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    Friday 24th April

    Culture File: The Liberating Scent of the '70s

    'Liberating and patronising at the same time' says Odette Toilette of 70s superscent, Charlie, in the latest stage on our journey through perfume.

    Thursday 23rd April

    Culture File: Comedian, Liam Williams

    Comedian, Liam Williams, on his show Capitalism and the almost equally powerful attractions of revolution and apathy. --

    Wednesday 22nd April

    Culture File: Woodturner, Emmet Kane (P2)

    Woodturner Emmet Kane find inspiration in the ancient stones of a churchyard in Castledermot. (Part 2 of 2)

    Tuesday 21st April

    Culture File - Emmet Kane Wood Turner

    Emmet Kane, helps us capture the sound of holm oak on the lathe, and other treasures of the woodturners craft.

    Monday 20th April

    Culture File Weekly No. 14

    This week printmaking, turntablism and the not-so-secret ingredient of some of the worlds most 'effective' perfumes, as we visit the studio of artist, Daniel Lipstein, put the needle 'pon the record with DJ Yoda and take our latest sniff of the scents of the 20th century with perfume historian, Odette Toilet.

    Culture File: Michael Harding on The Field

    Actor, playwright and columnist, Michael Harding's rulings on lattes, water rights, bus routes and The Field.

    Friday 17th April

    Culture File: Odette Toilette - Patchouli v. Chanel

    The progressive power of patchouli v. the persistence of Chanel, as Odette Toilette's history of the scents of the 20th Century meets the counterculture.

    Thursday 16th April

    Culture File: Newspapers in a Virtual Age

    Brand whisperer, Eoghan Nolan, on how newspaper brands are dealing with a new world in the latest in our series, What We Talk About When We Talk About Brands.

    Wednesday 15th April

    Culture File - DJ Yoda

    A career in cut 'n' paste, with the guru of British turntablism, DJ Yoda.

    Tuesday 14th April

    Culture File: Daniel Lipstein, printmaker

    Printmaker, Daniel Lipstein on his family history, as well as Rembrandt, Degas and the arts of aquatint and bite.

    Monday 13th April

    Culture File: Daniel Lipstein, Artist

    A bathtub, some acorns, a printing press and a theory of everything: the special world of artist, Daniel Lipstein.

    Friday 10th April

    Culture File Weekly No. 13

    This week we divide our time between discovering what vocalist, Jennifer Walshe does when it comes to singing emojis in Brian Irvine's 13 Vices, and hearing some very familiar words on love, loss and what’s left behind, with Tess Gallagher, poet, muse and window to Raymond Carver.

    Culture File: The Scents of the Twentieth Century Contd.

    Like a waft of hyacinth from the municipal flower display, Odette Toilette, returns to continue her journey into the scents of the twentieth century.

    Thursday 9th April

    Culture File - Hank Shocklee

    Most Of My Heroes Don't Appear On No Podcasts: Luke McManus meets his teenage hero, hiphop grandmaster, Public Enemy's Hank Shocklee

    Wednesday 8th April

    Culture File - 13 Vices

    How should a soprano sing a crying-face emoji? Brian Irvine & Jennifer Walsh's on their classical-jazz-improv chamber opera, 13 Vices

    Tuesday 7th April

    Culture File Weekly No 12

    This week: we are spend time with banjo hero, Rhiannon Giddens, who been researching some of the lost histories of Black musician in the united states; have a cup of tea in Pearse Street fire station to hear about the degrees of gusto with which fires were quenched by the Dublin Fire Brigade in 20th century Dublin, and take opera to the streets.

    Thursday 2nd April

    The Great American Feminist Songbook

    Rhiannon Giddens on uncovering a feminist version of the 'Great American Songbook'.

    Wednesday 1st April

    Culture File: The History of the Banjo with Rhiannon Giddens

    Rhiannon Giddens on the lost history of black music in the American, the Minstrelsy and the special place of her favourite instrument: the banjo.

    Tuesday 31st March

    Culture File: Composing for Computer Games

    Game music maestro, Craig Stuart Garfinkle, on the evolution of a new stage for composers.

    Monday 30th March

    Culture File: Irish Opera in Edinburgh

    Wide Open Opera's Fergus Sheil on casual opera users, and his Edinburgh Festival opera collaboration with Enda Walsh.

    Friday 27th March

    Culture File - Dublin Fire Brigade History

    The unexpectedly activist past of the Dublin Fire Brigade in the city's blazing early 20th century.

    Thursday 26th March

    Culture File Weekly No.11

    If your laptop got to choose what you'll watch tonight, would you end up with American Beauty again? How is a DJ like a Ulster weaver? Which side of Dublin's historical fires were the Fire Brigade really on? And what exactly should one do with a Golden Olive? All questions essayed this week and now answered in The Culture File Weekly No. 11.

    Wednesday 25th March

    Culture File: Lough Mask Ghillie

    Easy oars on Lough Mask with a ghillie who knows all the underwater lakescapes that will never make it to Google maps.

    Tuesday 24th March

    Culture File: Why do computers love the Oscars?

    What would win best film if the Oscar’s were decided by computers? Aisling Kelliher on the algorithms’ favourite art.

    Monday 23rd March

    Culture File - Sampling Sounds and Textiles

    Finding (and even weaving together) the common threads of sound art and the Ulster linen industry, with David Littler.

    Friday 20th March

    Culture File Weekly No. 10

    This week, a special from FutureFest2015, London, a futurology fair at which Edward Snowden dropped in electronically, George Clinton appeared in a coat covered in golden flames to talk about adding funk to democracy, there was a neurological fairground ride, and everyone attempt to decode one of the event’s keywords: blockchain.

    Culture File - George Clinton on Copyright

    At FutureFest2015, funk godfather and Parliament-Funkadelic leader, George Clinton, sets down to talk about the future of copyright

    Thursday 19th March

    Culture File: A Fairground Ride Called Neurosis

    A fairground ride that reads your mind? Prof Brendan Walker on Neurosis, his ride/art project at FutureFest2015.

    Wednesday 18th March

    Culture File: FutureFest 2015, Music in the Future

    At FutureFest2015, we are imagining 'the Next Millennium of Human Music-Making' with author, Adam Harper.

    Monday 16th March

    Culture File: FutureFest 2015, the blockchain.

    Culture File goes to FutureFest2015: this time we meet Harvard Law School’s expert in crypto- technology that is 'the blockchain', Primavera de Filippi.

    Friday 13th March

    Thursday 12th March

    Culture File - Signs and Brands

    Brand whisperer, Eoghan Nolan joins Luke Clancy to decode 'Signs' a new US ad from McDonald’s.

    Culture File Weekly No. 9

    For edition No. 9, philosopher-turned-fashion designer, Roman Milisic, dreams a dream of Fashion Weeks yet to come, the Ulster Hall fills and empties its capacious lungs, as does Phelim Drew, as he gives us a taste of Orwellian song, while Sara Baume introduces us to her debut novel, Spill Simmer Falter Wither - and her one-eyed dog, Winky

    Tuesday 10th March

    Culture File: 'Down and out...' with Phelim Drew

    'Down and Out in Paris and London' is up and in Dublin in a one man show from Phelim Drew.

    Monday 9th March

    Culture File: New York Fashion Week

    Manhattan-based philosopher turned designer, Roman Milisich, dreams a dream of fashion yet to come.

    Friday 6th March

    Culture File: Odette Toilette & the scence of the 1950s

    Odette Toilette fragrance history hits the 1950s, a decade in which the mass market had never been so mass.

    Thursday 5th March

    Culture File Weekly No. 8

    This week we will be coming to terms both with the not-quite ready for primetime technologies that go under the heading 'virtual reality' as well as with some well proven ones, namely the vast range of yeasts produced by one of Ireland's wealthiest men, plus we tune in to a murder of gift-giving crows, and we sniff the 1950s with Odette Toilette.

    Culture File: Communication by Touch

    The importance of touch as a means of understanding, communicating and remembering, with curator, author and academic, Leslie Millar. (But remember the boundaries, John Travolta!)

    Wednesday 4th March

    Culture File: Sarah Baume on her dog, writing and art

    Cork writer, Sara Baume on her debut novel and her dog, Winky, as well as on making and writing about art.

    Tuesday 3rd March

    Culture File: Biollionaire Brewer, Dr Pearse Lyons

    Meet the Irish biochemist/billionaire at the heart of the craft beer revolution, Dr Pearse Lyons.

    Monday 2nd March

    Culture File - Gift Bearing Crows

    Ever get a gift from a crow? 8-year-old Gabi Mann gets them most days from a murder of crows each of which she knows by name.

    Friday 27th February

    Culture File: Perfume After WWII

    Odette Toilette on the perfume industry's flight, in the shadow of WWII, from the old world, to the new.

    Thursday 26th February

    Culture File Weekly No. 7

    Voices from Mexico, Belfast and the land of the imagination on this week's weekly, as we explore the figure of the spornosexual, discuss stoking interest in symphonic music via Instagram with Alondra de la Parra, and hear from composer, Jennifer Walshe, about the feat of musical speculation that is the Avant Garde Archive of Ireland. (

    Culture File: Vitrual and Augmented Reality Trends

    MS Hololens, Magic Leap, Oculus Rift, Google Glass...Prof Aisling Kelliher appraises recent promises and products in the area of Virtual and Augmented Reality.

    Wednesday 25th February

    Culture File: Mexican Conductor, Alondra de la Parra

    Do you follow the conductor on Instagram? Mexican conductor, Alondra de la Parra, on the modern maestro.

    Tuesday 24th February

    Culture File: The Avant-Garde Archive of Ireland

    Jennifer Walshe is a prominent Irish composer. Actually, she’s several prominent Irish composers, only one of them real.

    Monday 23rd February

    Culture File: Spornosexual Dining

    Spornosexual-friendly dining with the crew at Belfast's Home restaurant. A spornosexual is a man who aspires to the toned and muscled body-type of professional sportsmen.

    Friday 20th February

    Culture File: Odette Toilette & 1930s Scents

    Odette Toilette continues her voyage into scent with the birth of product placement & the 1937 release of Shocking.

    Culture Weekly No. 6

    This week Culture File moves from high on a hill above Cork city, remembering conductor, composer and teacher, Aloys Fleischmann, to diving down into the fathomless depths of International Klein Blue with writer and Yves Klein scholar, Nuit Bania.

    Thursday 19th February

    Culture File: House Concerts with the Piatti Quartet

    The Piatti String Quartet squeeze onto a North Great George's Street settee with Raymond Blake, as they prepared the Dublin 'drawing room' concert.

    Wednesday 18th February

    Culture File: Yves Klein Blue

    What is it about the colour blue? Yves Klein, colour and commerce with critic and writer, Nuit Banai.

    Tuesday 17th February

    Culture File: Yves Klein

    The many deaths of Yves Klein, with Nuit Banai, author of a new book on the trickster inventor of Klein International Blue.

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