Outreach Frequently Asked Questions

Who presents the project?
RTE lyric fm presenters and/or production staff who will be happy to answer questions about career possibilities in radio.

Is there a charge for the project?
No. The project is funded under RTÉ's Television Licence commitments.

How many students can participate?
20 students per session.

Who is the project aimed at?
The project is aimed at Transition Year Students. Other year groups may be accepted in limited circumstances.

What is involved in the project?
The education and outreach project introduces students to making music based radio programmes, using samples of the music played on RTÉ lyric fm. A mobile radio studio visits various schools where the fundamental aspects of radio programme making are discussed. Students prepare, script, present and produce their programmes.

For the technically minded students, an introductory session with studio recording and broadcast standard equipment is given, while the other students script and plan the programmes. When the planning is completed, the students record the programmes on minidisc.

Do we need to have music or media studies in the school?

Is this exclusive to music students?

What do the students learn?
Students learn the basics of writing for radio/recording technique/presentation skills/production skills/research skills

Does the teacher need to be present?
Yes. This has been advised by the RTÉ Health and Safety Officer.

What preparation is necessary in advance?
Students and teachers are asked to make an effort to tune into RTÉ lyricfm (96-99fm) before the outreach team visits your school. Why not listen in during music or media studies/English classes? Teachers are also encouraged to discuss what students hope to learn from the project.

Our full schedule is available online at www.rte.ie/lyricfm  where there are details about all our programmes, competitions, and the types of music we play. The daytime programmes should be fairly accessible. During school time, Lunchtime Choice would be a suitable option - it is broadcast from 12.30pm daily. There are a wide variety of other programmes that are quite accessible in the evenings, including Movies and Musicals (music from films & musicals), The Third Wave (Jazz), Reels to Ragas (World Music).

What research can be done in advance?
Students can research upcoming projects in the school, with the possibility of including a short interview with the conductor of the school choir, cast members from the school musical, members of the school orchestra, etc.

What facilities does the school need to make available?
Medium sized room on the ground floor, with ramp access in order to wheel in equipment. Access to sockets to plug in equipment. Access to Power Point would be helpful.

Will the workshop(s) affect other classes nearby?
There may be some sound leakage. However, this should be minimal and should not disrupt other classes.

How long does the workshop take?
The workshop will usually last for a morning or afternoon, running for approximately 2.5 - 3 hours.

Is the recording from the workshop broadcast on radio?
No. However, if students come up with interesting material, we may compile a collage of work from various schools for later broadcast on lyric.

Can we get copies?
The programmes will be played back to students after the session.

How can we apply?
Strictly only accepted by e-mail or post - request to be made by school for RTE Education and Outreach project to visit.

Schools interested in applying are encouraged to discuss why they would like to apply with the students during class time. This information should be included as part of your application, students might want to investigate careers in media, radio or could be curious to see what technology is used in radio, what is involved in making radio programmes etc.


All applications will be kept on file for possible future visits.


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