert, to some more remote churches in search of Art and Crafts movement stained glass and finally, deep into the dusty heart of the GPO

    Culture File: Rob Newman

    In the 1990s, Rob Newman's comedy was called 'the new rock 'n' roll' - now, it's more like 'the new politics.'

    Thursday 17th December

    Culture File: GPO 1916 CENTENARY

    At the GPO, a new museum will be home to, among other things, some fine-press work from Dublin's Stoney Road Press

    Wednesday 16th December

    Culture File: Bluett

    Léonie Bluett, of the young Irish new music ensemble, Kirkos, on life as a clarinet playing composer.

    Tuesday 15th December

    Culture File: Nikki

    The sinewy saints and gnarly angels of Arts and Crafts stained glass artist, Wilhelmina Geddes

    Monday 14th December

    Culture File: Rusangano

    Limerick rappers Rusangano Family find an emblem of the journey of immigrants all over the world at 'Heathrow'

    Friday 11th December

    Culture File Weekly No 48

    This weekly historian, Jonathan Bardon, takes us on a jaunt back to the days when a gentleman from the lowlands of Germany (by way of Brook St, London) briefly entered Dublin society, and it's fair to say, made a bit of a splash. Georg Friedrich Handel was the man; his Messiah made the splash.

    Culture File: Live with Sasha Sykes

    Luke Clancy is live from the Classic Drive Christmas Concert in Studio 1, as he chats to designer, Sasha Sykes, who according to the New York Times makes art 'for people who live in the city but dream of the country'.

    Thursday 10th December

    Culture File: Hallelujah Part 4

    For Handel, opening The Messiah was unthinkable without the talents of scandalous 18th century It Girl, Mrs Cibber

    Wednesday 9th December

    Culture File: Hallelujah Part 3

    Did you know Jonathan Swift did everything in his considerable power to stop the first performance of The Messiah?

    Tuesday 8th December

    Culture File: Hallelujah Part 2

    Historian, Jonathan Bardon, says Hallelujah and lets his imagination take him back to Fishamble St, Dublin, 1742.

    Monday 7th December

    Culture File: Hallelujah

    Jonathan Bardon, on the constellations of events that lead to the world premiere of Handel's Messiah in Dublin

    Friday 4th December

    Culture File Weekly No 47

    This weekly we visit the white cube of North London graphic design studio Barnbrook, where some graphical disobedience is being planned; we roll up to the National Basketball Arena in Tallaght for a bout of the every-growing sport of Roller Derby and we end up swept along by the wind as featured on a new CD from the DIT Dublin Conservatory of Music

    Culture File: Celebrating Music in DIT

    Laoise O'Brien's new CD taps the talents of the DIT conservatory of music along with the sound of some cold winds.

    Thursday 3rd December

    Culture File: Brandalism 2 - Ethical Design

    'Who wants clients who are scared of people who have opinions?' @Barnbrook on running an ethical design practice.

    Wednesday 2nd December

    Culture File: Graphic Design and Brandalism

    From #brandalism to the art of Bowie's new album, ?, designer Jonathan Barnbrook blends commerce with activism.

    Tuesday 1st December

    Culture File: Irish Roller Derby

    Meet Dashing Trudy Snow, Brewdoll E Lowcock, Maria Von Slapp & the pseudonymous stars of Irish Roller Derby.

    Monday 30th November

    Culture File Weekly No 46

    This Weekly: we journey over the mountains to Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, to the HearSay Audio Festival, then we're off to Saturn, where Gilles Peterson pilots us through the unearthly music of Sun Ra, and from there to the Internet, where Prof Aisling Kelliher waits to overshare on the dark, but possibly essential, arts of data obfuscation.

    Culture File: Trish Deseine on Trifle

    Promoting the simple joys of trifle and 'home' classics made Antrim-born, Trish Deseine, a culinary hero in France.

    Friday 27th November

    Culture File:

    Moira Buffini, writer and lyricist on Damon Albarn musical,, on the anxieties of an online world

    Thursday 26th November

    Culture File: Gilles Peterson on Sun Ra

    Gilles Peterson on the life, music and astral voyages of composer and jazz pioneer, Sun Ra.

    Wednesday 25th November

    Culture File: Data Obfuscation 2

    Gender fluidity, plus the pioneering work of Helen Nissenbaum, in the second part of our data obfuscation special

    Tuesday 24th November

    Culture File: Data Obfuscation 1

    Artists, academics and technologist are working to regain a click or two of privacy via data obfuscation.

    Monday 23rd November

    Culture File: Hearsay 2015

    Audio nerds, radio heads and podcast addicts takeover Kilfinane, Co Limerick, for the Hearsay 2015 audio festival.

    Friday 20th November

    Culture File Weekly No 45

    This Weekly, we practice, tequila connoisseurship with Mexican ambassador, Carlos García de Alba, attend our first eSports event and discover why computer-based sports are ready to conquer the world; and we meet Prof Christopher Frayling, the pop culture polymath, who's rethinking what we should teach at art schools.

    Culture File: Tequila

    Mexican ambassador, Carlos García de Alba on why you should never slam, skull, or generally rush tequila

    Thursday 19th November

    Culture File: Siobhan Davies Dance

    Usain Bolt's greatest 10 seconds were the inspiration for the latest work from UK choreographer, Siobhan Davies

    Wednesday 18th November

    Culture File: Frayling Part 2

    What should be in an artist's survival pack on leaving art college? Prof Christopher Frayling has some ideas

    Tuesday 17th November

    Culture File: Frayling Part 1

    Why craft needs a new vocabulary, according to Prof Christopher Frayling, author of On Craftsmanship

    Monday 16th November

    Culture File: League Of Legends

    Meet the players, the cosplayers and casters of Ireland's nascent eSports scene. Bring your transcendent sword.

    Friday 13th November

    Culture File Weekly No 44

    This Weekly, we are reporting from Northern Italy, where this year's Milano Expo has stoked a conversation about the future of food, and questions about where our appetites and the food industry's development are taking the world.

    Culture File: Autumn in Italy, Day 5

    Marilyn Monroe accidentally invented the most famous myth about white fungus...

    Thursday 12th November

    Culture File: Autumn in Italy Day 4

    Giorgio Cassari on a remarkable rebel who caused a revolution in Italian wine in the 70s

    Wednesday 11th November

    Culture File: Autumn in Italy, Day 3

    Ellen Cranitch heads into the heart of multi-national mega-attraction, Expo Milano 2015

    Tuesday 10th November

    Culture File: Autumn in Italy, Day 2

    The Piedmontese village that's transforming into a Rudolph Steiner-influenced vegan resort

    Monday 9th November

    Culture File: Autumn in Italy - Intro

    'Autumn in Italy' begins with the hunt for sustainable food at Milan Expo and 'white gold' at Alba Truffle Fair

    Friday 6th November

    Culture File Weekly No 43

    This weekly, we visit cemeteries in Oaxaca and Co Cork; then it's out into the lanes of Kinsale in search of shades with colour theorist, Katherine Boucher-Beug; avant ventriloquist, Nina Conti introduces us to her inner voices, and we wonder why playwright and labour activist Eva Gore Booth is so little celebrated

    Culture File: Richard Gorman

    Milan-based Irish artist, Richard Gorman, on designing scarves for Hermes and the life of an artist in exile.

    Thursday 5th November

    A Lifetime in Cheese

    Did Veronica Steele's 1970s washed rind innovation, Milleens cheese, create the blueprint for Irish artisan food?

    Wednesday 4th November

    Culture File: Gore Booth

    Cathy Leeney on how revolutionary playwright, Eva Gore Booth, is too often overlooked from literary history

    Tuesday 3rd November

    Culture File: Hiberno Mexican Graveyards

    Pass over to another realm via a show of Mexican-Irish cemetery photography at the IGS's Octagon Room

    Monday 2nd November

    Culture File: Nina Conti

    If ventriloquism still lives in 2015, one woman can take a big chunk of the credit: Nina Conti

    Friday 30th October

    Culture File Weekly No 42

    Culture File Weekly No 42 involves a dirty secret to do with model trains, a celebration of George Boole in the form of a pudding; some important info about the term Czechlands, and Richard Herring's career-long exploration of the territory between innovative comedy and gratuitous offence.

    Culture File: Colour Kinsale

    Artist and colour theorist, Katherine Boucher-Beug forages a blue that can only be found hiding behind barn doors

    Thursday 29th October

    Culture File: Stella Feehily

    London-born, Donegal-raised playwright, Stella Feehily on her first ballet libretto, Coppelia, for Ballet Ireland.

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